Delicious Destiny Episode 7 – Expressing Your Love

Ye Yi Lan (Chen Xin Yu) breaks into Li Jian Guo’s house and asks him to delete the video. Because she knows Wang Jun uploading video is instigated by him. Li Jian Guo explains it’s because her grandmother. Ye Yi Lan doesn’t care Li Yu Zhe does Chef or not. She wants to save his shop.

Delicious Destiny Episode 7 Recap Part 1:

Delicious Destiny

Song Jia Min (Mao Xiao Tong) and Li Yu Zhe (D’Angelo Mike) wins Wang Jun. They’re happy. She is drunk because of drinking too much. He complaints to her. She ignores his complains and vomits. She gives him a bank card which containing all of her money to save his shop.

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Song De Zhong sees Wu Su ping returning home with bend. He knows she gets arthritis and cooks vegetables meat wonton. She admires he has a outstanding daughter. However, she is lonely.

Song De Zhong gets a call from Li Yu Zhe. He lets Song De Zhong pick his daughter. Because he needs to take care of Wu Su Ping, he lets Peng Fei to pick her. Li Yu Zhe is full of appreciating while he holds Song Jia Ming’s bank card.

Song Jia Ming wakes up by her dream. She loves Zhao Han, but Li Yu Zhe visits her dream. After reminding by her father, she decides to chase Zhao Han. She cooks a dish of soup and wants to tell him that she loves him. However, Zhao Han calls her. She wet his documents with the soup. At this time, Zhao Han gets call from Ye Yi Lan. He lets Song Jia Ming wait a minute and runs away.

Ye Yi Lan orders lots of dishes which is Li Yu Zhe’s favourite foods. She writes a promoting plan for Li Yu Zhe and asks Zhao Han’s suggestion. He tells her his feeling the past few years, “I doesn’t like to eat oyster, Li Yu Zhe does.” Ye Yi Lan has a guilty conscience. He says, “I am just kidding.” Zhao Han gives her perfect suggestion and eats the oyster. Ye Yi Lan leaves and lets him alone. Because her intention is helping Li Yu Zhe solves his problem.

Delicious Destiny Episode 7 Recap Part 2:

Delicious Destiny

Ye Yi Lan sees her father Ye Chang Hai is going to prepare for a food festival plan. She wants to hold it.

Song Jia Ming holds Zhao Han’s picture and waits him. Li Yu Zhe brings porridge to her. He gets a call from bar which lets him to pick Zhao Han.

Song Jia Ming and Li Yu Zhe carry Zhao Han to home. She finds there are many rashes on her face while washing face for him. Zhao Han regards her as Ye Yi Lan and kisses her. She enjoys it. However, he calls Ye Yi Lan’s name. Song Jia Ming is embarrassed and decides to leave. Li Yu Zhe persuades her not to give up. However, she disagrees. Li Yu Zhe thinks she doesn’t love him at all. She just regards him as a hero. He advises her to love someone and forget Zhao Han.

Song Jia Ming brings dumpling to Li Yu Zhe. She finds the business is poor. She suggests him to change his target. Ye Yi lan disagrees and claims she is gong to invite him to her food festival and improves the conditions. Song Jia Ming and Ye Yi Lan argues. Ye Yi Lan drops her dumpling. Li Yu Zhe blames her and invites Song Jia Ming to the food festival with him.

Ye Yi Lan accompanies Li Yu Zhe to shopping. He takes a fancy to the shirt. She thinks he is going to give it to her. However, he wants to give it to Song Jia Ming. Ye Yi Lan gets angry and sends someone to investigate Song Jia Ming. Meanwhile, Zhao Han sends Miss Sun as a spy to Li Jia Guo’s company.

Song Jia Ming receives Li Yu Zhe’s shirt. Zhao Han knows her intention, however, he knows Li Yu Zhe loves her at the same time.

Chen Li Hua meets Chen Jun who ever worked with her. She lets hotel manager fires her because she fears that Chen Jun reveals her past. Ye Yi Lan knows Song Jia Ming looks her mother. She lets Chen Juan stop Song Jia Ming from attending food festival.

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