Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 16 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 16. Xuan Ren brings the reward to Xiao Jiu, and asks her if she likes it. She claims that she came from countryside and doesn’t like the stuff. He reminds her that she is madam now. But she points out that the reward isn’t the specification of madam.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 16 Recap

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 16

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 16.

Xuan Ren tells Xiao Jiu that it’s the compensation for her wronged. She tells him to take back the reward, and she doesn’t adapt to her new status. He puts his hands on her arms and asks her what she wants. She tells him that she wants to hold his hands, and she cannot remember the second half of the sentence. He knows that she wants to get old with him.

Xuan Ren cancels all of the rewards but keeps the incense burner. He tells her that the incense was made by him, and she thinks the reward is enough. He promises not to force her to do anything, and lets her in his arms.

Yang Shun reports it to Empress Dowager. She thinks men always ignore something when they fall for a woman, and asks him what kind of women Xiao Jiu is. He tells her that Xiao Jiu loves Xuan Ren deeply. Empress Dowager feels relieved.

Qing Ti intends to return the cream to Xiao Jiu. But she gives him more cream, and wants to see the looks he isn’t injured. Feng Jiu tells Mu Yun that the cream is given out with the name of moon place, so she repaid the grace for her.

Xuan Ren intends to take Xiao Jiu to an important place. But Yang Shun tells Xuan Ren that Zhu Wan has been sick for some days. Xiao Jiu tells Xuan Ren to go to see Zhu Wan. He promises it but takes her.

Xuan Ren brings Doctor Hu to Zhu Wan, but Doctor Hu cannot see out what kind of illness she is. Xiao Jiu thinks the reason is because Zhu Wan came from demon clan. Ji Heng sees that Xuan Ren loves Xiao Jiu deeply, and thinks it’s impossible to get Lingbi stone.

Xuan Ren takes Xiao Jiu to the underground palace, and tells her the trap button on the wall. She brags that she can remember it after seeing it once. He thinks she is so smart, and touches her cheek. She enjoys it but finds out that he isn’t Dong Hua. She tells herself to be sober, and thinks she shouldn’t delay the love disaster of Dong Hua.

Xuan Ren shows the Lingbi stone to Xiao Jiu, and reveals the stone fell from the heaven and saved his grandfather. He tells her that she is the only one seeing it except emperor. He touches the stone and it lights. He reveals his dad thought the heaven sent him to protect Lingbi stone. You can also check out Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 15.

Xiao Jiu thinks it is because the locking soul jade belongs to Dong Hua. Xuan Ren tells Xiao Jiu to touch Lingbi stone, and the stone lights. He thinks she was sent by heaven to help him protect Lingbi stone. He asks her to make the trap to ruin the whole underground palace protecting Lingbi stone. Xiao Jiu agrees to it.

Zhu Wan visits Xuan Ren but Yang Shun tells her that Xuan Ren isn’t in the study. Ling Xiang asks where Xuan Ren went. He says that the whereabout of emperor cannot be asked by servants. Zhu Wan glares at Ling Xiang and leaves the soup to Yang Shun. Zhu Wan tells Ling Xiang to be careful of Yang Shun, and thinks they should wait for the right time.

Xuan Ren thinks Xiao Jiu is pretty, but he hurts his hand himself. She applies the cream on his hand, and he catches the chance to hug her. He thinks she just treated him as intimate husband, and kisses her. Xiao Jiu remembers Si Ming told her that Xuan Ren isn’t Dong Hua, and she flees.

Xuan Ren thinks the moonlight is pretty good, and gets Yang Shun to inform Xiao Jiu to enjoy the glorious full moon with him. Cheng Yu visits Xiao Jiu, and Xiao Jiu says that she saw Lingbi stone which is like locking soul jade in the Emperor’s Tomb. But Cheng Yu thinks Lingbi stone is just a counterfeit. Xiao Jiu thinks Cheng Yu is right, and throws away the paper she just drew.

Cheng Yu asks Xiao Jiu if she has become the love disaster. Xiao Jiu asks Cheng Yu what is loving without getting. Cheng Yu tells Xiao Jiu to flirt with Xuan Ren and be cold to him. She tells her that men will miss it when he cannot get it. Xiao Jiu thinks Dong Hua is too pitiful. Cheng Yu tells Xiao Jiu that she is just helping Dong Hua take the disaster. Xiao Jiu thinks Cheng Yu used the trick on Lian Song, and reminds her that she’s blush. Mu Yun visits Xiao Jiu and tells her that Xuan Ren will come. She tells her to dress up.

Xiao Jiu enjoys the glorious full moon with Xuan Ren, and applies the cream for him again. He catches the chance to kiss her forehead. Xuan Ren plays the zither for Xiao Jiu, and she dances for him.

Xuan Ren dreams that he takes off Xiao Jiu’s clothes and kiss her. But he wakes up, and Yang Shun tells him that he was sent back by Qing Ti. Xuan Ren asks Qing Ti to taste the sweet potato, and Qing Ti says that he has never roasted sweet potato.

Xuan Ren feels happy and tells Qing Ti that he wants to study how to roast sweet potato. Qing Ti thinks he will disappoint Xuan Ren as he doesn’t have the talent. But Xuan Ren tells Qing Ti that he doesn’t.

Xuan Ren brings the lily pastry to Xiao Jiu, and thinks it has meaning when they love each other. She learns that he wants to defeat his rival in love, but he doesn’t know the rival in love is himself. Xiao Jiu thinks she will become ugly if she continues eating. Xuan Ren tells her that she is most beautiful in his mind.

Xiao Jiu doesn’t how to deal with Xuan Ren’s sweet attack. He tells her to accept it. Xiao Jiu asks about Zhu Wan. But Xuan Ren tells her to complete the trap.

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