A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 4. You Nian sees his drawing and wonders when it was hung on the wall. Miao Miao learns that the painting got first prize, and You Nian tells her that Yi Chao’s painting got finalist.

A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

A Little Thing Called First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

You Nian sees his drawing and wonders when it was hung on the wall. Miao Miao learns that the painting got first prize, and You Nian tells her that Yi Chao’s painting got finalist.

Yi Chao throws the basketball to You Nian and claims he got honorable mention. He asks Miao Miao which painting she likes, and she chooses You Nian’s painting. Yi Chao points out that You Nian drew towers and he doesn’t have any imagination.

But Miao Miao thinks You Nian can draw anything. Yi Chao learns that Miao Miao is You Nian’s fan, and intends to sell You Nian’s number to her. Miao Miao rejects it and runs away. You Nian tells Yi Chao to give speech in the English class. Yi Chao asks for forgiving.

Liang Gang tells students to draw what they want. You Nian and Yi Chao show up. You Nian is surprised that Miao Miao is there, and thought she is preparing math makeup examination. Miao Miao explains that she is there for studying art.

Madam asks Miao Miao to fill the form of students, and Miao Miao sees You Nian’s number. Yi Chao thinks what Miao Miao drew is like his doll. She mocks him for playing doll as a male, and You Nian adds that Yi Chao gave the name “Li Li” to the doll.

Yi Chao explains that he designed the clothes for the doll, and mocks Miao Miao’s teeth.

Miao Miao sighs, and Yao Yao thinks it doesn’t work to make Miao Miao’s teeth pretty. Miao Miao tells Yao Yao to pay attention to her attitude. But Yao Yao points out that Miao Miao disturbed her reading.

The next day, Miao Miao takes Mom to the hospital and asks for the doctor. The nurse says that the doctor isn’t on duty, and tells Miao Miao to wait.

Miao Miao looks at the mirror, and Dad thinks it’s hurt. Mom points out that Miao Miao was injected anesthetic. She mentions that she told Miao Miao not to wear it and Miao Miao stood it. Dad thinks beauty costs something, and tells Miao Miao that it’s good.

But Yao Yao thinks her teeth is pretty than Miao Miao’s. Mom claims that she only saved for one person. Yao Yao wants to wear braces like Miao Miao, but Mom says that she is broke.

You Nian intends to give questions to Miao Miao, and he asks her why she doesn’t speak. She shows the braces to him.

You Nian walks Miao Miao and thinks she will pass the makeup examination. But she worries that she will meet the questions she cannot do. He brags that the students he taught can deal with any question.

Miao Miao asks if she will get full mark, and he promises that her mark will be double. Miao Miao learns that she will get 62 score. She asks him for his family phone number, and thinks she needs to ask him about question. He writes down his number and leaves. Miao Miao is happy to jump.

You Nian picks up the phone, and Miao Miao tells him that she got a B. He thinks studying hard will get a good result.

Kai Tuo thinks Miao Miao drew You Nian, and reveals he saw You Nian’s family phone number. She is surprised that he remembered the number, and he says that he remembered it when he went to the studio. Miao Miao thinks Madam is very tender and You Nian is like her. But Kai Tuo thinks Miao Miao knows nothing.

You Nian visits studio and greets Miao Miao. She is surprised that he has time to draw. He says that he wants to draw to relax himself. But she thinks drawing is tired than taking class. He points out that she is tired because she needs to prepare art examination. She reveals that she wants to get in the clothing design department of Sea university.

Miao Miao is surprised that You Nian wants to get in Sea university, and he reveals his mom graduated from there. Miao Miao thinks Madam and Liang Gang love each other.

You Nian takes a look at what Miao Miao drew, and thinks she drew He Xin and Kai Tuo play basketball. But he finds out that He Xin wears glasses, and Miao Miao takes away her drawing. She panics to explain that He Xin wanted to see the looks when she wears glasses.

Teacher Ye asks Yi Chao and You Nian to join the basketball team because the ligament of leading player was hurt and Kai Tuo didn’t want to help. Teacher Ye adds that they will meet second school of Sea city in the final.

It’s flashback. Kai Tuo and You Nian wins second school of Sea city in the first half. Kai Tuo gets a call from someone, and he doesn’t coordinate with You Nian in the game. They fail. Kai Tuo asks You Nian why he promised them, and thinks he is very hypocritical. Kai Tuo rages to leave.

Teacher Ye tells You Nian and Yi Chao to take revenge for second school of Sea city, and the two decide to take part in. Teacher Ye thinks it’s good if Kai Tuo can take part in.

Yi Chao is surprised that Kai Tuo is delivering, but Kai Tuo ignores Yi Chao and rides away.

You Nian returns home, and Liang Gang blames him for being late as families were waiting for him to eat. Madam thinks You Nian forgot the time because of studying.

Kai Tuo runs into You Nian and says that he is upset while seeing him and Madam as mom and son. But You Nian points out that it’s painful to eat cold food.

Miao Miao and Yao Yao stop Dad leaving, and he persuades them that he will return soon. The sisters hug Dad, and he tells them to obey Mom.

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Miao Miao takes He Xin to run, but He Xin is tired. Miao Miao doesn’t want to miss You Nian’s game, and He Xin tells Miao Miao to go first.

He Xin wonders why her physical power is so bad, and Kai Tuo rides by. He Xin learns that Kai Tuo needs to deliver at Saturday, and thinks he is very hard. Kai Tuo thinks He Xin wants to follow him. But she yells that she needs to take the path as well.

He Xin shares that she needs to go to basketball court, and the school team with fights with the second school of Sea city.

He Xin tells Miao Miao not to be nervous when she pinches her. Miao Miao says that it’s You Nian’s game, and asks He Xin if she is nervous when it’s Kai Tuo’s game. He Xin nods.

You Nian shows up, and Miao Miao cheers him. He Xin wants to see Kai Tuo playing basketball.

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