Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Chong Xiao saves Li Sheng. But Li Sheng wants to get back. So Chong Xiao has to stun Li Sheng. Chu Chu asks Duan Jiuniang when Zhou Fei will wake up. Duan Jiuniang thinks it’s weird that Zhou Fei has born Withering Power for a day.

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 10

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

Wu Chuchu thinks Duan Jiuniang made Zhou Fei be like that. She asks her why their master didn’t teach them Withering Hand. Duan Jiuniang complains that their master just wanted to use them to practice martial arts. Wu Chuchu asks if the master feared them to transmit power each other. Duan Jiuniang denies and reveals Withering Power cannot be compatible with other martial arts because it’s very strong.

Wu Chuchu points out that Zhou Fei has practiced the martial art for ten years. Duan Jiuniang thinks what Zhou Fei practiced isn’t well, and offers to abolish the previous martial art. Zhou Fei is in pain. She remembers what Xie Yun told her that the real strong woman has a strong heart.

Xie Yun plays the flute and wishes Zhou Fei to hang in there if she’s alive. Mr. Bai reports to Xie Yun that Chou Tianjin still searches for the city. Xie Yun thinks there is a top martial art master helping Wu family. Zhou Fei wakes up and wonders why she lost her internal force. Duan Jiuniang reveals she sealed Zhou Fei’s internal force, and intends to get her to join her sect.

Zhou Fei tells Duan Jiuniang that she didn’t promise to join her sect. Duan Jiuniang tells Zhou Fei that Withering Hand is unparalleled in the world, and reminds her that she will die if he doesn’t destroy the old and establish the new. Zhou Fei rages and thinks Withering Hand isn’t match for South Blade. She tells Duan Jiuniang that she doesn’t need her stuff.

Duan Jiuniang is furious and tries to kill Zhou Fei. But Madam Song stops Duan Jiuniang and tells her that Young Master is waiting for her. Duan Jiuniang leaves. Wu Chuchu asks Madam Song about Young Master. Madam Song reveals the person is Duan Jiuniang’s older sister’s son. She adds that Duan Jiuniang only remembers the person after she was insane.

Li Sheng asks Chong Xiao where Madam Wang is buried. Chong Xiao tells him that she is behind him. He adds that he fixed her cane. Li Sheng takes a look at the cane.

It flashes back. Li Sheng tells Madam Wang not to stop him, and thinks his father was killed by Di Sha. She reminds him that Li Jinrong didn’t want him to grow up with resentment.

Li Sheng gets on knees to Madam Wang and thinks he killed her. Chong Xiao gets Li Sheng to worship Madam Wang with his wine. Li Sheng tells Chong Xiao that he came from 48 Villages. Chong Xiao tells Li Sheng that he encountered Zhou Fei. He tells him to go to Qi Sect with him. But Li Sheng wants to go to 48 Villages. Chong Xiao pretends to get hurt on his leg. Li Sheng decides to escort Chong Xiao. Chong Xiao jumps on Li Sheng’s back and tells him that he wants to go to Huo family.

Zhou Fei takes a look at the book Chong Xiao left, and finds out that it’s mayfly martial art. She practices it and feels uncomfortable.

Huo Liantao tells Huo Changfeng that he will take him away if he gives him Shendu Seal. But Huo Changfeng doesn’t want to go to anywhere because it’s his house. Huo Liantao promises to get the doctor to cure Huo Changfeng if he becomes the king of Martial Arts World. But Huo Changfeng doesn’t believe Huo Liantao has the talent. He adds that he only wants to guard Huo family, and remembers the roses.

Huo Liantao is furious to kick the flowerpot and blames Huo Changfeng for watching the flowers. He spots Shendu Seal and laughs. Huo Liantao thinks he will get Water Ripple when he owns Shendu Seal. Huo Changfeng tells Huo Liantao that Water Ripple cannot be touched by mortals. But Huo Liantao ignores Huo Changfeng and walks away.

Chong Xiao shows up and asks Huo Changfeng what happened on him. Huo Changfeng tells Chong Xiao that he’s late, and reveals Shendu Seal was robbed by his evil brother. Chong Xiao comforts Huo Changfeng that they can take it back. Huo Changfeng agrees to what Chong Xiao said, and tells him to take it back. He tries to touch the roses, but passes out. Chong Xiao hugs Huo Changfeng to cry.

Shen Tianshu arrives at Huo family. Blue Wolf reports to him that their followers in Hua Rong were killed by Chou Tianjin. Shen Tianshu decides to return to Hua Rong to take a look. Tong Tianyang wants to follow Shen Tianshu. He rejects it and tells Blue Wolf to chase Huo Liantao.

Xie Yun draws the portrait of Wu Chuchu, and tells Mr. Bai to use it to catch Chou Tianjin’s attention. Zhou Fei feels cold. Wu Chuchu decides to look for charcoal for Zhou Fei. Lord Zhu visits Chou Tianjin and brings the foods the female chef cooked. Chou Tianjin realizes that they missed a place.

Bao Shan encounters Chu Chuchu and tells her not to run. She learns that he’s Duan Jiuniang’s older sister’s son, and realizes that they cannot stay there. The follower reports to Bao Shan that Chou Tianjin visited, and tells him to go to see him.

The follower reports to Chou Tianjin that he spotted Wu Chuchu. Chou Tianjin leaves. Wu Chuchu runs into the follower, and realizes that Di Sha came to the house. She thinks she should go to inform Zhou Fei about it. But the Chief Maid tells her to go out to take clothes. Bao Shan tells Chou Tianjin that the maid in his house is Wu Chuchu. He adds that she went to clothing store.

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