Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 11. Feng Qianshuo walks Xuan Ge. He tells her that Su Ying plans to kill Tian Yao. Feng Ming looks for Tian Yao’s friends on the street. He intends to help Su Ying.

Yan Hui Takes Back Dragon Horn for Tian Yao

Back From the Brink

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 11.

Feng Qianshuo and Xuan Ge see Feng Ming. Feng Qianshuo tells Xuan Ge that he will deal with Feng Ming alone. But she worries about him because he’s just a mortal. He takes out the immortal item. He tells her that the immortal item will guard him.

Feng Qianshuo tells Xuan Ge to leave. But she kisses him. She tells him not to die because he owes her a kiss. He hugs her and comforts her that he never owes anything. Feng Ming’s followers surround Feng Qianshuo. Feng Ming tells Feng Qianshuo that he will keep his life if he gives Tian Yao and his friends to Chill Sect.

But Feng Qianshuo doesn’t want to betray his friends. He takes out the immortal item. He kills Feng Ming with the immortal item. Su Ying thinks Tian Yao recovered because of Dragon Scale. She tells him not to think about stop her from taking away the scale.

Yan Hui finds the dragon horn. Bai Xiaosheng shows up. He tells Yan Hui that he will help her because he promised her. He reveals he has hidden in her shadow. The monster comes out from the enchantment. Bai Xiaosheng tells the monster not to hurt Yan Hui.

Su Ying learns that Tian Yao’s friends reached the seal of Dragon Horn. She thinks Tian Yao learned to tell a lie. She fights with him. The monster rushes to Yan Hui. Bai Xiaosheng deals with the monster. Yan Hui tries to open the seal. But she fails.

The monster shows up behind Yan Hui. She throws the gold to him. He eats the gold and becomes small. Bai Xiaosheng throws more gold to the monster. He thinks he’s very cute. He kills him. Tian Yao is hurt by Su Ying. She realizes that Dragon Scale isn’t in his body.

Su Ying asks Tian Yao about the whereabouts of Dragon Scale. He thinks she won’t get Dragon Scale like twenty years ago. Yan Hui asks Bai Xiaosheng if she will open the seal if she uses his power. But he tells her that his power isn’t a good thing to her.

Yan Hui tells Bai Xiaosheng that she wishes to try it from risking her life. He gives his black power to her. She breaks the black rock. She uses her power to break the seal. She gets Dragon Horn. Su Ying tells Tian Yao that he cannot flee even if he got Dragon Horn.

Yan Hui tells Bai Xiaosheng to give Dragon Horn to Tian Yao. But she encounters Su Ying. She thinks she cannot flee because the monsters join her. Su Ying asks the monsters about the one who broke her formation. Yan Hui tells Su Ying that she knows the whereabouts of Dragon Scale.

Yan Hui walks to Su Ying. She slaps her and saves Tian Yao. Bai Xiaosheng gives Dragon Horn to Tian Hao. Su Ying thinks Yan Hui is the traitor of Immortal Sects. She attacks Tian Yao. Bai Xiaosheng blocks Su Ying’s attack. The monsters join Bai Xiaosheng. Su Ying tells the monsters that they cannot block her. Xuan Ge stops Su Ying. She tells her that she will kill Lu Musheng if she doesn’t stop.

Back From the Brink Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Ending

Episode 11 of Back From the Brink Chinese Drama ends with Xuan Ge breaking into the room. She finds out that Yan Hui is beating Tian Yao. Xuan Ge tells Yan Hui not to do that because Tian Yao is weak after he saved them. Yan Hui realizes that she cannot beat Tian Yao. But she still beats him.

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