A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is a recap for the netflix 2019 Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 3. Yao Yao asks Miao Miao for the dolls, but Miao Miao says that she doesn’t have so many clothes. So Yao Yao brings the clothes to Miao Miao. Mom shows up, and Miao Miao shows the doll to Mom.

A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

A Little Thing Called First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 3.

Starring: Angel Zhao and Lai Kuan Lin

Yao Yao asks Miao Miao for the dolls, but Miao Miao says that she doesn’t have so many clothes. So Yao Yao brings the clothes to Miao Miao. Mom shows up, and Miao Miao shows the doll to Mom.

Mom rages as the clothes come from the curtain, and asks who did it. Miao Miao has to fix the curtain.

He Xin finds out that her pen disappears when the examination is going to begin. Miao Miao gives her pen to He Xin.

Miao Miao leaves the seat for He Xin in the bus, and she takes out the umbrella. He Xin recognizes that the umbrella belongs to You Nian, and mentions she drew a grimace in it. Miao Miao explains that she worried that He Xin misunderstands it so that she lay. He Xin reveals You Nian is her cousin and Miao Miao knows You Nian’s father.

Teacher Liang asks You Nian to pick up the phone. But the person doesn’t speak. Teacher Liang thinks she was the girl who wants to hear You Nian’s voice.

Miao Miao invites He Xin to get in her house, and reveals she doesn’t have any friend in Sea city. Mom welcomes He Xin and says that she is the first friend Miao Miao took home.

He Xin teaches Miao Miao math, but Miao Miao thinks what He Xin tought confused her. Miao Miao brings the paper to He Xin, and He Xin is surprised that Miao Miao wrapped what You Nian wrote with plastic wrap.

He Xin wants to do it on what Kai Tuo writes. Miao Miao thinks what You Nian talked is clear than teacher, and He Xin thinks it’s fan filter. She tells Miao Miao to get You Nian to teach her, but Miao Miao thinks he won’t agree.

He Xin wants to call You Nian, and Miao Miao is surprised that He Xin has You Nian’s number. He Xin emphasizes that You Nian is her elder male cousin. Miao Miao stops He Xin calling You Nian, and thinks it’s weird to call him.

He Xin wants to give You Nian’s number, but Miao Miao thinks it’s weird except You Nian agrees it. So He Xin speaks out the number.

He Xin takes the Miao Miao’s test paper, and mentions Miao Miao said that she wrote in deity’s help. Miao Miao glares at He Xin and takes back her test paper. He Xin thinks it’s not her mistake that Miao Miao’s math failed. Miao Miao blames He Xin for being pleased on her bad luck.

He Xin tells Miao Miao to accompany her to the restroom. But Miao Miao reveals Lu Peng asked her to visit him. She doesn’t know how to do, and He Xin tells Miao Miao to promise Lu Peng to review well.

Lu Peng mentions Miao Miao failed in math, and thinks she cannot get in a good university with her degree. Miao Miao wants to cry, and Lu Peng shares that he got 15 mark in math before. He tells her that she is the deity of herself.

He Xin asks Miao Miao if Lu Peng scolded her, and Miao Miao shares that Lu Peng wanted to improve her degree of math. He Xin wonders why Miao Miao is with the looks of crying. Miao Miao says that she feels sorry to Lu Peng, and worries about the makeup examination.

He Xin takes Miao Miao to the convenience store, and tells You Nian to take duty for Miao Miao because he taught Miao Miao but she failed. You Nian agrees and asks Miao Miao to visit him at the lighthouse. He Xin praises You Nian, and You Nian leaves. She asks Miao Miao if she wants You Nian’s number, but Miao Miao rejects it. He Xin learns that Miao Miao wants to ask You Nian on her own. Miao Miao treats He Xin the potato chips.

You Nian asks Miao Miao her weakness of math, and she says that there are 70 locks in math but she doesn’t have any key.

After You Nian teaches Miao Miao the math, he throws the chalk. Miao Miao picks it up. Miao Miao realizes that she forgot to ask You Nian for his number, and rides bicycle to the garbage vehicle. You Nian thinks Miao Miao is garbage, and she asks him why he is there.

You Nian says that he doesn’t know who placed the garbage vehicle in the street, and moves the garbage vehicle. Miao Miao intends to ask You Nian for his number, but asks him if the phone of his family is ok. He is surprised that she knows it, and says that he fixed it.

Miao Miao sneaks into home but her mom is waiting for her. Mom asks her where she went, and Miao Miao says that she went to make up a missed lesson. Mom blames Miao Miao for staining her clothes, and mentions she failed in the examination.

