Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 18 Recap

This is the recap for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 18. Ying Prince sends the masked men to kill Zhu Wan, but she is saved by blue demon Chi Wu.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 18 Recap

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 18

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 18.

Xuan Ren scolds the bodyguards for not watching Chu Wan. Yang Shun worries that Qing Ti will get involved, and tells Xiao Jiu to save him. She walks in the court, and reminds Xuan Ren what the doctor said about Chu Wan. She thinks Chu Wan completed her task so that she left. Xuan Ren forgives Qing Ti.

Chu Wang is taken to demon palace, and Chi Wu finds out that she lost her memories. He thinks Chu Yin used some spells on her. But she tells him that Chi Wu is her benefactor, and she fell from high place. He tells her that she fell from the cliff, and gets to remember some spells to cure her illness.

Xiao Jiu keeps drinking and misses her families. Mu Yun brings the cloak to Xiao Jiu, and tells her that it was given by Xuan Ren. She wonders why she doesn’t accept his love since he loves her so much. Xuan Ren shows up, and Xiao Jiu is drunk to trip in his arms. He carries her to the room, and tells her that she is his woman no matter who she loved ever. He kisses her and intends to take off her clothes. But she falls asleep. Xuan Ren is furious to leave.

Xiao Jiu wakes up and worries that she slept with Xuan Ren. But Mu Yun tells her that Xuan Ren didn’t have the chance as she fell asleep, and she wears the gold hairpin for her. Queen visits Xiao Jiu and sees the gold hairpin Xuan Ren gave. She warns her not to use the dirty trick to get the love from Xuan Ren.

Si Ming visits Xiao Jiu and tells her to hurt Xuan Ren so that her pain will end. Xuan Ren notes that Qing Ti’s scar on his face disappears, and suspects Xiao Jiu gave the cream to him. Chu Yin takes his follower to visit Ying prince, and kills all of his bodyguards. Chu Yin warns to tell people what Ying Prince did, and tells him to steal Lingbi stone from his study.

Qing Ti takes Xiao Jiu to leave the palace, and goes to a beautiful place. She is surprised that there is a such place in mortal world, and tells him that she doesn’t belong to the palace even if Xuan Ren loves her deeply. Qing Ti tells her to visit him when he wants to leave, and gives her the bracelet. She feels happy to see the bracelet, and wears it on her hand. Qing Ti thrills, and he is surprised that his goddess loves the ordinary stuff.

Xuan Ren leaves the study and goes to see Xiao Jiu. Ying Prince sneaks into the study and finds the map of Emperor’s Tomb. Xuan Ren finds out that Xiao Jiu isn’t in her palace, and interrogates the maids. The maid tells him that Xiao Jiu left with Qing Ti.

Qing Ti walks Xiao Jiu home, and Xuan Ren asks her where she went. She says that she left alone for the drama. He knows she lies, and sees the bracelet she wears. He realizes she likes the jewelry and just doesn’t like the jewelry which is given by him. He is furious to leave.

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