The Times We Had Episode 1 – Falling in Love Abroad

This is first episode of recent Chinese drama ‘The Times We Had’. In this episode Lu Lu (Mabel Yuan) meets Wangshu Wang (Ryan Zheng) in Thailand. Lu Lu breaks Mr Bao’s mother’s cinerary casket. Wangshu Wang tries his best to protect his lover.

The Times We Had Episode 1 Recap:

The Times We Had

Lu Lu arrives airport in Thailand. He takes luggage by mistake with a man while she calls tax driver. Then, she arrives a meditation club and meets Wangshu Wang. The meditation coach stops her and lets her see the words meditation, reticence and emptiness on the wall while she is going to talk with Wangshu Wang.

Lu Lu sees Wangshu Wang smiles. She guesses he broke up and asks him whether or not he got a discount.

At this time, the man A Feng takes the luggage into a house and give it to his boss Mr Bao. Then Mr Bao finds the luggage isn’t his. He sends A Feng to find it. A Feng checks Lu Lu’s laptop and find she is in meditation club. He goes to it with another guy. The coach lets them enter Lu Lu’s room to take the luggage after they mention their intention. However, they finds the cinerary casket is broken. Then, they try to catch Lu Lu. Lu Lu asks Wangshu Wang for help. He argues with A Feng, and escapes with Lu Lu. They are kidnapped and send to a dark room.

The Times We Had

Wangshu Wang is curious why those man catch her. Lu Lu tells him she is a Qiang Shou which means gunner in Chinese, and reveals she writes script for film company in low price and doesn’t own copyright.

At this time, Bao gets angry and cries to his mother’s picture.

Wangshu Wang helps Lu Lu leave the dark room, they escapes again. A Feng and other man chase them on the street.

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They returns mediation club because their passport are still on there. The coach gives her her laptop and promises to refund money. At this time, Bao calls coach and wants to see them.

On the road to visit Bao. Wangshu Wang tells her his name and promises to protect her.

They visit Bao’s house, but Bao doesn’t want to see them. They have to stay there.

The power cut out in the evening. Lu Lu is scared. Wangshu Wang lights candle for her. She lets him stay with her in her room all night, but he refuses it. Because he isn’t her boyfriend. He cannot do such thing.


After watching the first episode of Chinese drama ‘The Times We Had’, I want to know how they solve the cinerary casket matter. Wangshu Wang is a pottery artist. Maybe he know how to fix it.

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