Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 7-8

In the 7-8th episodes of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap, Xu Feng passed out because of saving Jin Mi. She returns flower tribe to steal holy grass, but is locked up by Mu Dan. Jin Mi grows holy grass with her blood to cure Xu Feng. He confesses his love after waking up.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episodes 7-8.

Liu Ying wants to challenge Xu Feng when he is drinking with Run Yu. She feels shamed because he didn’t pull out his sword. The flame sword are made by senior deities, and sealed. If he pulls out his sword, Liu Ying will be dead.

Liu Ying is curious why Qiong Qi could flee from ancient artifact soul tripod, and thinks there is a mole in devil tribe. Jin Mi asks Xu Feng to teach her spells, he asks her if she recited the spells he taught her before. She is speechless, so he blames her not to shame his reputation.

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She asks him about the fairy in his dream, he lies that there isn’t such a person. But she thinks the fairy is similar to her, and wants to investigate it. He has to admit that it was her, and threatens to eat her in his dream.

Liu Ying finds Qiong Qi’s trace, so the three person leave Jin Mi at the hotel, and set up enchantment to go to Chi blade mountain. Qiong Qi’s blood is highly toxic, so they decide to go to borrow devil killer from the King of Yan Cheng to get rid of his devil character, and seal him into soul tripod.

But the King of Yan Cheng doesn’t want to borrow his devil killer, Xu Feng tells him that he has duty if the world is doomed. King of Yan Cheng agrees, but he wants to send two of his princes to accompany them.

Run Yu mentions Qiong Qi likes to eat reishi, so Jin Mi grows reishi to draw Qiong Qi. The princes joke to sell Jin Mi to exchange spiritual power. Xu Feng is furious to scold them, but Run Yu stops him. The princes take devil killer to hit Qiong Qi, but he hurt them. Jin Mi wants to pick ap the devil killer, but Qiong Qi pats her. She makes him lose his eyesight with pollen, gets rid of his devil character with devil killer.

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Xu Feng burns Qiong Qi, and seals him with soul tripod. He prepares to ask Jade Emperor to sentence him. Liu Xing and Run Yu decide to investigate the person behind it.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 8

King of Yan Cheng is sorrowful after seeing serious injured sons, and scolds Xu Feng. Xu Feng explains that the prince’s comas are because of taking kidney pills, and they will wake up after three days. But King of Yan Cheng thinks it’s just an excuse. King of Bian Cheng thinks King of Yan Cheng should investigate the sin of the person who released Qiong Qi.

King of Yan Cheng guesses it was King of Gu Cheng, and hits him. King of Gu Cheng admits it, and says that he doesn’t want to be bullied by heaven anymore, and persuades King of Yan Cheng to get rid of Xu Feng. King of Yan Cheng is moved.

Xu Feng doesn’t want to take medicine, so she grows reishi to cure him. He forces himself to drink the medicine since she works hard. He wants to give her one thousand years spiritual power as reward. She is delighted to hug him, and claims Yue Xia told her hug is returning grace.

Jin Mi hears her dead friend Rou Rou’s voice from the soul tripod, and goes to open the tripod to release the seal. Xu Feng shows up, and casts glow to Rou Rou. Rou Rou turns into Qiong Qi, but he is sealed by Xu Feng. Xu Feng sees the blood on his palm, and guesses he was shot by Qiong Qi’s plague needle. Jin Mi hears the holy grass who grows in cleaning spring can cure the poison, and goes to flower tribe.

Jin Mi discusses with Lao Hu about asking Mu Dan for holy grass, but he doesn’t have any way. So she goes to steal it with Liu Ying, but Mu Dan catches them, and locks up Jin Mi. Lao Hu suggests Jin Mi to grow holy grass, she tries it many times but doesn’t succeed until the thread is stained by her blood.

Xu Feng grasps her hand after recovering. Mu Dan thinks he is too frivolous, and scolds him. He confesses to Mu Dan that he fell for Jin Mi.

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