Goodbye My Princess: Episode 39 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Goodbye My Princess: Episode 39. Emperor visits Ru Yi and notes that she was worshiping Gao Zhen. She asks him for his forgiveness, and explains that she missed her brother because she didn’t see him. He tells her to get up, and says that he won’t punish her.

Goodbye My Princess: Episode 39 Recap

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess: Episode 39.

Emperor asks Ru Yi if she blamed him. She says that she doesn’t dare to blame him because Gao Zhen broke the law. She thinks Gao Zhen’s mistake belongs to Gao family because Gao Yuming hasn’t disciplined him. Emperor tells Ru Yi that Gao Yuming is still the beam of nation even if Gao Zhen broke laws. He adds that he won’t be bias to Gao family for Gao Zhen.

Ru Yi thanks Emperor and asks him to allow her to go home living for some days because her father is sick. He agrees to it.

Gao Kun asks Ru Yi if Emperor visited her, and thinks it will be good if she’s in pregnancy. She says that Emperor is weird that Emperor didn’t visit any concubine. She adds that she bribed the servant and found out that Emperor went to Mingyu palace.

Gao Kun thinks the place is full of girls. Ru Yi says yes and reveals there is a chief girl named Ming Yue. Gao Kun reveals Gao Zhen was obsessed with Ming Yue. Ru Yi tells Gao Kun to look into the woman, and thinks Emperor intends to pick Ming Yue to the palace. He comforts her that he will deal with it for her as long as it will be danger to her. She nods.

Empress summons Crown Prince and asks him if he looked into Gao Zhen’s death. He says that Gao Zhen was dead because of the beasts. She asks him if Zhao Shixuan used any dirty method. He says that Zhao Shixuan is with suspicion, but they lack evidence.

Li Chengyin promises to stay away from Zhao Shixuan. But Empress asks about Se Se. He thinks Se Se isn’t related to the case, and tells her not to punish Se Se. She’s furious to get up and tells him to think about his position because Zhao family and Gao family are enemies.

Li Chengyin tells Empress that he will treat Se Se well because she’s his woman after she married him. She tells him to learn the emperor path from Emperor that he shares all of his loves to concubines. But he points out that Emperor’s path made him sad all his life because he didn’t protect the woman he loved.

Li Chengyin thinks the emperor path means nothing, and swears not to let anyone hurt his woman. He tells Empress to have a rest, and walks away. Empress holds Ru Shuang’s hand and asks her if Crown Prince knew the truth. Ru Shuang denies. Empress says that what Li Chengyin said made her uneasy. She adds that she senses he doesn’t have same heart to her.

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  1. Hello, I recently watched Goodbye Princess for the first time last week and since I don t read understand Mandarin very well, I found some scenes confusing, particularly episode 24. Do you know why Li Chin Ye was so adamant about marrying Sese, even though he was clearly in love with Xiao Feng? Is it confusion about his feelings for both of them or another political tactic to protect Xiao Feng? I thi ba nk the second anwer would make more sense, because after Xiao Feng, rejects him on their wedding night, he passes out in Sese s room, but he isn t interested in her at all. Sorry for the long question, I m a bit obsessed with this love story. Thank you for your review of the drama, or I wouldn t know what is happening. Your writing is very straight to the point and easy to follow along ?

  2. You asked so many questions. But the point you wanted to ask is why Li Chengyin favors Se Se even though she loves Xiao Feng.

    Because he knows Empress will deal with the girl he loves. So he conceals his feelings and tells people that he loves Se Se. It makes Empress attack Se Se instead of Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng is safe, but Xiao Feng mistakes Li Chengyin at the same time.

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