A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Ruan Mianmian tells Ban Hua that she prepared the fireworks for Rong Xia, and thinks he will see it clearly. Ban Hua tells Rong Xia to take a look at the fireworks, and reveals she bought all of the fireworks of the nation.

A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

A Girl Like Me

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Rong Xia sees the fireworks. Du Jiu complains that Ban Hua brought a trouble again, and mentions she moves next to them. Rong Xia smiles and goes out of the house. Ruan Mianmian tells Rong Xia that she was driven out by Du Jiu. Ban Heng shows up and tells Ban Hua to praise him. She thinks he won another younger master with his cricket.

Ban Heng denies and tells Ban Hua that he got a huge secret. He reveals Rong Xia likes skating so much. Rong Xia asks Du Jiu if he was rude to Ban family again. Du Jiu admits it. Rong Xia tells Du Jiu to give a present to Ban Hua for thanking her.

Du Jiu visits Ban family and asks for seeing Ban Hua. But Ban Hua doesn’t show up. He asks Ruan Mianmian if Ban Hua will see him. Ruan Mianmian mentions what Du Jiu said that Ban family only knows to play. She scolds him and asks him if he doesn’t want to wait for a while. He tells her that Rong Xia asked him to say something to Ban Hua.

Ruan Mianmian tells Du Jiu that Ban Hua left. He’s furious and blames her for not saying it early. She asks him what he said, and breaks off the feather duster. He takes back his words. She gives him a letter to him, and tells him that Ban Hua will throw a banquet for Rong Xia.

Rong Xia arrives. Du Jiu tells Rong Xia to leave because he thinks Ban Hua will take revenge. But Rong Xia rejects it because he promised Ban Hua. Du Jiu tells Rong Xia not to wrong himself as each person in Rong family knows that he’s not good at skating. Rong Xia says that he wants to get along with Ban family.

Ban Hua is surprised that Rong Xia came. He sees the bead flower on her hair, and his smile is frozen. She says that she heard that the bead flower belonged to his mom. She adds that she likes the present. Rong Xia glares at Du Jiu. Du Jiu explains that he just picked it up randomly.

Ban Hua tells Rong Xia that she will take him to skate. He remembers he refused to go when his brother intended to take him to skate. He tells Ban Hua that he cannot skate because he’s sick. Ban Heng comforts Rong Xia that the illness will go when he skates. He adds that he prepares the doctor for him.

Ban Hua skates. Rong Xia is stunned by her beauty. Ban Heng tells Rong Xia that his sister is good at everything except literature. He pushes him to the ice surface. Ban Hua walks to Rong Xia and tells him to hold her hand.

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