Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 6. Yoo-Min says something to Hae-Yi. She leaves the classroom. Sun-Ja and Hae-Yi get messages from the team members who told them that they quit. Sun-Ja and Hae-Yi are shocked.

Does Yoo-Min Return to the School?

Cheer Up

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 6.

Sun-Ja sighs that the team members quit. Min-Jae joins her. Woon-Chan shows up. He takes a look at the team members. He persuades them that small group is better than big group. He cheers them up and tells them that they need to make a new song. He adds that the school band will support them.

Sun-Ho raises his hand. He tells Woon-Chan that he decides to quit. Hae-Yi is surprised. She wonders why Sun-Ho quit when she walks him. She sees a girl waving at him. He runs to the girl. Yong-Il reveals that the girl is Sun-Ho’s girlfriend.

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Sun-Ja confesses that she wants to live like Sun-Ho. She asks Hae-Yi if she regretted. Hae-Yi denies it. She tells Sun-Ja to tell Sun-Ho that she feels happy that he got a girlfriend. She walks away. Yong-Il wonders why Hae-Yi doesn’t tell it to Sun-Ho on her own. Sun-Ja believes that Hae-Yi will regret.

The student council president worries that the cheering team cannot make the festival. He mentions the accident. Jung-Woo tells the student council president that he will look into the case and punish the person who made the light fall.

Cho-Hee walks Jung-Woo out of the dean’s office. She tells him not to bring the trouble. He ignores her and takes a look at the message which asks him to kick Hae-Yi out. He sighs. Hae-Yi wonders why Sun-Ho asked her not to see any man when she walks.

Jung-Woo pushes Hae-Yi over because he worries that she will be hit by the man. He helps her get up. He tells her to let him know if she needs his help. She reminds him that he will make people think that he’s her boyfriend. She walks away.

Min-Jae stops Hae-Yi. He asks her for a talk. He shows the contract she signed with Young-Woong. He tells her to quit if she accepts Young-Woong’s money. He walks away. Hae-Yi returns to her workplace. She sees Jae-Yi’s bill. She greets the manager. She tries to leave. He stops her and asks her to work more. She agrees to it.

Hae-Yi asks Chun-Yang to make the decision for her. Chun-Yang tells Hae-Yi to choose the most important task. Hae-Yi chooses money. Chun-Yang praises Hae-Yi. She meets with Min-Jae. She admits to him that she joined the cheering team for the money. She promises to quit after one week. So he decides to leave.

But Hae-Yi stops Min-Jae. She tells him that she worries that the cheering team won’t run well without her. He’s furious to blame her for joining the team for money even if she’s outstanding. He walks away. Chun-Yang drives on the street. Jin-Hee blocks Chun-Yang’s way.

Jin-Hee asks Chun-Yang for her wine. Chun-Yang opens her cart. Jin-Hee sees her wine. She tries to take the wine. But Chun-Yang takes the wine away. She tells Jin-Hee that she wants to drink with her. Jin-Hee complains to Chun-Yang that she defeated her in the game when she drinks with her.

Chun-Yang laughs because she thinks Jin-Hee is still like a girl. She eats the noodles and takes a look at her watch. She realizes that she needs to work. She runs away. Hae-Yi walks Sun-Ja. She tells her that there will be another person who will quit. Sun-Ja is against it. She tells Hae-Yi that she doesn’t like Min-Jae.

Hae-Yi opens her locker. She sees Yoo-Min’s photo. She puts Yoo-Min’s photo into her bag. Young-Woong holds the flowers to wait for Ji-Young. He conceals the flowers when he sees her. She ignores him and walks through him. He gets a message from her who asks him out.

Sun-Ja takes the team members to walk into the school band room. She tells the guy that she needs his help. He calls Jae-Hyeok. Hae-Yi is shocked when she sees Jae-Hyeok. He follows her and mentions she was threatened by someone.

Hae-Yi is surprised that Jae-Hyeok worried about her. She tells him that it’s not his business. He mentions Sun-Ho has a girlfriend. He thinks Sun-Ho is a bad person. She points out she and Sun-Ho had a good ending. He talks back that they had bad ending because they had feelings for each other.

It makes Hae-Yi get angry. Jae-Hyeok persuades her that she won’t find a good boyfriend like him. She asks him if he wants to get into the restroom with her. She gets into the restroom. Sun-Ho tells the girl that he wants to watch movie with her. It makes her happy.

Jung-Woo has a talk with his mom. He walks out of the room with a stick. He’s startled by Hae-Yi. He buys her the noodles. He asks her if something happened to her. She remembers she promised Min-Jae that she will quit. She tries to tell something to Jung-Woo. But she sees the couple. She gives up the mind.

Jung-Woo meets with Kyu-Jin. He asks him if she saw Yoo-Min. Kyu-Jin denies it because he has broken up with Yoo-Min. He tells Jung-Woo that he didn’t post the footage. Jung-Woo asks Kyu-Jin if Yoo-Min got threatened. Kyu-Jin reveals Yoo-Min got the messages when they were dating.

Cho-Hee is playing the game with the team members. Woon-Chan gets the message again. He shows the message to Cho-Hee. She tells him to ignore the message. Jung-Woo shows up. Soo-Il follows Jung-Woo. He mentions he will get looked into by the cops.

Jung-Woo remembers Kyu-Jin thought Soo-Il was the one who sent the messages to Yoo-Min because only he knew they were dating. Soo-Il tells the team members that there won’t any staff helping them because of Jung-Woo. Yoo-Min comforts the people when she shows up. She promises to look for the staff.

Soo-Il is surprised that Yoo-Min came. She thinks he saw a ghost. Sun-Ja realizes that Yoo-Min is Jung-Woo’s first love. Yoo-Min touches Jung-Woo’s team leader plate. She mentions she promised that she will come when he becomes team leader.

Jung-Woo complains to Yoo-Min that she disappeared without letting him know. He admits that he worried about her. It makes her feel happy. She tells him that she returns to the school because she wants to do something. Woon-Chan knocks at the door. He tells Jung-Woo that the team members are waiting for him. Yoo-Min tells Jung-Woo to leave. She promises not to disappear.

Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Episode 6 of Cheer Up K-Drama ends with Jung-Woo finding Yoo-Min’s photo from Hae-Yi’s bag. Sun-Ja takes a look at the photo. She recognizes Yoo-Min. She reveals Hae-Yi found it from her locker. Sun-Ho mentions Hae-Yi is in the restroom. But So-Yoon denies it because she just got back from the restroom.

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