Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 9. Orchid wonders why she’s so sad. She thinks she shouldn’t be soft-hearted to keep the guilty immortal. She thinks he will be fine if he leaves. She falls asleep.

Why Hellfire Protects Orchid?

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 9.

Dongfang Qingcang shows up with Shang Que. Dongfang Qingcang asks Shang Que if Orchid would risk her life to guard if she knew he’s moon king. Shang Que offers to let Orchid fix the destiny book. But Dongfang Qingcang wants Orchid to sleep.

Dongfang Qingcang carries Orchid to her room. He covers her with a blanket, putting a bracelet on her hand. He tells her that the bracelet will protect her even if he doesn’t stay with her. Die Yi reports to Ocean City Lord that Chang Heng came. She thinks Chang Heng came for the evil spirit.

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Ocean City Lord decides to meet Chang Heng. Die Yi takes Chang Heng to see Ocean City Lord. Chang Heng shows the evil spirit to Ocean City Lord. He thinks the evil spirit is related to ocean city. He asks him why Liufang Pavilion was in chaos when evil spirit showed up.

Ocean City Lord tells Chang Heng that the Mystery Man brought the evil spirit to Ocean City. He shows Die Yi’s wound to Chang Heng. Chang Heng sees hell flame on Die Yi’s back. Ocean City Lord hints at Chang Heng that only Dongfang Qingcang can use hell flame.

Chang Heng tries to leave. Ocean City Lord stops Chang Heng. He leaks that Dongfang Qingcang took Orchid away. Die Yi asks Ocean City Lord why he told Chang Heng about Dongfang Qingcang’s showing up. He thinks he can defeat Dongfang Qingcang if Chang Heng helps him.

Orchid wakes up. She thinks she’s going to be late. She runs out of her house. Shang Que wonders why Dongfang Qingcang didn’t stop Orchid. Dongfang Qingcang tells Shang Que that it’s the day that Orchid becomes a fairy. He doesn’t want to make Orchid unhappy.

Chang Heng arrives at Siming Palace. Shang Que reports it to Dongfang Qingcang. Dongfang Qingcang thinks Chang Heng came to ask for death. San Sheng tells the fairies to let Turtle Yuan check their real looks. Orchid walks into the fantasy realm.

Turtle Yuan recognizes Orchid. He tells her that she’s the special one. He adds that she only has one fate. She’s confused. He tells her that she will take her destiny when she understands it. He disappears. She walks out of the fantasy realm.

San Sheng tells Orchid that she’s neither immortal nor human. Cloud Emperor thinks Orchid belongs to Moon Clan. He tells the guards to arrest her. But the guards are hurt. The hellfire protects Orchid. Chang Heng chases Dongfang Qingcang. He asks him where he’s going to flee. Dongfang Qingcang explains that he just doesn’t want Siming Palace to be ruined.

Love Between Fairy and Devil: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Love Between Fairy and Devil ends with Dongfang Qingcang letting Shang Que show his real looks to Orchid. Shang Que turns into a black dragon. It makes Orchid cry. Dongfang Qingcang asks her to take a look at it clearly if he’s the one who will get bullied by immortals.

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