Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 9-10

In the 9-10th episodes of Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap, Queen goes to flower tribe to see Jin Mi after knowing she grew holy grass for Xu Feng, and doubts her identity, because she thinks Mu Dan is intention to hide her. But Jin Mi fled to heaven in Run Mi’s help in advance.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 9

Ashes of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Episodes 9-10.

Mu Dan refuses Xu Feng, and tells him not to visit flower tribe. She takes Jin Mi disappearing at the water mirror later, and visits goddess of flower’s tomb, asking her about the relation with Xu Feng. She relaxes after knowing Jin Mi doesn’t have feeling on Xu Feng, and asks her to swear that she won’t have any affair with heaven. She tells her worries to Lao Hu, he thinks Jin Mi won’t have feeling since she took the falling pill.

Xu Feng wants to see Jin Mi, but Mu Dan tells him not to hooked by her looks. He doesn’t loves her looks, but her innocent. She isn’t moved, and hints him that her objecting is related to heaven. He recalls his father was lost while looking at the painting of goddess of flowers, and misunderstands the relationship between goddess of flowers and jade emperor. He leaves with sadness later. Jin Mi calls him to ask for the spiritual power he promised, but Xu Feng doesn’t hear it. She knows she is enchanted. He is sad when remembering the phoenix flower she grew for him, and realizes that their relationship is ended.

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Jin Mi doesn’t understand his words, but the falling pill reacts to give her the beat, and she passes out. She steps into a nothingness space where the girl asks her to release her as she falls for someone else. But Jin Mi fails to save her.

Fu Fen hands over Qiong Qi to jade emperor with Run Yu. Jade Emperor thinks flower tribe is magnanimous after knowing they took out the holy grass to save Xu Feng. Hui He is upset when seeing Liu Ying is closed to Xu Feng. Yue Xia likes Liu Ying immediately since she is straightforward, and takes her to his marriage palace giving her a red thread.

Queen thinks Run Yu is suspicious after checking Xu Feng’s wound. She is furious after knowing flower tribe saved him, and reveals Jade Emperor wanted to disable her for Flora. Xu Feng is sad when thinking Jin Mi is his stepsister.

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Run Yu runs into Jade Emperor who is confused because of Qiong Qi. He tells him that the person behind it wants to break the balance of six tribes. Jade Emperor wants to dominate six tribes, so he decides to release Qiong Qi.

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 10

Queen guesses Run Yu is collusion with devildom, and asks Hui Heng to investigate it. Hui He bribes Kuang Lu as spy, but Kuang Lu tells it to Run Yu, and asks him to trust her as same as his pets.

Jin Mi cannot break Mu Dan’s enchantment to go out. Run Yu falls from heaven, and casts meteor for her. She asks him to take her out of the mirror, and he takes her into his palace.

King of Gu Cheng knows Jade Emperor broke his promise, since he didn’t get any message after Jade Emperor received Qiong Qi. Jade Emperor wouldn’t get the throne without his help in the heaven and devil’s war.

Queen suspects Jin Mi’s identity after knowing she grew holy grass for Xu Feng, and sends Qi Yuan to investigate it. Qi Yuan finds Mu Dan set up double enchantments for Jin Mi, and reports it to Queen. Queen wants to thank Jin Mi for saving his son. But Mu Dan rejects it, and claims she is facing the wall to think of her sins. Queen breaks the enchantment, and steps into Jin Mi’s room. But Jin Mi is off.

Jin Mi worries about Xu Feng’s body condition, and wants to visit him. But Run Yu persuades her to see him next time as she is currently spotlight. He takes her to see the galaxy, and she thinks he is lonely. She gives him a seed of epiphyllum which is only bloom at night, so it will accompany him. Run Yu thrills for the gift, and appoints to enjoy it together when the epiphyllum blooms.

Kuang Lu reports that Mu Dan took her followers breaking into heaven, Jin Mi is flurried. Run Yu persuades her to flee to human world since it’s the best place to cover her smell.

Run Yu buys Jin Mi a house, and gives her the name of Ling Guang. Yan You runs into Jin Mi at the street, and knows she fled from water mirror in Run Yu’s help.

Jade Emperor visits Luo Lin, and remembers Flora’s looks. But Luo Lin doesn’t want to talk about it with him. Jade Emperor reminds him to attend Queen’s birthday party as she is suspicious. Luo Lin accepts it.

Mu Dan goes to Xu Feng’s palace to ask for Jin Mi, but he says that he doesn’t know it. Queen blames Mu Dan for being rude. Xu Feng promises to find Jin Mi.

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