Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 15 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 15. Yang Shun reminds Xuan Ren that he has arrived at moon palace. Xuan Ren notes that the palace is cold and cheerless, and he walks away.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 15 Recap

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 15

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 15.

Xuan Ren sees Zhu Wan praying and asks her who she’s praying for. He remembers it’s her mom’s death anniversary. She says that she missed her mom too much, and tells him to punish her. He doesn’t punish her and feels sorry for forgetting her birthday.

Xuan Ren asks Zhu Wan why she took zither since she came to worship her mom. She explains that her mom likes the music of her hometown so that she plays for her each time. He tells her to play it, and wants to listen to the song.

Mu Yun hears the song and wonders what Xuan Ren is doing. Feng Jiu thinks it’s the second time Dong Hua locked her up, and wonders if the ending is same to before.

Mu Yuan asks if Xuan Ren will return an innocence to them. Feng Jiu thinks the love disaster of Dong Hua is completed if she’s condemned to death.

Qing Ti reports to Xuan Ren that he doesn’t have any clue. Xuan Ren asks Qing Ti how he looked into the case. Qing Ti thinks Feng Jiu is innocent and she could kill Xuan Ren before Qiqiao festival.

Xuan Ren asks how he can protect Feng Jiu since the evidences are disadvantage to her. He tells Qing Ti that the trust cannot save Feng Jiu’s life, and he doesn’t want to listen to his nonsense. Qing Ti gets on knees and promises to find the evidence.

Qing Ti visits Xiao Jiu and asks about the ingredients of sorrowless. He intends to get the doctor to check it. She tells him that it’s sorrowless flower which came from her hometown.

Qing Ti asks Xiao Jiu where her hometown is, and thinks she is an escaped prisoner. He tells her that he cannot help her if she doesn’t tell him about her history.

Xiao Jiu rejects it. Qing Ti gets the bodyguards to take her away. Xiao Jiu asks Mu Yun if she will blame her for not telling Qing Ti about her history. Mu Yun denies but she worries that they will be killed. Xiao Jiu comforts Mu Yun that she will save her if Qing Ti doesn’t find the truth.

Mu Yun wonders why Xiao Jiu will save her since she is in the jail as well. But she trusts her master. Xiao Jiu swears not to let Mu Yun die again even if she will get hurt.

The follower reports to Chu Yin that Zhu Wan gets the trust of Xuan Ren, and thinks she will get Lingbi stone soon. He thinks there will be good news soon.

Zhu Wan brings the osmanthus to Xuan Ren, and wants to massage for him. He agrees to it and has a dream that Xiao Jiu is stabbed in front of him. Xuan Ren wakes up and calls Xiao Jiu. But he finds out that he is holding Zhu Wan’s hands.

Xing Xiang asks Zhu Wan if Lingbi stone wasn’t in the palace of Xuan Ren. Zhu Wan remembers Xuan Ren took her hands.

Xuan Ren visits Xiao Jiu and hugs her. She asks him if she is going to get killed and he came to see her last face. He asks her to tell him the truth so that he can explain it to empress dowager. But Xiao Jiu cannot speak out, and asks if he really likes her. You can also check out Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 14.

Xiao Jiu thinks the love disaster is completed if she is killed. She asks him to trust her. He says that his favor to her cannot compete with laws. He asks her if what she said was to cheat him. She cannot tell him that she is the princess of Qing Qiu and what she did was to repay grace. Xuan Ren mistakes it and walks away. Xiao Jiu feels sad because he will take back his love. You can also check out Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 16.

Cheng Yu asks Si Ming if Feng Jiu will be killed. He points out that Feng Jiu can save herself with magic. She thinks Feng Jiu will hurt herself, and decides to go to save her. Si Ming stops Cheng Yu and tells her that Feng Jiu replaced Meng Xi and became the love disaster of Dong Hua. He reveals the book will hint him when the love disaster ends, and promises to help Feng Jiu.

Lian Song takes Cheng Yu to enjoy lotus flower. He doesn’t count it as she isn’t happy. Cheng Yu complains that men only care themselves, and mentions Dong Hua. Cheng Yu points out that Dong Hua lost his memories so that he doesn’t know anything. Cheng Yu thinks Lian Song is a jerk like Dong Hua.

Qing Ti tells Xiao Jiu not to give up herself, and thinks she is no different than the weak women. She doesn’t know how to do as she is in the jail. He tells her to think about what happened that day, and thinks it’s the only way to save them.

Xiao Jiu reveals she didn’t care for it after Mu Yun sent it to the kitchen. Qing Qi asks if the cake was replaced by someone else. Xiao Jiu says yes.

Qing Ti checks the cake and asks about the porcelain which contained the cake. The follower says that the porcelain is missing. Zhu Wan wears the cloak for Xuan Ren, and he asks her if he did it right. She thinks it needs an explanation to those people who take evil intent. Zhu Wan asks Xuan Ren about Lingbi stone. He says that it’s just a tale, and suspects her.

Qing Ti gets the dog to eat the cake and the dog dies. He tells people that the murderer isn’t Xiao Jiu but the maid who replaced the dish. The minister asks for evidence. Qing Ti takes out the piece of the dish and reveals he found it under the flowerpot.

Qing Ti brings the maid Sang Er, and tells people that she was the one who poisoned. Xuan Ren asks Sang Er why she poisoned him. She thinks he doesn’t match the throne, and takes the sword to attack him. The prince takes away the sword and kills Sang Er.

Xuan Ren visits Feng Jiu and feels sorry for misunderstanding her. She is moved to be in his arms, and tells him that she has never blamed him.

Xuan Ren gives the title of madam to Xiao Jiu. But she doesn’t want to move to Xi Ning palace. He wants to look for her parents for her, but she doesn’t want him to take the bad reputation for her.

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