Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 4. Dong-Il and Dong-I break into Dong-Sam’s house. They ask for a talk. Dong-Il hands over the contract to Dong-Sam. He thinks he should get most shares because he’s the eldest son of the family.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 4.

Episode 4 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo begins with Dong-Il telling Dong-Sam that the law supports him. Dong-Sam asks Dong-Il for some time to think about it. Dong-Il realizes that his brother intends to ask an attorney for a help. He tells him not to let their parents down. Dong-Sam has the sign the contract.

Su-Yeon passes by Young-Woo’s office. She finds out that she didn’t come to the office. She sighs. Jun-Ho walks into Young-Woo’s office. He places the present to the table. Myeong-Seok takes a look at Young-Woo’s resignation letter.

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Gwang-Ho takes a look at Young-Woo who’s eating at the restaurant. He smiles after seeing Dong Geurami running to the restaurant. Dong Geurami complains to Young-Woo that her uncle tricked her father to sign the contract. She thinks she can help her father because she’s an attorney. But Young-Woo tells Dong Geurami that she’s not an attorney anymore.

Young-Woo wants to take a look at the contract. Dong Geurami tells Young-Woo that it’s at her father’s place. Gwang-Ho decides to drive the two girls to Dong-Sam’s place. He wants to take them to the high school they studied. But they rejected. Young-Woo leaks that Gwang-Ho transferred her to the country school because he believe that there won’t be any student who bullies her.

It flashes back. Young-Woo keeps getting bullied by her classmates. So she has to go to her teacher’s office. The classmate hands over the note to Young-Woo. Young-Woo stands up and asks the teacher if she got a cosmetic surgery. The teacher slaps Young-Woo and leaves the classroom.

The classmate apologizes to Young-Woo. She explains that she didn’t expect that the teacher would do that. Dong Geurami takes a look at the note. She slaps the classmate and apologizes to her. It makes the classmates believe that Dong Geurami and Young-Woo are dating. Dong Geurami is furious to lift the chair. She admits it.

The teacher catches Dong Geurami when she sings at the karaoke bar. So she treats the broadcasting room as the karaoke bar. She sings when the teacher is taking class. She arrives at the school. Young-Woo is waiting for her. She follows her and tells her that she thinks she will be fine if she stays with her. But Dong Geurami wants to get the benefits from Young-Woo since she used her. Young-Woo tells Dong Geurami that she will be her friend. Dong Geurami agrees to it.

Young-Woo arrives at Dong-Sam’s house. She takes a look at the contract. She tells Dong-Sam that it’s against him. She wonders why he agreed to it. Dong-Sam’s wife leaks that her husband fears his elder brother very much. But Dong-Sam still thinks his elder brother is a good person.

Dong Geurami laughs. She mentions her uncle lied to her father. Young-Woo tells Dong-Sam that his elder brother broke the law because he tricked him. But he doesn’t want to be the enemy of his elder brother at the court. Dong Geurami is furious to tell her father to give all of their money to her uncle.

Dong-Sam blames Dong Geurami for saying so to him. But his wife takes Dong Geurami’s side. She tells his husband to care for her and her daughter. He agrees to sue his elder brother. He believes that Young-Woo will help them. But she rejects it and wants to introduce another attorney to him.

Dong Geurami walks into Myeong-Seok’s office. She finds out that he’s not in the office. Young-Woo tells Dong Geurami to find Jun-Ho first. She tells her that Jun-Ho is very handsome. Dong Geurami walks to Min-Woo. Because she thinks he’s handsome in her mind.

Jun-Ho admits to Dong Geurami that he’s Jun-Ho. Dong Geurami tells Jun-Ho that she’s looking for Myeong-Seok. Jun-Ho points at Myeong-Seok when he shows up behind Dong Geurami. Young-Woo brings the food to the customer when she works at Gwang-Ho’s restaurant.

