Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 37 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 37. Cheng Shaoshang walks Fifth Prince. He coughs. She asks him to go to Autumn Palace to get changed with her. He worries that people will badmouth them if they see his looks.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 37 Recap

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 37.

Fifth Prince tells Cheng Shaoshang that they cannot explain it. She tells him to tell the truth when he’s asked. She thinks they’re innocent. Fifth Princess shows up with the people. She thinks Fifth Prince is seeing Cheng Shaoshang.

Emperor Wen asks Fifth Prince what happened. Fifth Prince tries to explain it. Fifth Princess mentions what the maid said that Fifth Prince is seeing Cheng Shaoshang. She blames Cheng Shaoshang for flirting with her brother since she has Ling Buyi.

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Fifth Prince talks back that he and Cheng Shaoshang are innocent. Fifth Princess points out that it wasn’t Fifth Prince’s first time to date girl. She thinks he doesn’t dare to confess because he worries that Ling Buyi will beat him. She tells him that what he and Cheng Shaoshang did was seen by the maid Chun Tiao.

Fifth Princess asks Chun Tiao to tell people what she saw. Emperor Wen tells Chun Tiao to tell the truth. Chun Tiao reveals she heard Fifth Prince called Cheng Shaoshang beauty. Fifth Prince explains that he recited the poem. Fifth Princess doesn’t believe what Fifth Prince said. She thinks he did something bad with Cheng Shaoshang when he was drunk.

Fifth Prince yells at Fifth Princess. He blames her for letting the lady trick him. He mentions what the lady said that the beauty is waiting for him by the lake. Fifth Princess tells Fifth Prince not to wrong her for making him innocent.

Fifth Princess lets the ladies come out. She tells Fifth Prince that she will kill the lady if he can recognize her. He cannot recognize the lady. Fifth Princess thinks he was confused because of drinking. She believes that the one who asked him out was Cheng Shaoshang. She offers to kill the women who cheated on their husbands.

Emperor Wen scolds Fifth Princess. He reminds her that it’s her mom’s birthday party. He asks her if she has mom in her eyes. He asks Cheng Shaoshang told him the truth. Cheng Shaoshang tells him that she saved Fifth Prince who fell into water when she passed by the lake.

But Fifth Princess doesn’t believe what Cheng Shaoshang said. Empress Xuan stops Fifth Princess. She tells Emperor Wen that she wants to take a break. She walks away. Emperor Wen intends to punish Fifth Prince. Consort Yue stops him. She reminds him that it’s Empress Xuan’s birthday party. He’s furious to walk away.

Ling Buyi walks to Cheng Shaoshang. He tells her that he believes what she said. She walks away. She wears the robe to walk out of her house. Emperor Wen walks Empress Xuan out of the palace. He tells her to rest well. She points out that she couldn’t sleep because he got up early.

Cheng Shaoshang shows up. She greets Empress Xuan. Empress Xuan tells Cheng Shaoshang to return home because she worries that her parents will miss her. Cheng Shaoshang smiles. She tries to walk away. Fifth Princess is furious to chase Cheng Shaoshang. She tells her that she wants to kill her.

The maid stops Fifth Princess. Empress Xuan blames Fifth Princess for yelling in Autumn Palace. Fifth Princess turns around. Emperor Wen sees her looks. He asks her what happened. She leaks that she and the ladies got poured by soot when they opened the door of Happiness Palace.

Fifth Princess cries to ask Empress Xuan for punishing Cheng Shaoshang. But Empress Xuan asks Fifth Princess to prove that it was done by Cheng Shaoshang. Fifth Princess reveals the servant told her that Cheng Shaohsang went to her place. She thinks Cheng Shangshang was the only one who had the ability to do that.

Cheng Shaoshang asks Fifth Princess why she did that. Fifth Princess tries to tell the truth. But she gives up the mind. Empress Xuan tells Fifth Princess to return to her room to wash her face since she doesn’t have any evidence. Fifth Princess reminds Empress Xuan that she’s the real daughter of her.

Consort Yue shows up. She thinks Fifth Princess treated Empress Xuan as her real mom when she needed her. She tells Emperor Wen that she came because of the case happened in her palace. Fifth Princess tells Consort Yue not to forgive Cheng Shaoshang.

Consort Yue tells Fifth Princess that she doesn’t need her to teach her. She tells her that she can give her another barrel of porridge to her. Fifth Princess thinks Consort Yue attacked her because she doesn’t want to marry to Yue Clan. She thinks she’s arrogant.

Emperor Wen tells Fifth Princess not to badmouth Yue Clan. She mentions her follower thought Yue Clan bullied Autumn Palace. Empress Xuan scolds Fifth Princess. She apologizes to Consort Yue. Fifth Princess tells Empress Xuan that she won’t bear it. She reminds her that nobody remembers that she’s the empress.

Fifth Princess mentions Emperor Wen is close to Consort Yue. She gets slapped by Consort Yue. Consort Yue tells Empress Xuan that she educated Fifth Princess for her. She mentions Fifth Princess wronged Cheng Shaoshang at the birthday banquet of her mom.

Fifth Princess yells at Consort Yue. She thinks she doesn’t have any evidence. Ling Buyi claims he has the evidence when he shows up. He brings the lady to Emperor Wen. He mentions the lady confessed that everything was done by Fifth Princess.

Ling Buyi reveals Fifth Princess tricked Fifth Prince to go to the lake because she knew Cheng Shaoshang was by the lake. He adds that Fifth Princess intended to ruin his wife’s reputation. He tells Emperor Wen that Fifth Prince and the lady can prove it.

Fifth Prince points at the lady. He tells Emperor Wen that the woman told him to go to the lake. Emperor Wen asks the lady to tell him what happened. Fifth Princess agrees to what her father said. She tells the lady to speak carefully.

The lady passes out. Fifth Princess tells Emperor Wen that the lady passed out because she was wronged. Emperor Wen tells his follower to take the lady away. Fifth Prince points out that the lady passed out because Fifth Princess scared her. Fifth Princess scolds Fifth Prince.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 37 Ending

Episode 37 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Crown Princess telling Empress Xuan not to spoil Fifth Princess. Cheng Shaoshang stops Crown Princess. She thinks she did it because she knows Empress Xuan is a good person. She tells her to do it to Consort Yue.

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