Ghost Doctor: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 4. Young-Min tries to leave after he got into Seung-Tak’s body. But he’s stopped by the passerby. Young-Min takes a look at the patient. He performs a simple surgery on her with the scissors.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 4 Recap

Ghost Doctor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 4.

Soo-Jung runs out of the hospital to pick up the patient. She sees Seung-Tak getting off the ambulance with the patient. She carries the patient to the emergency room with other doctors. Young-Min follows her and walks into the emergency room as well. He leaves Seung-Tak’s body.

Tae-Hyun is told that Seung-Tak saved the patient. So he asks him for explaining it. Seung-Tak cannot explain it. Young-Min gets into Seung-Tak’s body again. He tells Tae-Hyun how he saved the patient. Seung-Tak walks to the vending machine. Young-Min follows Seung-Tak and asks him if he knows he was the ghost doctor who helped him.

Seung-Tak ignores Young-Min and gets the drinks from the vending machine. Soo-Jung joins Seung-Tak and asks him why he doesn’t wear doctor clothes. He explains that he ran into the patient when he did workout. He tells her to slap his back if he looks different. She agrees to it so that he throws the can into the trash can. He walks away.

Young-Min takes a look at the can Seung-Tak just threw. He remembers he told Seung-Tak and Soo-Jung to drink the blue drinks when they stood in front of the vending machine. Young-Min follows Seung-Tak and tries to make him confess. But Seung-Tak is very sly and he walks out of the hospital. He arrives at the parking lot and finds out that his car is missing. He is furious to yell at the heaven.

Young-Min sits on the bench. Tess calls Young-Min and startles him. He tells him that Seung-Tak is the one who is going to help him. He walks away and sings a song. Young-Min takes a look at Tess and follows Seung-Tak to walk into the ward. Tae-Sik decides to give up the patient Seung-Joo because no doctor can treat him except Young-Min.

It flashes back. Seung-Joo grabs Young-Min’s clothes. But Young-Min walks away. Seung-Joo is furious to tell Young-Min that he doesn’t like him. Seung-Tak tells the kid to change the doctor.

The patient dies in front of Young-Min. Young-Min doesn’t feel well. Tess tells Young-Min that the person passes away once his soul dies. Young-Min returns to the emergency room and finds out that his body get carried away. He looks for his body and finds his ward.

Se-Jin carries the boxes into the ward. She thanks Seung-Won for preparing the ward for her. He tells her that he cares for Young-Min very much. Young-Min is furious to tell Seung-Won not to touch his lover. But Seung-Won walks away because he didn’t hear what he said.

Seung-Won returns to his office. Seung-Tak is waiting for him. Seung-Won goes to make Seung-Tak tea. He gets angry after knowing he intended to help Young-Min. He tells him that his friend moved to the VIP ward. But Seung-Tak tells Seung-Won that Young-Min isn’t his friend.

Seung-Tak smiles after he walked out of Seung-Won. Because he thinks Young-Min won’t bother him. Se-Jin gets the workers to set up the room. Nurse Jung shows up and looks around the place. She thinks it’s like a new house. Se-Jin doesn’t deny it. She takes a look at Young-Min.

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It flashes back. Se-Jin goes to see Young-Min with her bag. She tells him that she’s going to live in his house. But he’s against it and he tries to get her to leave his house. But she tells him that she’s hungry. He cooks for her when he blames her for not taking care of herself. She smiles to hug him from his back.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 4 Ending

Young-Min walks into Tae-Hyun’s room and wakes him up. He tells him that he will appear in front of him each night if he doesn’t tell people the truth. He runs away. Tae-Hyun runs out of his room to look for Young-Min. He sees Seung-Tak and grabs his collar when he questions him how he knew it.

But Seung-Tak tells Tae-Hyun that he just had a dream. Tae-Hyun takes a look at his feet and finds out that he didn’t wear shoes. He walks away. The doctor reminds Seung-Tak that he wore the doctor clothes he wanted to wash. Seung-Tak tells the worker to delete his footage. So Tae-Hyun doesn’t see him after he watched the footage.

Seung-Tak is furious to blame Young-Min when he walks. He wants to go to take his car. Young-Min thinks it’s a great idea. He gets into Seung-Tak’s body and drives his car. He walks on the street and avoids the people because he worries that he will get bumped again.

Young-Min returns home and looks for his pet. He runs into Se-Jin after he got his suitcase. She’s surprised to see him there and asks him for reconsidering her offer. She takes him to return to his ward and tells him that his illness gets worse. He remembers Tess told him not to get into Seung-Tak’s body.

Young-Min leaves Seung-Tak’s body. Seung-Tak finds out that he’s in Young-Min’s ward. He tries to leave. But she keeps him because she thinks he needs to take away his suitcase. She opens the suitcase and finds Young-Min’s bank book. Seung-Tak explains that he thought she needs the bank book to pay the medical bill.

Seung-Tak smiles when he walks. He realizes that Young-Min used him to go home. But he gets angry after he found out that his car is missing again. Se-Jin takes a look at the suit Young-Min wears. She thinks he has changed. Young-Min remembers Se-Jin tried to buy him the suit. But he ran away after he bought her the dresses.

Se-Jin tears up when she takes care of Young-Min. She feels guilty for coming back. She grabs his hand and tells him to wake up. Young-Min wears good looking clothes to walk in the hall. The ghosts spot it and wonder why Young-Min did that.

Tess explains that Young-Min doesn’t want to die. But he sees the ghost tailing Young-Min when he drinks coffee. The patient is sent to the hospital. Tae-Hyun tells Seung-Tak to treat the patient because his hand was hurt. But Seung-Tak doesn’t reply Tae-Hyun.

Tae-Hyun tells the doctor to send the patient to another hospital. Seung-Tak promises to treat the patient after he took a look at the patient’s families. Young-Min is furious to tell Seung-Tak that he won’t help him this time. Because he knows Tae-Hyun will treat the patient if Seung-Tak fails.

But Young-Min hears Tae-Hyun asking Seung-Won to come to the operating room. Seung-Won arrives at the operating room. He takes a look at Seung-Tak. He remembers that he bragged to Jae-Sik that he treated most of the patients. Young-Min walks into the operating room and sees Seung-Won. He tells Seung-Tak to give up the surgery. But Seung-Tak takes over the scalpel from the doctor. He begs Young-Min to help him.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 4 stars Rain, Kim Beom, Uee and Son Na-Eun.

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