Mom asks Miao Miao for the person’s number, and intends to ask what he taught her. She blames her for not calling family, and Dad shows up. He explains that he wanted to surprise them so that he didn’t call them. Miao Miao asks Dad why he returned, and he says that he returned because of tropical wind. He asks about Yao Yao, and Mom thinks Yao Yao is like Dad.

Dad asks Miao Miao about her mark, and Mom reveals Miao Miao failed in math. She intends to get Miao Miao to work at the family shop after she graduates. Dad asks Mom to cook for him, and she thinks he wants to stop her talking. He praises her works.

Mom leaves, and Dad gives the chocolate to Miao Miao. Miao Miao complains that Mom wants to wear braces to her. Dad points out that Mom cares for Miao Miao, and tells Miao Miao to think about what she wants to do. Yao Yao screams to hug Dad, and Mom thinks Yao Yao makes people think that she bullied her. Dad tells Miao Miao and Yao Yao to eat with him. Miao Miao thinks You Nian knows what he wants to do since he is so outstanding. You Nian is interested in architecture.

The next day, Miao Miao tells her parents that she wants to learn clothing. Mom intends to get Miao Miao to work at clothing factory, but Dad points out that Miao Miao should learn art since clothing design is an art major. Mom mentions Miao Miao’s mark is terrible, but Miao Miao promises to study hard. Mom points out that studying art needs money. Miao Miao says that the art class of her teacher is free.

Dad tells Miao Miao to try it and says that he supports her. She thinks he is the best. But Mom slaps the table and asks who is the master of the family. She cries and mentions she raised the sisters. Miao Miao tells Mom that she is the best.

Miao Miao asks Mom to boil a red egg for her as she needs luck to apply. Mom leaves, and Miao Miao thanks Dad. Dad tells Miao Miao not to bring trouble.

Miao Miao eats the red egg on the way to studio. But He Xin points out that You Nian hasn’t gone to studio since high school.

He Xin startles Teacher Liang, and he asks her why she visited. He Xin introduces Miao Miao to him, and reveals she want to take part in his class. He mentions that he saw Miao Miao drawing, and thinks she doesn’t like it.

Aunt shows up, and He Xin tells Aunt that Teacher Liang didn’t want to accept Miao Miao. He explains that he worried about Miao Miao’s hardship. Miao Miao promises to study hard, and Teacher Liang agrees.

He Xin asks Aunt about You Nian, and Aunt reveals he went to school.

Miao Miao thinks Aunt is pretty and tender. But He Xin tells Miao Miao not to eat eggs too many. Miao Miao thinks she can see You Nian through eating eggs. He Xin tells Miao Miao that she will fart if she eats too many eggs.

Miao Miao finds You Nian’s workbook, and tells it to He Xin. But He Xin points out that there are many workbooks of You Nian at home. Miao Miao thinks He Xin is wealthy.

He Xin wants to give her note to Kai Tuo, but he rejects it and thinks Miao Miao asked You Nian to be her master. He Xin asks Kai Tuo not to talk to Miao Miao in such way. Miao Miao thought He Xin only has Kai Tuo in her mind. He Xin brags that she is a fair-minded woman.

You Nian and Yi Chao check if the students are doing eye exercises in the class. Yi Chao finds out that Kai Tuo didn’t come, and thinks he is still in anger. He tells You Nian to have a fight with Kai Tuo to solve the problem.

You Nian nods when Miao Miao smiles to him. But Yi Chao thinks someone didn’t do eye exercise, and steps in the classroom. Kai Tuo shows up to bump You Nian, and Yi Chao thinks Kai Tuo won’t get in university. Kai Tuo thinks it’s not Yi Chao’s business.

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Yi Chao says that they’re Kai Tuo’s friend. But Kai Tuo thinks You Nian is hypocritical. Yi Chao has a fight with Kai Tuo. Lu Peng shows up and asks what’s the matter. Kai Tuo says that he dislikes hypocritical person.

You Nian explains that he got stomachache, and Kai Tuo and You Nian wanted to send him to infirmary. You Nian pours the porridge to the floor, and Miao Miao reminds Lu Peng that You Nian vomited. Lu Peng tells Yi Chao to send You Nian to infirmary.

Yi Chao helps You Nian go out, and You Nian thinks Kai Tuo will be punished without Miao Miao. Yi Chao thinks You Nian keeps spoiling Kai Tuo, and You Nian tells Yi Chao to call Tai Tuo. But Yi Chao tells You Nian to call it on his own.

Yi Chao asks You Nian to play basketball with him, but You Nian thinks he should continue acting. He asks him to bring two cans of porridge.

Miao Miao visits You Nian and reveals Lu Peng got her to see him. You Nian thinks Miao Miao was brave, and she thinks helping people is very important. He gives a can of porridge to her.

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