Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 5. Jang-Kyung tails Min-Joon to the market. He leaves because Seul-Bi isn’t there. He meets with Dong-Sik and Jang-Geun at the bar. Dong-Sik thinks Min-Joon should get Soo-Gwang’s number after knowing he didn’t find him.

Does Mi-Soo Shoot Joo-Cheol? Does Joo-Cheol Survive?

Jinxed At First

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 5.

Episode 5 of Jinxed At First begins with the chief gangster scolding the gangsters after knowing they didn’t find Seul-Bi. Yoon-Ho runs out of the building with other gangsters. He runs into Dae-Sik. Dae-Sik thinks Seul-Bi is the girl the chief gangster looks for. He intends to report it to the chief gangster.

Yoon-Ho tells Dae-Sik not to leak it. He gives some cash to him. He returns to the building. He reports to the chief gangster that he found the girl. He goes to the market to look for Soo-Gwang. Sung-Deok tells Yoon-Ho that Soo-Gwang and Seul-Bi went to Busan. Yoon-Ho remembers he told the chief gangster that Seul-Bi is at Busan Station.

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Yoon-Ho calls Soo-Gwang. He tells him not to go to Busan. But Soo-Gwang doesn’t listen to what Yoon-Ho said. Sam-Jung arrives at the hospital. He remembers Mi-Soo shot his father Joo-Cheol. He goes to see Joo-Cheol. Joo-Cheol tells Sam-Jung that he will be like him.

Soo-Gwang takes a phone from the shop. He gives the phone to Seul-Bi. It makes her happy. He calls Yoon-Ho, asking him why he told him not to go to Busan. Yoon-Ho reveals the chief gangster sent gangsters to look for Seul-Bi. The gangster eats at the restaurant. He receives Seul-Bi’s photo.

The gangster shows Seul-Bi’s photo to the restaurant owner who’s Young-Woo’s grandma. He asks her if she saw the girl. She scolds him. He walks out of the restaurant, running into Seul-Bi and Soo-Gwang. He doesn’t recognize Seul-Bi when she takes photos.

Soo-Gwang asks Young-Woo’s grandma to keep the dog. But she rejects it and tells him to leave with Seul-Bi. But Seul-Bi tells Young-Woo’s grandma that she starves. Young-Woo’s grandma prepares a meal for Seul-Bi and Soo-Gwang. Soo-Gwang thinks the food Young-Woo’s grandma cooked is delicious. He tells the old lady that Young-Woo wants to eat her food.

Soo-Gwang shows Young-Woo’s photo to the old lady. It makes her cry. She confesses that she said something bad to Young-Woo. He tells her to apologize to Young-Woo. But she rejects it and tries to take away the food. Seul-Bi holds Young-Woo’s grandma’s hand. She tells her to apologize to Young-Woo.

Soo-Gwang takes Seul-Bi to the house. She likes the house very much because she can see the sea. She chooses to sleep in the tent. Sam-Jung drinks with Secretary Cha. He tells him that he wishes to get along with Mi-Soo. He tears up. He walks into Mi-Soo’s room. He sees Ms. Kim bullying Mi-Soo.

Does Seul-Bi Confess her Feelings to Soo-Gwang?

Sam-Jung stops Ms. Kim. He tells her to leave. He holds Mi-Soo’s hand when she’s tired to lie in the bed. Secretary Cha lets the bodyguards take Ms. Kim away. Soo-Gwang tells Seul-Bi that her family is looking for her. He wants to take her to see her family. But she rejects it because she wants to live with him.

Seul-Bi confesses her feelings to Soo-Gwang. She tells him that she will bring the luck to him. He walks out of the tent. He tells himself to be heartless to her because he knows she will leave one day. Sam-Jung applies the band-aids on Mi-Soo’s wounds.

It flashes back. Sam-Jung applies the band-aids on Mi-Soo’s wounds. Jinxed At First makes her smile. He catches the chance to hug her. She leans her head on his shoulder.

Mi-Soo wonders why she keeps staying with Sam-Jung. He smiles and takes her to leave the jail. He takes her to walk to the balcony. She smiles when she sees the beautiful night view. He turns around and sees Joo-Cheol. He’s startled.

Min-Joon looks for Sam-Jung. He finds out that the gate of the jail is opened. He sees Sam-Jung having breakfast with Mi-Soo. Min-Joon mentions Sam-Jung handed over the bread to Mi-Soo. He tells him that he wants to have feelings for Seul-Bi. Sam-Jung is against it. He leaks that Mi-Soo was pregnant after she ran away from the hotel.

Soo-Gwang returns home with Seul-Bi. Eun-Jung sees the two. She’s not happy to drink the beer. Hyun-Sook slaps Eun-Jung from her back. She reminds her that the beer is for sale. Eun-Jung claims that she will buy the beer. She tells her mom that she wants to get Soo-Gwang. Hyun-Sook points out that Soo-Gwang doesn’t have feelings for Eun-Jung.

Soo-Gwang goes to see Kyung-Cheol. Kyung-Cheol thanks Soo-Gwang for what he did for them. He hands over the phone to him. Young-Woo’s grandma tells Soo-Gwang that she wants to order fish from him. He smiles to talk a look at Seul-Bi. He remembers what she said that she’s a lucky star.

Il-Jung meets with Hyun-Tae. He tells him that he will help him find his daughter. Dong-Sik walks into Il-Jung’s office. He tells the secretary to leave. He puts the wiretap under the desk. Soo-Gwang goes to the restaurant chain. He didn’t take Seul-Bi.

Seul-Bi tells the people that Soo-Gwang doesn’t like her. She drinks with them at Hyun-Sook’s shop. Eun-Jung feels happy after knowing Seul-Bi got rejected. Seul-Bi takes out the phone. She tells the people that Soo-Gwang bought her the phone.

Yoon-Ho tells Seul-Bi that Soo-Gwang wouldn’t buy her the phone if he doesn’t like her. Yi-Young teaches Seul-Bi the tips to make Soo-Gwang love her. Min-Joon learns that Sam-Jung stops looking for Seul-Bi. He asks him why he gave up. Sam-Jung rejects to leak it. He tells Min-Joon not to look for Seul-Bi as well. But Min-Joon rejects it. He finds Seul-Bi.

Soo-Gwang gets a call from Min-Joon. He goes to see him. Min-Joon tells Soo-Gwang that he wants to give a job to him. Soo-Gwang thinks Min-Joon knows who killed his mother. Min-Joon denies it. Soo-Gwang returns home. Seul-Bi uses the tips Yi-Young taught her. But it doesn’t work for Soo-Gwang.

Soo-Gwang wakes up. He finds out that Seul-Bi is missing. He walks out of his house. He sees her. He returns to his house. She remembers what Min-Joon told her that he will help her and her mom live outside. Secretary Cha reports to Sam-Jung that Il-Jung is looking for Seul-Bi.

Sam-Jung calls Il-Jung. He tells him that he will do something to him if he continues to look for Seul-Bi. He hangs up and tells Secretary Cha to continue to look for Seul-Bi. Soo-Gwang tells Seul-Bi to get in his lorry. But she rejects it. Eun-Jung catches the chance to get in the lorry.

Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

Episode 5 of Jinxed At First ends with Seul-Bi trying to touch Soo-Gwang’s hand. But he rejects it and runs away. He goes to see the customer. But he gets kidnapped. Seul-Bi calls Soo-Gwang. He doesn’t pick up her phone. She worries about him. She sees the place he went.

Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 5 stars Seohyun and Na In-Woo.

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