The Untamed: Episode 36 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama The Untamed: Episode 36. Wu Xian helps Lan Zhan return to his room, and thinks Lan Zhan’s capacity for liquor doesn’t change. He goes out and plays flute. Wen Ning shows up with chain. Wu Xian runs to Wen Ning, but Wen Ning doesn’t recognize him.

The Untamed: Episode 36 Recap

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed: Episode 36.

Wu Xian helps Lan Zhan return to his room, and thinks Lan Zhan’s capacity for liquor doesn’t change. He goes out and plays flute. Wen Ning shows up with chain. Wu Xian runs to Wen Ning, but Wen Ning doesn’t recognize him.

Wu Xian thinks the person controls Wen Ning destroyed his mind, and takes the nails out of his brain. Wu Xian asks Wen Ning if he remembers who set up the nails in his brain, but he doesn’t remember it.

Wen Ning is on knees and feels sorry to Wu Xian. Wu Xian is on knees to Wen Ning, so Wen Ning has to help Wu Xian up. Wen Ning says that it was because of him, but Wu Xian thinks Wen Qing is right that Wen Qing is a treasure blade. So Jin family didn’t get rid of him.

Wu Xian wants to borrow Lan Zhan’s sword Bi Chen to cut off Wen Ning’s chain if he is sleeping. But Wu Xian sees Lan Zhan. So he gets Wen Ning to leave.

Wu Xian takes Lan Zhan at the house, and Lan Zhan catches chickens for Wu Xian. The two return to hotel, and finds out that the masked man is looking for something in their room. The Untamed: Episode 36 is wonderful.

Lan Zhan fights with the masked man, and Wu Xian thinks the person comes from Lan family. The masked man returns the blade spirit to Wu Xian, and flees with teleportation talisman.

Lan Zhan wants to attack the masked man, but Wu Xian tells him that he left. He gets him to seat and gets water for him. He tells him that he won’t let him drink next time, but Lan Zhan intends to pour the water to his head.

Wu Xian stops Lan Zhan and says that he told him to drink the water in the cup. He wipes the water from his face, and thinks Lan Zhan shouldn’t remember anything when he’s sober. Because he won’t have face to see people.

Wu Xian tests Lan Zhan with two fingers, and says that it’s question and answer time. He asks him if he drank the emperor’s smile of Cloud Place. Lan Zhan denies. So Wu Xian asks him if he broke any rule. Lan Zhan says yes.

Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if he likes rabbits, and Lan Zhan says yes. Wu Xian laughs for Lan Zhan’s admitting. He asks him why he helped him, and Lan Zhan says that he regretted for not take Wu Xian’s side in the No Night City. The Untamed: Episode 36 is perfect.

Wu Xian learns that Lan Zhan has been looking for him the past years, and tells him that the case has nothing to do with him. He says that he defected and practiced demonic cultivation are all of his own choices. Lan Zhan goes to the bed and says that it’s time to rest.

Wu Xian dreams that he falls from sky, and wakes up. He goes out of the hotel, and the kids act Meng Yao, Ming Jue and Zi Xuan. Wu Xian asks them why Wu Xian isn’t there. The woman shows up with a stick, and asks them to go back to eat. Wu Xian learns that the woman is Wu Xian.

Lan Zhan asks Wu Xian about last night, and Wu Xian says that he just said he likes rabbits. He asks him if he remembered the masked man, and thinks he tried to cover his sword. Wu Xian asks Lan Zhan if the masked man belongs to Lan family. Lan Zhan denies.

Lan Zhan asks Wu Xian why he trusted him, and Wu Xian thinks Lan Zhan never lies. Wu Xian thinks the man is related to the death of Ming Jue, otherwise he wouldn’t rob Lan Zhan’s spirit bag. Lan Zhan thinks they should leave, and takes out spirit bag. He says that the place is in Shu State. The Untamed: Episode 36 is pretty good.

Wu Xian and Lan Zhan lose the direction, and Wu Xian gets Lan Zhan to ask the spirit bag. The bag guides Wu Xian to find a stone tablet of Yi City. He sees the path, and thinks the path doesn’t walked by human beings. He asks the man about the path leading to. The man reveals the place got the title of Yi City because people were dead there.

Wu Xian tells Lan Zhan the word “Yi” means death. The two get in the city, and Wu Xian steps on a paper head. The man runs through them, and Wu Xian and Lan Zhan chase him. Wu Xian runs into Jin Ling and Si Zhui. Si Zhui thinks Lan Zhan came. Wu Xian asks the students why they’re there.

Si Zhui reveals thet tracked down the sound and came there. The student says that they couldn’t walk out. Wu Xian asks if they ride the swords to fly up. Si Zhui says that he tried it, and reveals there were some blurry black shadows in the air.

The student thinks the fog contains poison, but Wu Xian denies it as they’re alive. Jin Ling regrets for not taking Fairy, and blames the donkey. The student reveals Fairy was kicked by the donkey Little Apple. Wu Xian is surprised that his Little Apple got bit, and Jin Ling thinks ten thousand donkeys wouldn’t compensate for Fairy. The Untamed: Episode 36 is the best episode.

Wu Xian reveals Little Apple is the mount Lan Zhan gave him. Si Zhui explains that Little Apple kept hubbub at the Cloud Place, and the seniors got them to take him to do downhill. Jin Ling hates the donkey for being called Little Apple. But the student thinks Little Apple’s name is better than the fat dog’s name Fairy. Jin Ling talks back that Fairy is very athletic.

The puppets rush to them, and Lan Zhan plays zither and makes them disappear. Wu Xian thinks it’s evil tiger symbol, but he points out that the puppets he controls won’t be so easily to cut off. He thinks someone recreated the symbol. Wu Xian notes that the students inhaled the powder, and takes them to leave.

The masked man shows up and tries to steal the spirit bag from Wu Xian. But he fails. Wu Xian reminds Lan Zhan to attack Masked Man. Masked Man flees.

Wu Xian asks about the people who inhaled the powder, and Si Zhui says that they cannot stand. Wu Xian checks their tongues and tells them that they have been poisoned. He reveals that once the poison enters the blood stream, and circulates around the entire body and the heart, there will be no saving. The Untamed: Episode 36 is worth of watching.

The students are scared, and Wu Xian tells the students to carry the people who have been poisoned. He says that they should get their head and heart to face upwards. He says that moving will get the poison to flow into the heart.

Wu Xian tells students to knock at the door, but Jin Ling thinks the inside will be danger. Wu Xian agrees but he reminds Jin Ling that they needs to do detoxification.

Si Zhui knocks at the door, and the old lady opens the door. Wu Xian asks to get a place to rest, and she agrees. Jin Ling wonders why the old lady agreed. Wu Xian reveals he put his leg on the door.

People get in the shop, and Wu Xian asks the old lady why she didn’t light the lamp. She tells them to light the candle. Li Zhui lights it, and the students pull out swords when they see the paper people. I like what The Untamed: Episode 36 shows to us.

Wu Xian praises the old lady’s skill of making paper people. But she gets in another room and closes the door. Wu Xian asks the old lady about the kitchen, and sees the black scar on her neck.

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