Against Heaven: Chapter 1 Number 2213

Number 2213 is a sample of prison island. He lives in a cylinder’s container which is full of liquid after birth, there isn’t any memory in his brain. He just knows there are tons of samples around him. He sees the containers are opened and samples are taken each day, but they never come back.

Against Heaven: Chapter 1 Number 2213

At last, his container is opened, they take him into a room. He doesn’t know each of item in the room and cannot understand their speaking, but he knows they are not satisfied with him. Number 2213 got a kind of emotion which he could not understand, he knows it’s sense of insecurity while he recalls it many years later.

A cold voice reverberates in the room, “Sample 2213 isn’t qualified. There isn’t any client is going to buy him. Canceling his culture liquid qualification and sending to mineral material development department.”

This day, number 2213 left his container. He got a strange feeling and don’t know what’s it, he just knows the feeling is heavy while leaving container.

Mineral material development department is a place to process failed samples. Each failed sample is sent to here, inputted language system, sent to the pit. While number 2213 is sent to pit, he saw lots of failed samples who is weak and cold.

He uses simple tool digging colorful crystal to exchange needed nutrient each day. He knew pain and starving while he didn’t dig crystal getting hit by whips. He reminds his container more often and wants to come back. But, everything was changed in one of his dig. He dug a unique black crystal. He feels warm gas entering his body while holding it. He fainted and got fever the next 7 days. He found he is in the container after waking. His mind appears a scene.

A black men looks up the sky. A old man stands in the sky saying, “Wang Lin, you cannot escape!”

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