General and I Episode 2 – Revenge

Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung) holds Bai Pingting (Angelababy). He sees the hairpin which she leaves on the beach. He recognizes it’s his mother’s hairpin. He reminds a innocent girl with big eyes begged her father to save his sick mother. His mother gave the hairpin to the girl when they were going to leave.

General and I Episode 2 Recap Part 1:

General and I

Chu Beijie treats the wound for Bai Pingting. He asks her name with hairpin, after she wakes up. However, she looks at him angrily without a single word.

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He Xia (Sun Yizhou) takes his parent’s body and escapes in Lu Ke (Sun Wei)’s help. He builds a new tomb for his parents and wishes they can die well. He swears he will kill Chu Beijie and emperor of Jin in person.

Chu Beijie is going to take Bai Pingting returning Jin. She fakes up an excuse to escape. However, she faints because her wound. The doctor thinks she is very luck to live after diagnosing her body. At this time, emperor of Jin hurries him to return in 18 letters from 400,000 meters. He let’s Chu Moran (Wei Binghua) take care of her. Because she wears He Xia’s clock. She cannot die till finding the truth.

General and I Episode 2 Recap Part 2:

General and I

Chu Beijie visits emperor of Jin in his palace. Emperor of Jin praise him for killing prince Jing’an without spending any soldier. Emperor of Jin orders him to destroy Yan quickly. However, Chu Beijie thinks it’s not good for people’s lives if continuing the war. Emperor of Jin thinks people’s lives is not his business and lets him to prepare for next battle.

Bai Pingting visits prince Jing’an at Wulao peak with her sick body. However, she only sees a new tomb. She cannot imagines what happened in there ever. She swears to prince Jing’an that she will find her master and protect him.

Chu Moran returns Jin alone and admits his guilt to Chu Beijie. He says, “He follows her and wants to see she goes where after she escapes. However, she disappears after entering forest.” He thinks the girl can use magic. Chu Beijie surmises the girl must be the female playing zither on the tower of Puban city.

Prime minister wants to introduce a girl Miss Hua who comes from richest family in the city to Chu Beijie. However he accepts he loves a girl and just doesn’t know her name. Prime minister lets him make a decision before listening Miss Hua’s performing.

Chu Beijie is attracted by the sounds from opposite building. He asks prime minister, “Does the lady come from foreign country?” Prime minister answers, “Hua family has done business in China for several hundreds years. I doesn’t hear they go to foreign country ever.”

He follows the sound and arrives the gate of Jinsi building. He opens the door gently. Sure enough, playing zither’s lady isn’t Miss Hua but Bai Pingting. She refuses to see him. Chu Beijie doesn’t force her. He just claims he will visit her in her house later. She cannot help asking him about the battle in Puban city, “Why did general give up without a battle in Puban city? I think general’s intention isn’t the city but people in Jin and Yan. If Jin and Yan can end the war, prince Jing’an’s sacrifice is worth it.” However, when Chu Beijie tells her he is going to attack Jin again, she says, “Why you don’t lay down your butcher knives, when prince Jing’an is dead?” At that time, he can determine the lady is the girl who played zither in Puban city.

He Xia appears at Jinsi building. He fights with Chu Beijie for hundreds rounds. He is defeated by Chu Beijie at the end. When He Xia thinks he is going to die. Chu Beijie lets him escape.

Chu Beijie asks Bai Pingting, “Did you ever go to foreign country with your father?” Bai Pingting claims she is just a maid of prince Jing’an, she don’t know who are her parents, she will avenge prince Jing’an because Chu Beijie kills him.

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