Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 15-16

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 15-16, Xiao Feng wants to go out with A Do. But Yong Niang stops her and reminds Xiao Feng that her wedding is coming, but she is injured. Yong Niang tells A Do not to sleep at rooftop and takes her away. Xiao Feng goes out and spots Gu Jian walking to her with his horse.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 15

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 15-16.

Gao Yuming visits Empress Zhang and reveals Li Chengyin and Se Se acted a drama. He thinks her son isn’t innocent, and guesses someone directed him. She thinks her son is bewitched by Se Se, and thinks Gao Xian will get suspected if he gets the position of North Marquis. But Gao Yuming claims he just worries about her since Li Chengyin concealed her. Empress Zhang promises to watch her son.

Mi Luo blames Gu Jian for drinking too many wines in her bar. But he comforts her that he won’t owe her money and asks for another pot. She swears not to sell wine to him and worries to see his death. He thinks the last person he sees before he dies isn’t her. She says that she and Xiao Feng have a hometown they cannot return, so they treat each other like relatives. She wants to take care of him since he is Xiao Feng’s friend. He tells her to treat him as a guest because he always disappoints people. Goodbye My Princess episode 15 is so good.

Ming Yue steps in, so Mi Luo asks Ming Yue to persuade Gu Jian. He asks Ming Yue if anybody visited her. She denies and asks who should visit her. He explains that he guessed the guest harassed her. She asks him how he was alive. He says that he ran into someone who helped him live under Princess Ming Yuan. But she passed away. So he returned. He asks her how she came to Ming Yu workshop. She says that she and her mom got arrested and waited for her father to save them. But he didn’t come until they got buried.

She fled from the soil and was saved by caravan. She learned dancing and singing, and returned Shang Jing. She became a singer of Ming Yu workshop. Ming Yu hates herself that she cannot kill adversary. Gu Jian tells her to live well because their enemies will take the consequences. Gu Jian walks Ming Yu to Ming Yu workshop, and spots Chai Mu. Chai Mu thinks his daughter grows like her mom, and he is still a sinner if people find he is alive. So he doesn’t want to involve Ming Yue. He doesn’t regret for saving someone else instead of his daughter. Because he wanted to live for justice. Goodbye My Princess episode 15 is amazing.

Chai Mu reminds Gu Jian that they live on the bodies of Gu and Chen families. Gu Jian says that he never forgets the revenge and will follow Chai Mu’s order. The follower gives the documents to Li Chengyin. Xiao Feng walks in, and Li Chengyin asks her to check the map of Xi Zhou. She peeks at him and thinks people will blame her if she doesn’t say something. She points at the map and says that there is a hot spring in the valley, and it’s full of fireflies in the summer. She asks him if they knew each other before.

Yong Niang asks A Do to change her clothes because it smells. But A Do lifts her fist to Yong Niang. Xiao Feng plays coppers with maids, and wins all of the coppers. The maid complains that Xiao Feng won their salaries of half a month. Xiao Feng claims that she will ask Yong Niang to give them more. But they think they will be miserable if Yong Niang knows it. Yong Niang steps in and blames Xiao Feng for betting with maids. She takes away. Goodbye My Princess episode 15 is the best episode.

Xiao Feng asks Yong Niang if the coppers which is made by Li dynasty are same. Yong Niang says yes, and thinks the worker didn’t make it well. Xiao Feng gives two coppers to Li Chengyin and reveals the coppers have different sizes. He keeps the coppers and thinks she got them from cheating. So she robs the coppers with him, and they awkward when someone looks at them. Li Chengyin asks Pei Zhao to inform Chai Mu looking into the coppers.

Chai Mu tells Pei Zhao that the fake copper comes from figure of Buddha, and Li Yan is responsible for it. Pei Zhao thinks it’s related to crown prince and wonders why he needs so much money. Chai Mu thinks it’s not a good thing, and wants emperor to look into it in person. Li Chenyin sends his maid Chan Er to Xiao Feng and gives her a gift. But Xiao Feng rejects it. Yong Niang suggests Xiao Feng to check it first. Xiao Fend finds out Li Chengyin gave the Kong Ming lock to him, and asks A Do to cut it since it’s too complicated. Goodbye My Princess episode 15 is worth of watching.

Chan Er stops A Do and says that Li Chengyin thought Xiao Feng will find the fun since she is so smart. Xiao Feng claims she will open it tomorrow. Yong Niang tells A Do not to sleep on rooftop and worries that guard treat her as assassin. But A Do ignores Yong Niang. Li Chengyin asks Xiao Feng to check the document, but she thinks everything is wrong in the paper. So he thinks she doesn’t know the texts. Emperor tells Empress Dowager that he is easy because crown prince helps him. She says that she feels well because Xiao Feng visits her. He asks her if 5th prince gets along with 9th princess. She says yes.

