A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 5. Rong Xia asks Uncle Rong if the scholar still stands in front of Ban family. Uncle Rong tells Rong Xia to get Emperor to drive the scholar away if he doesn’t want him to be close to Ban Hua. Rong Xia says that he wants to see how Ban Hua deals with it after she got herself such a trouble.

A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

A Girl Like Me

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Girl Like Me Chinese Drama: Episode 5.

Ban Huai opens the gate and spots Shen Yu lifting his hands and confessing that sun and moon know he loves Ban Hua. He climbs to hug his leg. Ban Huai is scared to trip. Ban Hua closes the gate. It’s raining. Ban Huai thinks Shen Yu wouldn’t come. But Madam Yin doesn’t think so, and tells her husband to go to take a look.

Madam Yin sees Shen Yu’s looks and lets him in. He asks her to marry Ban Hua to him. Ban Heng reminds Shen Yu that Ban Hua likes to beat people. He wants to introduce another girl to him. Shen Yu gets on knees and tells Ban Heng that he cannot accept his good intention. He adds that she loves everything about Ban Hua, and tells him not to wrong her.

Shen Yu tries to confesses his feelings again. But Ban Heng stops him. Madam Yin walks to Shen Yu and tells him that Emperor won’t marry Ban Hua to a normal person because he favors her so much. She tells him that she will marry her daughter to him if he gets first place in the palace examination. She gives the jade pendant to him as a keepsake.

Du Jiu tells Rong Xia that Ban family promised the proposal of Shen Yu. Ban Hua asks Madam Yin what she will do if Shen Yu gets the first place. Madam Yin thinks it’s a good thing and Shen Yu will help them block the disaster. Ban Huai laughs and thinks his wife is very smart. But Ban Hua is against it, and claims that she cannot flee alone.

Ban Hua wonders why everyone knows it. Ban Heng shows up while taking a drumstick. She chases him and makes him trip. She asks him if it was him. He admits it, and tells her that Rong Xia will be nervous after knowing it. She thinks he’s like Rong Xia who is hypocritical. She complains that he pretends to be sick.

Ban Heng tells Ban Hua that Rong Xia had feelings on her in the skating day. But he thought he isn’t match for her so that he refused to see her. Ban Hua thinks Ban Heng talked nonsense and he read too many novels. He gives her the latest novel. She tells him that she will study the novel, and robs his drumstick.

Rong Xia thinks Madam Yin gave Shen Yu a soft nail. Du Jiu disagrees and thinks Ban family doesn’t want to marry Ban Hua to Shen Yu because it’s very hard to get the first place.

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