Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12

In the 11-12th episodes of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap, Jin Mi messes up Queen’s birthday party, and Queen wants to kill her. Xu Feng protects Jin Mi with his magic clothes, and promise her to help her return to flower realm. But she says that she likes Run Yu when he gets punished.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episodes 11-12.

Tu Dixian takes Jin Mi and Yan You to drink wine, and is drunk. Yan You takes Jin Mi to visit a clothes shop, and enter a casino. Jin Mi shows her outstanding mahjong skills, and is driven away by the boss.

Yan You takes Jin Mi into a drama building, and the boy lean to her. Xu Feng gives the boy a slap, and blames Yan You. Run Yu shows up, and blames Yan You as well. He claims Jin Mi is his honoured guest.

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Xu Feng takes Jin Mi to leave the drama building, Yan You and Run Yu follow them. Jin Mi fears Xu Feng takes her to flower realm, and offers them fragrans wine.

Xu Feng and Run Yu hang Yan You on the wall, and begin to drink. Jin Mi asks Xu Feng for the spiritual power of millennium. He passes out after giving her the water pearl with the spiritual power of millennium.

She thinks he wants to be devotional with him, and flirts with the drunk Xu Feng. He takes off her hair pin, and leans her in his arms, and takes off her clothes. But he is sober when kissing her, and runs away.

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Yan You asks Xu Feng to release him, and tells him the reason why Jin Mi asks for spiritual power. He says that Rou Rou was dead for protecting Jin Mi, so Jin Mi swore to gather spiritual power resurrection Rou Rou.

Run Yu hears what Yan You said, and thinks Jin Mi is a nice person. Xu Feng finds out Yan You has strong magic art, and thinks he was the assassin who attacked him.

Jin Mi wakes up, and finds the phoenix hair pin Xu Feng left. She inserts it in her hair, and gives her previous spiritual hair pin to Run Yu.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 12

It’s queen’s birthday party, but Run Yu doesn’t want to attend. He tells Jin Mi that he isn’t queen’s natural child, and is raised by her. But queen alienated him after she got Xu Feng. Jin Mi thinks Run Yu did what he could as queen’s child, and he decides to attend the birthday party.

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Kuang Lu runs into Run Yu at the gate, and gives him a crystal bottle to gather morning dew. He thinks the stuff of Taiyi Zhenren is very useful, and she realizes that he knew her background. She asks him if he is intention to hand over the morning dew to queen as birthday present. He doesn’t answer her question.

Jin Mi feels boring in her room, Yan Yao tempts her to queen’s birthday party with peach. The guards block them, Yan You takes off the phoenix hair pin from Jin Mi, showing it to the guards. The guards let them enter, and Yan You introduces deities to Jin Mi. She is interested in the god of water, but Yan You says the god of water is too cold.

Run Yu congratulate queen on her birthday, and she notices his hair pin. He says the hair pin comes from his friend, and will cherish it. Xu Feng knows the hair pin belonged to Jin Mi, and is jealous of Run Yu.

Jin Mi is scared by a mice, and queen finds out her true body with spiritual power. Jade Emperor and God of Water is stunned by Jin Mi’s looks because she is similar to previous God of Flowers Zi Fen. They ask Yue Xia about Jin Mi’s background, and know she comes from flower realm.

In order to transfer queen’s attention, Jade Emperor asks Hui He to dance for Queen. Queen is pleased, and arranges Hui He to sit with Xu Feng. Hui He and Xu Feng get along, Queen thinks they’re best match like the painting of her side palace. Jin Mi remembers the painting she saw in Yue Xia’s house, and guesses Xu Feng and Hui He were devotional.

Hui He is furious, and scolds Jin Mi that she talked nonsense. Jin Mi doesn’t know what means of devotion, and wants to be devotion with her. Queen is furious, and asks Lei Gong and Dian Mu to kill Jin Mi. Xu Feng asks Queen to forgive Jin Mi, but Queen attcks Jin Mi in advance. Xu Feng protects Jin Mi with his magic clothes.

Yan You catch the chance to take Jin Mi away, but Lei Gong and Dian Mu chase them. Yan You knows that only Xu Feng can proetct Jin Mi, so he gives Jin Mi to Xu Feng. Jin Mi fears Xu Feng takes her to get punished, but he thinks she doesn’t know his intention, and promises her to return flower realm, and never see her again. Jin Mi is sad after hearing Xu Feng’s words.

Lei Gong and Dian Mu hopes Xu Feng can let them arrest Jin Mi, but Xu Feng lets them think about who is their master. Lei Gong and Dian Mu have to leave. Run Yu takes the duty of releasing Jin Mi, and is ready to get punished. But Jin Mi thinks Run Yu is a nice person, and says that she likes him.

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