Xiao Feng and Li Cheng Yin argue stepping in. She blames him for saying that Xi Zhou is savage place, and reveals coppers of Li dynasty having different sizes. But emperor doesn’t believe what she said. So Xiao Feng goes to borrow copper from maids. But they lie that they don’t have. Sbe returns and reports it to Emperor and Empress Dowager. But Li Chengyin mocks at Xiao Feng. She promises to find the evidence within two days. Goodbye My Princess episode 15 is wonderful.

Crown prince sends many gifts to Xiao Feng. Yong Niang thinks he is nice to Xiao Feng. But Xiao Feng plays Kong Ming lock and complains that she has no place to step. She steals a cup from the gift and is pawn of it. But the shop owner rejects it because it’s royal gold cup given by emperor. She runs into Gu Jian, and he thinks she is stupid. He smashes the gold cup and says that it’s just some golds now. She gives a gold to Gu Jian by thanking him, and thinks he isn’t a jerk. Gu Jian gives the gold to Mi Luo for debt he owes and takes away the wine. She thinks he is conscience when biting the gold.

Xiao Feng shows the coppers to Emperor and Empress Dowager. Emperor looks for Li Chengyin’s opinion. Li Chengyin thinks the private copper will ruin court. So emperor asks Li Chengyin to look into it. Xiao Feng asks to look into it with 5th prince. Emperor agrees it.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 16

Xiao Feng and 5th prince walks around the market. She asks him if he wishes her to marry crown prince if she is his friend or sister. He is stunned. She says that her mission is to marry crown prince. They visit Wanfo temple, and she wonders why they go there since their goal is to look into copper case. He thinks they don’t have any clue, so they ask Buddha.

Xiao Feng gets a sign but she doesn’t know what it means. So she asks the monk. The monk glances at them and tells them not to insist on the marriage. Xiao Feng claims she is a male and leaves with temper. Goodbye My Princess episode 16 is so good.

Xiao Feng sees the workers moving figures of Buddha and asks 5th prince if the figures of Buddha are made by copper. He explains that one third of copper is made to coppers, and the rest is made to figures of Buddha. Li Yan spots them and wonders why Xiao Feng doesn’t stay with crown prince. But she thinks it isn’t Li Yan’s business. Cheng Yin explains that he ran into Xiao Feng at empress dowager’s palace, and she asked him to walk Xiao Feng.

Just then Xiao Feng slaps the figure of Buddha and startles Li Yan. Li Yan asks the workers to move fast. Cheng Yin thinks Xiao Feng shouldn’t slap the figure of Buddha to Li Yan. She says that the sound is different while slap, and thinks they replaced the copper. She wants to report it to emperor and arrest Li Yan. But he thinks they lack evidence and offers to find the place made coppers. Goodbye My Princess episode 16 is worth of watching.

Li Yan reports to crown prince that 5th prince walked Xiao Feng to the temple, and she slapped the figure. Crown prince asks Li Yan to look into Cheng Yin and Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng visits Cheng Yin, but the eunuch blocks her and claims that he isn’t inside. So she climb over the wall but falls off. Chen Yin spots her and finds out she is injured. She glares at the eunuch when Chen Yin left. The eunuch explains that 5th prince wasn’t inside.

She is startled when he grabs snow and thinks he is intentional to hit her with the snow ball. He applies the snow on her wound and tells her that she lacks evidence. But she wants to report it in person. He tells her to protect herself no matter what she does. She agrees and is moved when he massages her leg. Pei Zhao visits Gu Jian when he falls asleep. Mi Luo tells Pei Zhao that Gu Jian looks like a drunk cat when he falls asleep.

Xiao Feng wants to go out with A Do. But Yong Niang stops her and reminds Xiao Feng that her wedding is coming, but she is injured. Yong Niang tells A Do not to sleep at rooftop and takes her away. Xiao Feng goes out and spots Gu Jian walking to her with his horse. She wonders why he knew she would go out. He says that he has waited for the rabbit. She claims that she isn’t rabbit and touches the horse when he gives the horse to her. He says that he belongs to her, and asks her to summon him with the Ming Di. Goodbye My Princess episode 16 makes me tear up for the roles.

She tells him that she is intention to visit Mi Luo and ask her to look into Wanfo temple. But he suggests her not to involve Mi Luo, and wants to help Xiao Feng. They arrive at the rooftop and spot people plating the figure of Buddha. The next day, Xiao Feng tells empress dowager that 5th prince found the evidence but he didn’t report it.

Emperor summons 5th prince and asks about copper case. But 5th prince says that he doesn’t have any clue. Emperor thinks 5th prince doesn’t dare to report and asks 9th princess to report what she discovered. Xiao Feng says that she spotted them plating the copper on figure of Buddha. So emperor summons crown prince and Li Yan. Xiao Feng asks Cheng Yin why the case is related to crown prince. He tells her to shut up.

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