Delicious Destiny Recap: Episode 9 – First Kiss

Jia Ming begins to fall in love with Yu Zhe in Chinese drama Delicious Destiny episode 9. He kisses her. However Yi Lan and his mother firmly stop their love.

Delicious Destiny Recap: Episode 9

Delicious Destiny

Since Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) comes from Ningbo, her emotion is changed. She is shy with smiling when colleagues mention her name. Zhao Han is satisfied with her plan and invites crew to Li Yu Zhe’s shop. However, it’s need to be made an appointment. Crew look at Song Jia Ming. She has to accepts it. Ye Yi Lan sends flowers with a note which stats Li Yu Zhe is her boyfriend to Song Jia Ming.

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Li Yu Zhe (D’Angelo Mike) changes his restaurant’s style and price. He serves dishes himself and thanks to Jia Ming. She is embarrassed and looks down eating. Yu Zhe squats and wipes mouth for her. She escapes.

Chen Li Hua reminds Yu Zhe’s mother his son’s wedding. They sees Jia Ming running out of restaurant. Yu Zhe’s mother warns Jia Ming to stay away from him. Chen Li Huan doesn’t want to see her daughter getting humiliation.

Jia Ming is unwilling to react with Yu Zhe while. PD isn’t satisfied and stops it. Yu Zhe want to comfort her. However, he is stopped by Ye Yi Lan. Jia Ming slips and stamps wire of spot light. He rushes towards and protects her. His shoulder is injured. She worries about it and visits him, putting hemostatic on the door. He opens door letting her enter and treat his wound. He wants to know why she avoids him.

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He claims he starves and lets her cook for him. She is afraid of staring him and avoids. He forces her to reveal why she is cold to him while seeing she walk around in the kitchen. She has to tell him she met his mother. He speaks his love to her and wishes she can understands his feeling. He kisses her while she is upset. Yi Lan is sad while seeing them.

Delicious Destiny

Yi Lan calls Jia Ming out and blames her. She reveals she is going to get marry with Yu Zhe and lets her stay away from him. Jia Ming is stunned and blesses them. She escapes.

Yi Lan wants to take care Yu Zhe. He reminds her she needs to find someone who loves her, claiming he is just her brother. He tells her he loves Jia Ming and wants to stay with her. She pretends to bless them and leaves.

Yi Lan walks in the rain. She feels so bad after she has been fallen in love with Yu Zhe so many years, but Jia Ming robs her lover. She gets call from Zhao Han. He arrives hastily with umbrellas. She would rather walks in the rain than umbrella.

Jia Ming sadly returns home and cries in her room.

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