The Song of Glory: Episode 3 Recap & Review

Shen Lige goes to kill Lu Yuan, but her brother Shen Zhi suspects her after seeing the blood on The Song of Glory.

The Song of Glory: Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Song of Glory

This Song of Glory recap contains spoilers.

The Song of Glory begins with Madam Shen bringing the porridge to Li Ge. Le Qing reminds Madam Shen that Li Ge cannot eat when she stares at her. Madam Shen tells Li Ge that she had wished her to come back in the past 18 years.

Shen Feng reports to Madam Shen that Yuxiu pavilion has been cleaned up. She tells him to move all of the stuff to Yuxiu pavilion. He tells Le Qing to move to Yuxiu pavilion and calls her second older sister.

Le Qing agrees to leave the Jianing pavilion to Li Ge. She tells the maid that she is the second miss now. Li Ge is in tears and thinks A Nu could gather with her family early if it wasn’t because of her. She tells A Nu that her mom never forgot her, and thinks it will be good if she sees it. She thinks she damaged her, and swears not to forgive Lu Yuan.

Shen Yuan thinks they will catch Lu Yuan with the clue. Yi Kang tells Shen Yuan to catch Ru Hai. He tells his teacher that he won’t let him wronged to die.

The maids call Le Qing the second miss. The follower wonders why Le Qing made pastries for Le Ge when the maids look down on her. Le Qing thinks Li Ge is her older sister. But the two find out that Li Ge is missing.

Le Ge visits Shao Xun, and he thinks they can leave health city soon. But she asks him to help her kill Lu Yuan as he killed A Nu. But Shao Xun only wants to kill Yi Kang in his mind.

Li Ge thinks Shao Xun is so ruthless to ignore A Nu’s death. He tells her that what she should do is to leave health city, and rejects to give out the news about Lu Yuan. Li Ge is furious and decides to look for it on her own. Kong Cheng gives the medicine to Li Ge, and she knows the trading place.

The maid reports to Le Qing that Li Ge isn’t seen to go out. Le Qing sees Li Ge returning home through flying. The maid thinks Li Ge isn’t a simple person. Shen Zhi brings the lotus leaf bread to Li Ge, and asks her if she learned martial arts before. She claims that she learned martial arts for protecting herself, and he wants to challenge her next day.

Yi Xuan sees Shen Zhi and Ting Wei arresting Ru Hai. He remembers that he reported to Yi Kang that Lu Yuan bought weapons. But Yi Kang didn’t believe it. Yi Xuan thinks Yi Kang doesn’t trust him.

Li Ge runs on the boat and asks Yi Kang who he is with her dagger. He tells her that the boat belongs to him. She knows that he’s looking into Lu Yuan like her through the note.

Xue Qiu is going to take over the ship. Ting Wei arrives and thinks he’s embezzlement as there’re five boats. Lu Yuan shows up and thinks Ting Wei cannot take the duty. He tells Xue Qiu to take over the boats.

Li Ge pulls the rope and the goods fall into the water. She flies to attack Lu Yuan, and burns the path when Xue Qiu intends to protect Lu Yuan. Xue Qiu throws his sword to Lu Yuan, and shoots Li Ge’s hand. Li Ge flees, and Lu Yuan chases her.

The follower reports to Yi Kang that Ru Hai was arrested by Shen Zhi. Yi Kang orders to interrogate Ru Hai.

Li Ge runs alone the street and she passes out. Ji Shu reports it to Yi Xuan, and Yi Xuan carries her into his carriage. Lu Yuan arrives and he suspects Yi Xuan. Yi Xuan shows the inside of his carriage to Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan leaves. Li Ge wakes up, and Yi Xuan thinks she is with great guts to kill Lu Yuan. She thinks Lu Yuan should be killed as he lost his conscience.

Yi Xuan wants to send Li Ge to see doctor. But she rejects it and promises to repay his grace. Li Ge gets off the carriage and runs away. Yi Xuan thinks he shouldn’t give up when a woman can rise her life to get rid of the crafty sycophant.

Kong Cheng holds the sword and gets on knees. He gets up while seeing Li Ge. But Shao Xun tells Kong Cheng to continue with the knees. Li Ge asks Shao Xun if he has the embezzlement evidence of Lu Yuan. He points out that Lu Yuan won’t leave the evidence.

Xue Qiu reports to Lu Yuan that he didn’t catch Le Ge and Ru Hai was taken by Ting Wei. Xue Qiu thinks Ru Hai won’t betray them, and feels regret for the boats. Lu Yuan scolds Xue Qiu and thinks their enemy isn’t just Ting Wei.

Ru Hai tells Shen Zhi that he is the man of Lu Yuan. But he gets on knees after seeing Yi Kang. Ru Hai tells Yi Kang that Lu Yuan took away weapons, and he promises to testify Lu Yuan at the court. Yi Kang tells Shen Zhi not to let anyone approach Ru Hai.

Le Ge returns home and sees Yi Kang leaving. She wonders who he is. Shen Feng tries to attack Li Ge, but he is caught by her. Le Qing tells Li Ge that Madam Shen passed out because she thought she had left. Shen Zhi notes the blood on Li Ge’s bangle, and asks her to explain it.

The Song of Glory ends with Madam Shen waking up and pushing Le Qing over as she isn’t her Jia Er. Madam Shen hugs Li Ge and asks her where she went. Shen Zhi asks Li Ge why she went out at the evening. Madam Shen tells him not to treat his sister as a criminal. He says that he suspects Li Ge. Madam Shen tells Shen Zhi that Li Ge is her daughter no matter what she does. She adds that they owed her too much. She tells Li Ge not to fear as she will protect her.

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