Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 3. Yoon-Gab recognizes Chang-Ho. He tells the sniper not to shoot. Chang-Ho is taken away by the guards. Yoon-Gab calls Ji-Hoon. He reports to him that Chang-Ho tried to flee.

Does Mi-Ho Agree to Get a Divorce with Chang-Ho?

Big Mouth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 3.

Ji-Hoon tells Yoon-Gab to keep Chang-Ho’s life. He promises to give him a present. Mi-Young takes Mi-Ho to see her colleagues. But the colleagues are cold to Mi-Ho. Mi-Young tells Mi-Ho to work when others went to have lunch. Mi-Ho decides to show her talent.

Mi-Ho goes to the ward. She finds out that the patient is going to die. She saves him. But she finds out that Joo-Hee is staring at her. Mi-Ho tells Joo-Hee that she saved the patient when she walks into the ward. But Joo-Hee scolds Mi-Ho for saving the life.

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Mi-Young explains to Joo-Hee that Mi-Ho is just a rookie. Joo-Hee tells Mi-Young to give Mi-Ho the training. Mi-Young thinks they don’t have to apologize to the patient’s family because she just saved him. But Mi-Young tells Mi-Ho that the patient’s family asked them not to save the patient. She tells her that she’s not happy. She leaves the ward.

Mi-Ho sees the man persuading the patient’s family to sign the paper. She tells what she saw to Gi-Gwang. She thinks it’s related to Jae-Yong’s thesis. She adds that she can help her husband if she finds the thesis. But she finds out that Soon-Tae is out of his mind.

Mi-Ho wakes Soon-Tae up. He hands over the paper to her. He tells her that Chang-Ho wishes to get a divorce with her. Because Chang-Ho thinks he cannot win the case. Soon-Tae tells Mi-Ho to get a divorce with Chang-Ho. He reminds her that she will be big mouse’s wife all her life if she doesn’t do it.

Mi-Ho is furious to tear up the paper. She intends to go to see her husband. But Soon-Tae tells her that Chang-Ho is in solitary confinement. Yoon-Gab counts the cash. He puts the cash into the safe. The guard visits him. Yoon-Gab tells the guard to release Chang-Ho.

Yoon-Gab gathers the prisoners to the hall. He tells them that he’s their God. He sorts them according to their levels. He tells them to leave. The prisoner stops Yoon-Gab. He mentions he took the money from him. He intends to report him.

The prisoner gets beaten by the guards. Yoon-Gab explains to the prisoner that he didn’t pay him this month. Chang-Ho stops the guards. He tells Yoon-Gab that he broke the law. Yoon-Gab walks to Chang-Ho. He tells him that he’s the law. He lets the guards take him away.

The prisoner tries to kill Chang-Ho. The guards stun him and take him away. Chang-Ho gets up. He sees Chae-Bong and his friends. He realizes that the three guys asked the Prisoner to kill him. He wonders why they wronged him to be the big mouse when the doctor treats him.

Why Mi-Ho Believes her Husband isn’t Big Mouse?

Yoon-Gab brings the coffee to Chang-Ho. He reminds him that he saved him many times. He asks him for the money from Lala Capital. Chang-Ho remembers Joong-Rak told him about the money from Lala Capital. Yoon-Gab tells Chang-Ho that he’s alive because Ji-Hoon thinks he’s the big mouse.

Yoon-Gab tells Chang-Ho that Ji-Hoon will hurt his families. Chang-Ho remembers that he had the car accident. Yoon-Gab tells Chang-Ho that Ji-Hoon won’t let others know what he does. He laughs to ask for money. Chang-Ho threatens Yoon-Gab that his families will be dead as well if he dares to touch Mi-Ho.

Chang-Ho glares at Yoon-Gab. He admits that he’s big mouse. Mi-Ho stays in the interrogation room. Do-Ha watches Mi-Ho. He tells Joong-Rak to interrogate the woman. Joong-Rak asks Mi-Ho about how she met Chang-Ho because he thinks Chang-Ho is Big Mouse. But she tells him that she trusts Chang-Ho because he’s her husband. Mi-Ho walks to the bus stop. She sits on the bench. She looks up at the sky. She finds out that it snows.

It flashes back. Chang-Ho walks into the restaurant to see Mi-Ho who’s drinking. She tells him that she just broke up with her boyfriend. She cries. He carries her. She tells him that she dumped her boyfriend because she didn’t want to be dumped.

Mi-Ho vomits on the street. She tells Chang-Ho not to look at her. He confesses his feelings to her. He asks her to go out with him. It makes her cry. She tells him to stay away from her. But he hugs her and comforts her when she feels sad.

Mi-Ho tears up when she thinks about what Chang-Ho did to her. She wipes off her tears. Do-Ha watches her from his car. He tells the driver to drive the car away. Joo-Hee brings the wine to Do-Ha when he’s reading the list. She hits the wine glasses, reminding him that it’s a special day.

Do-Ha takes a look at the calendar. He sees his wife walking into the bedroom. He joins her and takes a look at the bed. He tells her to give up. He claims that he doesn’t need a baby. He asks her if she has the paper of Jae-Yong. She denies it and goes to sleep. He sighs.

Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Big Mouth ends with Kwang-Yeon holding the knife to walk to Chang-Ho when Chang-Ho is fighting with the prisoners. Chang-Ho remembers Kwang-Yeon cares for his mom very much. Room Leader pushes Kwang-Yeon aside. Kwang-Yeon stabs Room Leader.

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