Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 17 Recap

This is the recap for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 17. Xuan Ren tells Xiao Jiu that he likes to make trap because his dad didn’t care him and he had many free time. He adds that his dad did so because he worried to miss his wife when he saw him.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 17 Recap

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 17

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 17.

Xuan Ren says that he knows his dad’s feelings when he has the woman he loves. Si Ming visits Xiao Jiu and tells her to cheat on Xuan Ren as Xuan Ren fell her deeply. So the love disaster will be successful. He reminds her that it’s related to people’s lives in the world.

Chu Wan sees Xuan Ren returning home with Xiao Jiu, and suspects their action. Ling Xiang thinks Xuan Ren is too fickle to Chu Wan. Chu Wan wants Xiao Jiu to tell her the truth, but Ling Xiang thinks Xiao Jiu won’t do so. Chu Wan takes out the perfume satchel which can help her track down Xiao Jiu, and she gives it to her.

Xuan Ren tells Xiao Jiu that he cannot go to Emperor’s Tomb with her because of the flood. Xiao Jiu arrives at the place with Qing Ti and tells him to call her Xiao Jiu instead of 9th madam. Ling Xiang spots the two and sneaks into the underground palace touching the trap.

Qing Ti saves Xiao Jiu from the trap, and she tells him that she fell for a man ever and did many things for him. He learns that she doesn’t like Xuan Ren at all, and promises to take her away if she wants it. Ling Xiang reports to Chu Wan what she found, and thinks Lingbi stone is in the underground palace.

Chu Wan visits Xiao Jiu when she is moving the furniture to support the people who get involved by the flood. Ling Xiang makes the maid break the vase, and Chu Wan catches the chance to search Xiao Jiu’s room. She finds the spitball Xiao Jiu left, and sees the drawing of Lingbi stone.

Chu Wan returns to her palace, and takes a look at the drawing Chu Yin left. She confirms that Xiao Jiu saw Lingbi stone. Ling Xiang decides to sneak into the underground palace to steal Lingbi stone before Xiao Jiu and Xuan Ren complete the trap.

Xiao Jiu visits Xuan Ren when he’s talking with Qing Ti. She tells him that she has something to tell him, and she needs Qing Ti’s help. Xiao Jiu and Xuan Ren visit Chu Wan, and she is surprised to see the two. Xuan Ren asks Chu Wan to play zither for him, and Qing Ti brings Ling Xiang to them.

Qing Ti tells Xuan Ren that he caught Ling Xiang before she stole Lingbi stone. Chu Wan tries to deny. Feng Jiu takes out the perfume satchel and tells Xuan Ren how Chu Wan tailed her. Ling Xiang takes his life for protect Chu Wan, and Xuan Ren sends Chu Wan to the jail.

Xiao Jiu visits Chu Wan and calls her Ji Heng. Chu Wan is surprised as nobody knows it even if the person is Ling Xiang. Xiao Jiu asks Chu Wan why she wants to steal Lingbi stone. Chu Wan reveals that she wants to repay the grace from her benefactor.

Xiao Jiu asks Chu Wan who is her benefactor. Chu Wan rejects to tell. Xiao Jiu tells Chu Wan not to be the tool of someone else. The follower reports to the prince that Chu Wang was caught. The prince tells the follower to kill her.

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