General and I Episode 1 – Bai Pingting

Yan and Jin battles for 100 days without result until powerful general Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung) commands 10,0000 soldiers to attack Puban city. Son of Prince Jing’an He Xia (Sun Yizhou) is assigned to resist.

General and I Episode 1 Recap Part 1:

General and I

Mars Chu Beijie and his army reach the city’s gate, but the reinforcements don’t arrive. He Xia only receives a instruction from emperor of Yan who lets him protect the city until he die. He thinks the soldiers in the city are only 8,000, but the enemies reach 10,0000, the battle cannot be continued. The smart Bai Pingting (Angelababy) lets him take it easy.

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A file of chariots is out of Ban city. He Xia lets Chu Beijie go out via daring. Bai Pingting figures it out that there is heavy rain at 12:30. She lets He Xia attract Chu Beijie into river channel while she plays zither, then the enemies will retreat.

Chu Beijie is brave enough. Although he knows there is a trap, he follows He Xia and fights with him. At this time, huge clouds rolls up with thunder and lighting. Bai Pingting sits on tower and plays zither. It rains. He Xia follows her instruction to enter the city.

Lieutenant of Jin Chu Moran (Wei Binghua) gives an order to attack the city without asking his leader. The army is swept away by the floods. Chu Beijie has to order Jin Chu Moran to retreat.

General and I Episode 1 Recap Part 2:

General and I

Although she makes Jin army retreat, Bai Pingting still doesn’t know why emperor of Yan has to let He Xia do a battle he cannot win. She persuades her master not to return palace. He Xia doesn’t what is his situation. The new emperor is afraid of his mother’s power in the palace. Emperor of Yan wants him to be dead in the battle, so that he can take over the military powers and control Prince Jing’an and his wife.

Chu Beijie enters Changzi city and kidnaps emperor of Yan. Emperor of Yan claims he follows his instruction to assign He Xia to Puban city. However, he is defeated with 10,0000 soldiers. Chu Beijie thinks He Xia is going to replace him since he wins the battle.

He Xia leads his army and returns Yan. Emperor of Yan invites him to have a eat in his palace. Bai Pingting fakes up a excuse to let him return prince Jing’an’s palace. Emperor of Yan commands 3000 soldiers to attack prince Jing’an’s palace and claims He Xia steals the seal to betray the whole country.

Bai Pingting sees through emperor of Yan’s intention. She arranges people in the palace to escape and takes He Xia to see his family members at Wulao peak. He Xia proposes to Bai Pingting and promises he will get marry with her in a special day after everything are done.

It’s dangerous to Jin, if Prince Jing’an still lives in the world. Hence, Chu Beijie decides to give emperor of Yan some helps. He assigns Chu Moran to hijack a carriage and drive to palace. The soldiers is going to kill He Xia for murdering emperor of Yan. Bai Pingting distracts them with He Xia’s clock. However, she is shot and falls from cliffs.

Chu Beijie waits prince Jing’an at Wulao peak. The old man is not his opponent. Chu Beijie thinks he is old. Prince Jing’an is suicide with anger. His wife don’t want to leave him alone and is suicide also. He Xia’s parents are dead in one day. He suffers hunting down from general Lu Ke (Sun Wei). When he is desperate, general Lu Ke lets him kidnap him so that he escapes.

Chu Beijie saves Bai Pingting after she falls from cliffs. He reminds his childhood friend after seeing this strange woman.

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