Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 4. Yoon-Gab lets the doctors take away Room Leader after he got stabbed by Kwang-Yeon. Chang-Ho tells Yoon-Gab that he chose the wrong person when he’s arrested by the guards.

Why Chang-Ho Admits that He’s Big Mouse?

Big Mouth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 4.

Yoon-Gab walks into Room Leader’s ward. He asks him why he helped Chang-Ho. Room Leader tells something to Yoon-Gab. Yoon-Gab goes to see Chae-Bong. Chae-Bong is furious to throw the beer bottle to Yoon-Gab. He asks him why he sent the guards to save Chang-Ho.

Yoon-Gab wipes his shoe. He reminds Chae-Bong that he will be investigated if Chang-Ho is dead in the prison. Du-Geun yells at Yoon-Gab. He tells him not to let Ji-Hoon know it. But Yoon-Gab thinks it’s not an easy task. Du-Geun mentions he gave the money to Yoon-Gab.

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Yoon-Gab wants to return the money to Du-Geun. Du-Geun calls Yoon-Gab thief. It makes Yoon-Gab get angry. Chae-Bong stops the two. He reminds Yoon-Gab that he needs to complete his task. Yoon-Gab agrees to it. But he asks for more money.

Mi-Ho injects the medicine for the patient. But he feels painful. Mi-Young scolds Mi-Ho for making the mistake. Mi-Ho explains that she did it according to the order. The doctor asks her who let her do so. She tries to show the evidence to him. But she finds out that the order isn’t wrong.

Mi-Young thinks Mi-Ho cannot take care of patients. Mi-Ho shows the evidence which she stored from her phone to the doctor. She tells him to check the footage. Hee-Joo tries to leave. Mi-Young stops her. She asks her if Mi-Young asked her to do so. She pretends to know nothing. She panics to run away.

Mi-Ho hears the nurses talking about Chang-Ho. It seems that they know Chang-Ho is big mouse. Joo-Hee tells people to ask her questions after the speech. Mi-Ho stands up. She tells Joo-Hee that she has the paper of Jae-Yong. Soon-Tae blames Mi-Ho after knowing what she did in the hospital. He worries that she will be hurt.

Mi-Ho tells Soon-Tae that she had no way. She thinks someone will be interested in what she said. She notes that there’s a guy tailing her on the street. She runs away and tries to take a look at the man. Gi-Gwang shows up behind her. The man disappears.

Mi-Ho gets a call from Do-Ha who tells her that he’s interested in Jae-Yong’s paper. She asks for a meeting up. Gi-Gwang worries about his daughter because he knows she doesn’t have the paper. But she tells him that she has a plan.

Chang-Ho hands over the food to Room Leader. He thinks he was very lucky. Room Leader tells Chang-Ho that he will have a long life like him. Chang-Ho feels guilty for getting Room Leader involved. Room Leader asks Chang-Ho is he’s the big mouse. Chang-Ho admits that he’s big mouse after knowing big mouse brought hope to Room Leader.

Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of Big Mouth ends with Do-Ha trying to call Yoon-Gab. But Yoon-Gab doesn’t pick up the phone. The guard tells Chang-Ho that someone visited him. Chang-Ho walks out of the cell. He finds out that the prisoners are watching him. The prisoners step on the floor to cheer Chang-Ho up.

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