General and I Episode 3 – Evil Bride

This is third episode of Chinese drama ‘General and I’. Chu Beijie catches Bai Pingting and wants to get marry with her. However he is poisoned by his bride.

Lord Hua and his wife send servants and maids to look for Miss Hua while they doesn’t see her. Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung) sends Bai Pingting and Miss Hua to the house with lots of warriors. He reveals Miss Hua likes Chen, and lets lord agree their marriage. Lord disagrees it. Then, Chu Beijie lets Bai Pingting stay in Hua family for three days. He swears he will kill everybody if she escapes.

General and I Episode 3 Recap

General and I

Lord begs to Bai Pingting (Angelababy) to stay in his house for three days, regardless of who she is. She is curious why Chu Beijie wants to marry her? Miss Hua reveals he will watch her for three days if a man loves a woman in Jin.

Chu Beijie holds Bai Pingting’s hairpin and recalls the days of childhood to him. His mother was sick. I asked people to save his mother with hairpin, but they drove him away. He fainted in the desert. A beautiful girl saved and offered him foods.

He Xia (Sun Yizhou) is attacked while returning Pu Ban City. Fortunately, Bai Pingting lets general Nuan Shu saves him, so that He Xia is safe.

Chu Beijie persuades Emperor of Jin to grant marriage, then he lets Lord Hua choose a good day so that he can get marry with Bai Pingting. However, the bride must be Bai Pingting.

Bai Pingting looks around the house and looks for a way to escape. She tells Miss Hua she wants to buy bridegroom a clean clothes so that she needs to go outside, but Miss Hua replies she prepared it for her.

General and I

The imperial edict of wedding comes, she accepts it. She also get message from Pu Ban City that He Xia is safe. However, the message “End the war!” is captured while she sends it back. Chu Beijie knows she isn’t sent to her master but him. The girl won’t obediently marry him, she is a persuader.

Bai Pingting requires to wear clothes for husband as princess on wedding day. The clothes were soaked by poison. She has to say Chu Beijie is a good husband for Jin and Yan. But, it’s too late. Bai Pingting poisons herself. Chu Beijie also cannot breathe. He calls doctor to save them.

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Royal Consort Zhang still misses Chu Beijie, although he got marry with Emperor of Jin. She sends people to investigates Bai Pingting after hears Chu Beijie persuades emperor to grant marriage. However she is warned by Chu Beijie. She gets angry and tells emperor Bai Pingting is a spy. Bai Pingting plays zither. Chu Beijie walks into the room.

It flashes back Bai Pingting kidnaps the girl and asks her if she will go on a blind date with Chu Beijie. The girl admits it. Bai Pingting asks her if she has someone she loves and doesn’t want to marry to Chu Beijie. The girl blinks to admit it. Bai Pingting tells her that Mr. Chen is waiting for her by the river.

The girl says that she needs to play zither. Bai Pingting tells her that she will play zither for her. She tells her to go to see Mr. Chen. The girl thinks Bai Pingting is the follower Mr. Chen sent to save her.

Chu Beijie thinks Bai Pingting’s song is wonderful but he senses the sorrow in the music. She tells him that the song “Dragon Moon” expresses Zhao Jun misses her hometown before she leaves nation. He asks her if she has sorrow in her mind. She admits it and tells him not to read her mind. She thinks he’s frivolous even if he knows something about music.

Chu Beijie thinks Bai Pingting’s mouth is sharp, and wants to see her looks. But she says that it’s inconvenience because there’s no other people there. He thinks she’s right, and wants to visit her next time. He intends to leave. But she keeps him and asks him if his defeat of Pu Ban was related to the rebel of Jingan family.

Bai Pingting asks Chu Beijie if he would kill He Xia if he didn’t die. He asks her for the reason that he shouldn’t kill him.


From this episode of ‘General and I’ you can see Chu Beijie falls in love with Bai Pingting. However she doesn’t love him at all. Because he killed her master Prince Jing’an.

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