Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Eternal Love of Dream (Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book): Episode 9. Bai Zhen tells Zhe Yan that Feng Jiu rejected many men, and the elders are angry. Zhe Yan thinks Feng Jiu doesn’t forget Dong Hua, and shows the peach blossom wine she made.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 9 Recap

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 9

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 9.

Gu Chou visits Feng Jiu, and tells her that Dong Hua’s shadow appears. He thinks it’s the time to repay Dong Hua’s grace to her. Feng Jiu says that she still feels sad, and reveals Dong Hua did many things for her.

Gu Chou asks Feng Jiu about the bad memories about Dong Hua. Feng Jiu reveals Dong Hua drove her out after she bit Ji Heng, and she left when Dong Hua was going to marry Ji Heng.

Feng Jiu tears up and wishes Dong Hua not to kindness, so only she can love him. Gu Chou asks Feng Jiu if she felt sad when Dong Hua was indifferent to her.

Feng Jiu thinks she didn’t treat herself as a pet of Dong Hua in her mind. Gu Chou tells Feng Jiu that she did enough as she gave up everything for Dong Hua.

Feng Jiu points out that she did it for her selfish desire, and asks Gu Chou to make her shadow born where Dong Hua’s shadow is. She wishes her shadow can help Dong Hua get what he wants.

Gu Chou asks Feng Jiu what she will do if Dong Hua doesn’t get what he wants. Feng Jiu thinks she will be tough when Dong Hua goes to experience his misfortunes.

Dong Hua wakes up and wants to experience his misfortunes in advance. Chong Lin tells Dong Hua to be careful.

The prince is born, but his mom dies. Emperor gives the name Xuan Ren to the prince.

Cheng Yu asks Si Ming why the ceremony of Dong Hua cancelled, and Si Ming reveals Dong Hua went to the mortal realm in advance.

Cheng Yu invites Feng Jiu to drink at her place, but Feng Jiu rejects it. Cheng Yu thinks Feng Jiu is still sad for Dong Hua. Feng Jiu denies, and she still wants to repay kindness. Cheng Yu reveals Si Ming told her that Dong Hua went to the mortal realm.

Feng Jiu visits Si Ming and sees him putting Dong Hua’s scroll on the sheet. She asks him where Dong Hua went. But Si Ming rejects to tell it because it’s related to the success of Dong Hua’s experiencing misfortune. Feng Jiu smiles while staring at the scroll.

The story teller tells people that the fire ball saved previous emperor from the canyon, and the fire ball became Lingbi stone. Chu Yin realizes the Lingbi stone is the Soul Locking jade he has looked for, and thinks he will use Ji Heng soon.

Emperor announces that the hunting begins, but Xuan Ren’s horse dies. The chief eunuch thinks someone poisoned to the horse, and wants to report it to Emperor. But Xuan Ren tells chief eunuch to just say that the horse is sick, and rides another horse away.

Elder Prince makes Xuan Ren fail to shoot the skylark, and wants to share his preys to Xuan Ren. Xuan Ren rejects it.

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Xuan Ren saves Qing Ti from the wolf, and Qing Ti gives the golden eagle to Xuan Ren.

Emperor waits for Xuan Ren, and Elder Prince reveals Xuan Ren is still looking for preys. Xuan Ren arrives and shows the golden eagle to Emperor.

Emperor is very happy and tells Xuan Ren to pacify the disturbance in the border for him.

Si Ming notes that Feng Jiu peeped Dong Hua’s fate book, and she wants to watch Dong Hua in the battlefield. Si Ming reminds Feng Jiu that she would be backfired if she uses magic to help Dong Hua.

Feng Jiu thinks she shouldn’t think about herself, and decides to go to see Dong Hua.

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