Ghost Doctor: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 3. Seung-Tak rushes into ICU. He’s told that Young-Min can breathe without the machine. So he orders the doctors to carry Young-Min to MRI Room after Tae-Hyun agreed to his plan. But they’re scolded by the professor.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 3 Recap

Ghost Doctor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 3.

Young-Min forces Tae-Hyun to be against the wall. He tells him to let Seung-Tak attend the meeting. He runs away. Young-Min tries to check the medical record of Kwang-Deok. But Soo-Jung slaps his back and makes him leave Seung-Tak’s body.

Soo-Jung takes a look at the medical record after Seung-Tak left. Seung-Tak walks into ICU when the doctors are talking about the MRI case. Seung-Tak reminds them that they need to pay the fees. But he’s told that it was his idea. He promises to pay the fees and leaves ICU.

Young-Min runs into Seung-Tak and asks him if he feels happy after knowing he didn’t wake up. Tae-Hyun calls Seung-Tak and keeps distance from him. He walks away after he asked him to attend the meeting. Young-Min tells Seung-Tak that he will do it on his own if he doesn’t tell the truth.

Tess shows up behind Young-Min and startles him. He thinks he’s going to use Seung-Tak’s body in the meeting. Soo-Jung runs out of the hospital and feels horrible after knowing the one checked the medical record was Young-Min. She gets a message from Seung-Tak who promises to buy her a cup of coffee.

Soo-Jung returns to the office. She hears the doctors talking about Seung-Tak. They think Seung-Tak could treated Young-Min because he was used by the ghost doctor. She explains that Seung-Tak just became someone else. Tess persuades Young-Min not to use Seung-Tak’s use. But Young-Min rejects it because he thinks Seung-Tak should take duty for Kwang-Deok’s coma.

Young-Min waits for Seung-Tak and tries to get into his body after he showed up. But Seung-Tak tells Young-Min that he will do it on his own. Young-Min remembers what Tess told him that Seung-Tak is a good boy. So he lets him leave.

Seung-Tak attends the meeting and tells people that he didn’t inject any medicine to Kwang-Deok even if Jae-Won asked him to do that. Tae-Hyun tells Sun-Ho to ignore Young-Min. Because Young-Min did the same thing to the patients who cannot be saved.

The ghosts think Tae-Hyun is like Young-Min. They show up and startle Young-Min. They tell him that they’re patients who were given up by him. They walk to him and try to give him a lesson. But Tess stops the ghosts and tells them to get alone with Young-Min well.

The ghost Hoon-Gil is in anger when he thinks about what Young-Min did to him. He walks to him. Young-Min is scared to flee and gets into Seung-Tak by mistake. The ghosts see it and try to get into Seung-Tak’s body. But they fail. Hoon-Gil pushes Young-Min to Seung-Tak and makes him get into his body. Seung-Tak is furious to leave.

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Young-Min follows Seung-Tak and sits on the stairs with him. He feels sorry for not trusting him. He wants to get into his body. But Seung-Tak leaves after he got a call from someone. Seung-Tak walks into the emergency room. The doctor asks Seung-Tak for saving the patient because he wants to see the miracle.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 3 Ending

Seung-Tak leaves after Soo-Jung promised to ask another doctor to do the surgery. But he returns and completes the surgery. Young-Min goes to see Kwang-Deok and tells him that he will help him find the murderer. But Kwang-Deok tells Young-Min to worry about himself. He reveals he heard Min-Ho asked for moving him.

Young-Min runs to the emergency room. But he cannot open the door. The ghost Guk-Chan opens the door for Young-Min. Young-Min walks into the emergency room. The doctors talk about Young-Min and wonder who wants him to leave the emergency room. The nurse reveals it was Min-Ho’s decision.

Young-Min looks for Seung-Tak. He’s told that the guy took a day off. Seung-Tak falls asleep in the bed. The follower wakes Seung-Tak up and tells him that his grandfather Jae-Sik is going to arrive. Seung-Tak is scared to hide under the bed.

The follower tells Jae-Sik that Seung-Tak is in the hospital. Jae-Sik leaves. The follower finds out that Seung-Tak falls asleep under the bed. Tae-Hyun walks into Seung-Won’s office and asks him for not moving Young-Min. Seung-Won reminds Tae-Hyun that people will find what he did to Kwang-Deok if Young-Min wakes up.

Tae-Hyun is scared to leave Seung-Won’s office. He remembers he injected the medicine to Kwang-Deok. He tears up and calls someone. Sun-Ho and Jae-Won have no way but to accept the order. Young-Min tries to stop them. But they walk away.

Young-Min goes to look for Tess. But he’s missing. Young-Min sees Tae-Sik walking when his followers are pushing the bed. Young-Min runs to return to the emergency room when Seung-Tak is just pulling his bed out of the emergency room.

But Seung-Tak cannot push Young-Min alone. Ms. Kim helps Seung-Tak push Young-Min into the elevator. Tae-Sik shows up and tries to catch Seung-Tak. But Ms. Kim stops Tae-Sik with the broom. Seung-Tak pushes Young-Min out of the elevator. But he’s caught by Seung-Won. Se-Jin shows up and tells Seung-Won that Young-Min is her patient.

Se-Jin meets with Seung-Tak and asks him for helping her. But he rejects it because he dislikes Young-Min. He walks into the restroom and he doesn’t understand why he helped Young-Min. Se-Jin takes a look at Young-Min. He stares at her as well. He wonders why she didn’t explain it to her.

Se-Jin tells Nurse Jung that she’s going to protect Young-Min. Young-Min follows her until she leaves the hospital. He sighs and sees Seung-Tak. He gets into his body and goes outside. He rides his car and goes to the clothing store. He takes a look at himself in the mirror.

The ghosts report to Tess that Young-Min left the hospital with Seung-Tak’s body. Tess wishes Young-Min not to get bumped. Young-Min walks on the street and gets bumped by the old woman. Seung-Tak takes a look at the old woman. He asks Young-Min for helping him save the old woman. He holds out his hand.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 3 stars Rain, Kim Beom, Uee and Son Na-Eun.

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