Young-Woo gets a call from Dong Geurami who tells her that Myeong-Seok rejected her. Myeong-Seok explains that what he means is that the case is very difficult. Dong Geurami hands over the phone to Myeong-Seok. He tells Young-Woo to come to the company if she has a way to help Dong-Sam.

How Does Young-Woo Help Dong-Sam Take Back his Money?

Young-Woo shows up when Dong Geurami is eating with Myeong-Seok at the cafeteria. Young-Woo tells Myeong-Seok that she will let Su-Yeon and Min-Woo help Dong Geurami if he rejects it. He wonders why she wants to give the case to her colleagues since she’s the best candidate.

Young-Woo tells Myeong-Seok that she’s not an attorney anymore. But he tells her that she’s still the attorney of Hanbada Law Firm because she didn’t explain to him why she wanted to resign. Jun-Ho finds Young-Woo when she stands in front of the revolving door. He asks her if she opens his gift. She tells him that she threw it away. She walks away with Dong Geurami.

Young-Woo asks Dong-Il if he told Dong-Sam that the eldest son can most shares. He denies. The judge tells Extraordinary Attorney Woo to bring the evidence that Dong-Il lied. Dong-Sam walks out of the court. He gets scolded by Dong-Il and Dong-I.

Myeong-Seok asks Dong-Sam if there’s a witness. Dong-Sam denies it. But his wife reminds him that Jin-Hyeok might hear what Dong-Il said. Dong-Sam visits Jin-Hyeok. He asks him if he heard what his elder brother said. Jin-Hyeok admits it. Dong-Sam is happy to hug Jin-Hyeok.

Dong Geurami decides to stay at home. She tells Jun-Ho to take Young-Woo to watch the sunset. He takes Young-Woo to watch the sunset. He asks her why she resigned. She leaks that she worried that people will use her illness to attack her. He tells her that he needs her.

Min-Woo asks Myeong-Seok why he’s nice to Young-Woo. Myeong-Seok tells Min-Woo that Young-Woo is an extraordinary attorney. He asks him to learn something from her. Young-Woo asks Jin-Hyeok if he heard something at Dong-Sam’s house. He denies it.

Dong Geurami is furious to drink at the bar. Young-Woo wants to find the evidence. She has a plan after she saw the dolphin. Dong Geurami is drunk to break into Dong-Il’s house. She blames him for what he did to her father. He’s furious to slap her.

Dong-Sam cannot stand it. He fights with Dong-Il. He gets beaten. Dong-Sam’s wife reports to the police that Dong-Il beat her husband and her daughter. The judge notes that Dong-Sam and Dong Geurami were hurt. Young-Woo hands over the evidence to the judge when Min-Woo arrives at the court.

Young-Woo tells the judge that Dong-Il beat Dong-Sam and Dong Geurami. She asks her to cancel the gift contract according to the law. Myeong-Seok praises Young-Woo after she returned to her seat. Jun-Ho takes Young-Woo to the meeting room. She runs to the window and find out that the view is great.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

But Jun-Ho tells Young-Woo that what he wants her to see is behind. She turns around and sees a huge whale poster. She tears up. Dong-Il takes Dong-I to get on knees to Dong-Sam. He tells him that they tricked him because they have a huge debt.

Dong-Sam mentions what Young-Woo said that he will get all of the shares. But he’s not like Dong-Il and Dong-I. He tells them that he decides to share the money with them. Dong Geurami is happy to hug Young-Woo after she helped her father.

Young-Woo visits Myeong-Seok. She tells him that she wants to come back to work. He agrees to it. But he tells her that she cannot take day off. He smiles after she left his office. She returns to her office. She feels happy.

It flashes back. Seon-Young visits Gwang-Ho. She asks him to send Young-Woo to her company. She explains that her employee rejected Young-Woo because he doesn’t know her talent. But he tells her that his daughter has autism. She tells him that she knows it. She gets in her car. She sees Young-Woo’s news. She finds out that she hates her mom.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 4 stars Park Eun-Bin and Kang Tae-Oh.

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