Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 5. Young-Woo takes out the water from the fridge. Su-Yeon asks Young-Woo if Min-Woo told her about the ATM case. She complains that Min-Woo stopped Myeong-Seok when he tried to tell it to her.

Does Young-Woo Teach Seong-Cheol to Lie for Winning?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 5.

Episode 5 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo begins with Su-Yeon helping Young-Woo open the water bottle. She tells her that Min-Woo concealed the case because he’s very sly. Young-Woo visits Min-Woo. She asks him why he didn’t tell her that they were assigned to do the ATM case.

Min-Woo explains that he forgot it. He hands over the papers to Young-Woo. He tells her that they need to see the client. She’s shocked. She reads the papers when she follows him. He runs into Myeong-Seok who asks him if he read the papers. Min-Woo admits it.

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Myeong-Seok takes Min-Woo and Young-Woo to get into the room. Du-Yong is waiting for them. Du-Yong doesn’t accept Young-Woo’s business card because she’s too slow. He finds out that he and Min-Woo worked same army before. Jun-Ho helps Young-Woo opens the drinks bottle.

Du-Yong tells Myeong-Seok that he needs him to deal with Jin-Jong. Myeong-Seok doesn’t understand the meaning of cassette. He asks Young-Woo about it. Min-Woo explains it to Myeong-Seok when she’s looking for the answer. Myeong-Seok scolds her after Du-Yong left.

Young-Woo asks Min-Woo to share the papers with her next time. But he rejects it because he’s treated her as his enemy. He reminds her that Du-Yong didn’t accept her business card. So the guy won’t send the materials to her. Jin-Jong’s attorney applies the evidence to the judge. He claims that Du-Yong stole another company’s technology.

Young-Woo asks Du-Yong if what the attorney said is true. He doesn’t reply her. He tells her that he needs to pick up a phone. He leaves the court. She wants to find the truth. Min-Woo tells Young-Woo not to look into Du-Yong. Because he thinks she will be fired. He calls her wild card. She’s furious to call him tactician. She’s ready to have a fight with him.

Young-Woo and Min-Woo run out of the court. They find out that Du-Yong and Jin-Jong is having a fight. Jin-Jong blames Du-Yong for stealing the technology. But Du-Yong thinks Jin-Jong doesn’t respect their effort. Min-Woo asks Young-Woo to distinguish which one is lying.

Dong Geurami tells Young-Woo to look into the guy’s eyes to distinguish if he’s lying. But Young-Woo tells Dong Geurami that it’s very difficult to her. So Dong Geurami tells Young-Woo to look into his eyebrows. Young-Woo confesses that she wants to defeat Min-Woo because he’s a bad person.

Dong Geurami tells Young-Woo that Jun-Ho has feelings for her when they play the game. Min-Woo plays basketball with Jun-Ho. He gets a call from Seung-Jun who asks him about Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Min-Woo reveals Young-Woo has autism.

Jun-Ho bumps Min-Woo when they playing basketball. Min-Woo asks for fair. Jun-Ho returns the basketball to Min-Woo. He walks away. The customer breaks into Gwang-Ho’s restaurant. She thinks his food is too expensive. Young-Woo takes the hammer to force her father to admit that the customer is very.

The customer hears what Young-Woo said. It makes her believe that Gwang-Ho used his daughter to blame her. He denies it and tells Young-Woo to leave. Jun-Ho gives Young-Woo a ride. He tells her to watch the person’s hands and legs to find out if he lies.

Young-Woo thinks it’s very difficult because the method everyone told her is different. Jun-Ho tells her to trust her instinct. She rejects it and reveals she tried her best to distinguish the people’s talk because they like to lie.

Jun-Ho arrives at Du-Yong’s company. He tells Young-Woo to treat him as Du-Yong. She takes out the hammer. She asks him if he has feelings for her. He tells her that Du-Yong cannot answer her the question. They go to see Du-Yong. Young-Woo finds out that the guy’s eyebrow, legs and hands are hurt.

Du-Yong reveals he has a car accident. He takes Young-Woo and Ju-Ho to see his employee Seong-Cheol. Young-Woo questions Seong-Cheol. It makes him nervous. Du-Yong reminds Young-Woo that she’s his attorney. He gets a call from Min-Woo who tells him that Leader ATM didn’t release their machine.

Min-Woo tells Du-Yong that he doesn’t have to worry about. Du-Yong is happy to hang up. She tells Young-Woo not to question Seong-Cheol. But she points out the judge won’t believe what he says if he does something weird at the court. Du-Yong feels happy after finding out that Young-Woo helped Seong-Cheol.

Seong-Cheol cries to tell the judge that their team worked hard to created the ATM machine. Jin-Jong thinks lied. But he doesn’t have the evidence. Du-Yong visits Young-Woo with the sunflower painting. He thanks her for helping him. He hangs the painting to the wall.

Young-Woo receives the letter from Jin-Jong who tells her to be an honest attorney. She goes to see Min-Woo. She hands over the letter to him. She tells him that she wants to help Jin-Jong. He thinks she’s a very sly attorney. He mentions she helped Seong-Cheol overcome his fear.

Young-Woo walks out of Min-Woo’s office. She runs into Myeong-Seok. He asks her what she wanted to say to her. She conceals the letter. She tells him that she changed her mind. He walks away. She returns to her office. She sees the sunflower painting. She puts the letter into the drawer.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

Episode 5 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo ends with Young-Woo joining Su-Yeon. Su-Yeon is surprised that Young-Woo eats at the cafeteria. Young-Woo tells Su-Yeon that she’s spring sunshine to her. She mentions she stopped the students when they bullied her. Su-Yeon is moved. Min-Woo shows up. He tells Young-Woo that Jin-Jong found Leader ATM’s machine.

Myeong-Seok worries about Du-Yong after Jin-Jong won the lawsuit. Du-Yong laughs. He reveals he has gotten all of the contracts from Jin-Jong. He’s happy to walk away. Extraordinary Attorney Woo turns around. She has an eye contact with Jin-Jong.

Young-Woo sorts the water bottles from the fridge. Jun-Ho calls her from her back. She’s sad after she realized that she playing the law for winning. He tries to comfort her. But he gives up the mind. She returns to her office. She takes out the letter from her drawer.

Young-Woo takes off the sunflower painting. She puts Jin-Jong’s letter on the wall. The secretary of Blue House visits Su-Mi. He asks her if she has an illegitimate child. She denies it.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 5 stars Park Eun-Bin and Kang Tae-Oh.

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