Ghost Doctor: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 10. Young-Min admits his identity to Seung-Won. He tells him that he knows what he did with Min-Ho. He tells him not to take any action. Seung-Tak scolds Young-Min for leaking his identity.

Does Seung-Won Kill Young-Min?

Ghost Doctor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 10.

Young-Min explains that he was out of mind when Seung-Won provoked him. He adds that Seung-Won had known his identity before he told it to him. He thinks Seung-Won is upset. Seung-Won worries about it after knowing Young-Min heard what he said with Min-Ho.

Seung-Won thinks the first one Young-Min wants to beat is Tae-Hyun. He points at the area behind Tae-Hyun. He tells him that Young-Min is there. Tae-Hyun is startled to trip on the couch. Seung-Tak walks out of the ICU. He sits on the bench.

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Young-Min joins Seung-Tak. He asks him if he could see ghosts when he was a child. Seung-Tak leaks that he found out that he could see ghosts after he recovered from the illness. He adds that he wanted to confirm it. So he came to the hospital.

Seung-Tak saw the ghosts in the hospital. He was scared to run away. He tells Young-Min that he intended to take his life after he found out that he owned the skill. But he came to the hospital to face the ghosts. He tells Young-Min that he will take care of the patients for him before he wakes up.

Se-Jin takes care of Young-Min in the ward. She remembers Tae-Hyun called Seung-Tak as Young-Min. Seung-Tak shows up. He feels sorry for yelling at Se-Jin. He tries to leave. But she stops him. She tells him that she will leave the hospital after the contract ends.

Seung-Won runs into Seung-Tak. He wonders if he stays with Young-Min. Seung-Tak tells Young-Min to keep Se-Jin after he wakes up. They walk away. Se-Jin walks out of Young-Min’s ward. She gets a call from someone. She runs away.

Seung-Won sees Se-Jin off. He gets into Young-Min’s ward. He tries to take away his oxygen tube. But he gives up the mind. Soo-Jung greets Seung-Tak when she sees him. But he runs away. Seung-Tak runs into Young-Min’s ward. He finds out that he’s fine.

It flashes back. Seung-Won tells the families that Seung-Tak could save the patients because there was a ghost doctor helping him. He asks Seung-Tak if he has a deal with Young-Min. Seung-Tak tells Seung-Won that he will forgive him if he doesn’t continue to do those bad things. Seung-Won laughs. He tells Seung-Tak that nobody will know what he did if he kills Young-Min.

Nurse Jung shows up. She wonders why Seung-Tak came to Young-Min’s ward. He explains that he wanted to make sure if Young-Min is fine. He asks her where Se-Jin went. She reveals Se-Jin went to do surgery for the patient. Se-Jin tries to take Bo-Mi away.

But Bo-Mi’s mother stops Se-Jin. She puts the papers on her daughter’s body. She tells her to study hard. Bo-Mi sees it. She isn’t happy. Guk-Chan reminds Bo-Mi that waking up is the first thing she needs to do. Bo-Mi’s body is sent to the operating room. Bo-Mi’s mother walks away.

Hoon-Gil is cold to Bo-Mi. He walks away. Guk-Chan comforts Bo-Mi that Hoon-Gil did that because he didn’t want to leave her. He grabs her hand and cheers her up. He leaves as well. Young-Min stares at Bo-Mi. Seung-Tak joins him. He complains that he was the one who kept bringing trouble.

Seung-Jo shows up. Seung-Tak takes Seung-Jo to see Jae-Won. Jae-Won learns that Seung-Jo ran away from his ward again. He tells the kid not to do it again. He promises it and runs away. Jae-Won tries to hug Seung-Tak. Seung-Tak is scared to walk away.

Se-Jin takes Bo-Mi to leave the operating room. Guk-Chan and Hoon-Gil feel happy. Bo-Mi shows up behind them. They’re startled. She explains to them why she’s still a ghost. She thanks Young-Min after he showed up. Se-Jin breaks into Young-Min’s ward. She checks him because she wants to make sure if he’s fine.

How Does Young-Min Have a Date with Se-Jin?

Nurse Jung tells Se-Jin to go to take a break. She claims that she can take care of Young-Min. Se-Jin smiles to open the window. She lets Young-Min get some fresh air. Young-Min enjoys the sunshine with his ghost friends. The ghost friends mock Young-Min. Because he’s still a ghost.

Se-Jin sits on the chair to take a break. Jae-Won shows up. He tells her that he will replace her to take care of Young-Min. He leaks that Seung-Tak asked him to do so. Se-Jin goes to see Seung-Tak. She asks him why he did it. He reveals he wanted to let her enjoy the sunshine. He hands over the ticket to her. He tells her to go to the concert which Young-Min liked.

Seung-Tak tells Young-Min that he arranged a date for him and Se-Jin. He tells him not to mess up his suit. Se-Jin runs into Seung-Tak in the concert. She asks him to explain it. He reveals Jessica is also his patient as well. Jessica tells the fans that she was saved by a doctor. She begins to sing.

Young-Min takes a look at Se-Jin when he waves with Se-Jin. He remembers their sweet moments. He walks her on the street after they left the concert. He has an illusion that she smiles when he hugs her. He tells her that he chose to be a doctor because of a girl.

Se-Jin is frozen after she heard what Young-Min said. He tells her to have dinner with him. Soo-Jung calls Seung-Tak. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. She complains it and she sees him. But she finds out that he gets off the car with Se-Jin.

Young-Min leaves Seung-Tak’s body. Seung-Tak thinks Young-Min has a good date with Se-Jin. But he gets a call from Jae-Won who tells him that Seung-Jo is missing. Seung-Tak goes to look for Seung-Jo. Se-Jin tells Young-Min that she went out with Seung-Tak. Seung-Tak finds Seung-Jo. But the kid runs to Young-Min. He calls him doctor.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 10 Ending

Young-Min lets Seung-Jo grab his clothes. He tells him that he will save him. He walks into the operating room. Tess watches it. He smiles. Seung-Won finds out that the one who operates on Seung-Jo is Jae-Won. He thinks there won’t be any problem. But Jae-Won leaves the operating room. Seung-Tak replaces him. Seung-Won asks Tae-Sik to explain it to him. Tae-Sik tells Seung-Won that Jae-Won needs to take a break. He adds that nobody can do it except Seung-Tak.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 10 stars Rain, Kim Beom, Uee, Son Na-Eun and Sung Dong-Il.

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