Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 5. Chang-Ho leaves the cell in the prisoner’s cheers. Do-Ha arrives at the prison. He runs into Chang-Ho. He tells the guard that he wants to have a talk with Chang-Ho alone.

How Does Chang-Ho Make Ji-Hoon Believe that He’s Big Mouse?

Big Mouth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 5.

But the guard wants to get the permission from Yoon-Gab. Do-Ha yells at the guard. Yoon-Gab shows up. He tells Do-Ha that he doesn’t allow it. He lets the guard take Chang-Ho away. He walks away as well. Ji-Hoon stares at Chang-Ho. He thinks he has guts.

Ji-Hoon asks Chang-Ho to give the list to him. Do-Ha shows up. The guard brings the notes to Yoon-Gab. Yoon-Gab hands over the notes to Ji-Hoon and Chang-Ho. He tells them to write down the names. The two write down the names they know. They put the notes into the glasses.

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Yoon-Gab reads the note of Ji-Hoon. Ji-Hoon is very happy. Yoon-Gab hands over Chang-Ho’s note to Ji-Hoon. Ji-Hoon finds out that the lists are same. Chae-Bong is shocked to look at Chang-Ho. The guard reports to the prisoners that Chang-Ho is big mouse. The prisoners cheer.

Ji-Hoon applauds. He welcomes Chang-Ho. He asks him to return the money he swiped to him. But Chang-Ho asks for evidence. Ji-Hoon tells Chang-Ho that Peter Hong leaked his name when he talked with someone over the phone. Chang-Ho tells Ji-Hoon to ask Peter Hong about it.

Yoon-Gab gets a call from someone. He tells Chang-Ho that Joong-Rak wants to see him. Chang-Ho wonders why Joong-Rak wants to see him. Ji-Hoon leaks that Peter Hong was arrested. He laughs to tell Chang-Ho that Joong-Rak wants to interrogate him. Peter Hong tells Joong-Rak that he encountered Big Mouse when he intended to kill himself because of money.

It flashes back. Peter Hong drinks on the bridge. He tries to kill himself. He gets a call from Big Mouse who asked him to steal money from NR Forum.

Joong-Rak wonders why Peter Hong didn’t get the chance to see Big Mouse since he had worked for him. Peter Hong tells Joong-Rak that he treated Big Mouse as a god because he saved him. He adds that he gave all of the money to Big Mouse. He realizes that he got used. Peter Hong tells Joong-Rak that he met Big Mouse ever. He went to see Big Mouse. But Big Mouse didn’t show his face to him.

Joong-Rak hands over Chang-Ho’s photo to Peter Hong. He asks him to admit that the person in the photo is Big Mouse. He tells him that he will help him avoid the punishment. He adds that he just needs to nod at the court. Ji-Hoon walks Do-Ha. He asks him if he gave the list to Chang-Ho.

Do-Ha mentions what Ji-Hoon said that the list isn’t real. Ji-Hoon wonders why Do-Ha chose Chang-Ho. He’s surprised that he hired Big Mouse. Ji-Hoon asks Do-Ha if he’s Big Mouse. It makes Do-Ha become serious. Ji-Hoon laughs. He tells Do-Ha that he was just kidding.

Do-Ha asks Ji-Hoon if he did it for dragging him down. Ji-Hoon denies it. He walks away. Peter Hong worries that he will be retaliated by Big Mouse if he tells the judge that Chang-Ho is Big Mouse. Joong-Rak that he’s stronger than Big Mouse.

Who Kills Peter Hong?

Do-Ha watches Peter Hong. He wonders what Ji-Hoon wants Peter Hong to do since Peter Hong didn’t see Big Mouse. Ji-Hoon tells Do-Ha to watch the show. Chang-Ho is taken to the interrogation room. He sits with Peter Hong. Joong-Rak asks Peter Hong to take a look at Chang-Ho. He wants him to tell him if Chang-Ho is big mouse.

Peter Hong injects insulin himself. He’s dead. Ji-Hoon gets angry. Chang-Ho glares at Ji-Hoon. Ji-Hoon sees Peter Hong’s dead body being carried away. He asks Do-Ha if Mi-Ho has Jae-Yong’s paper. Do-Ha tells Ji-Hoon that it was a lie. But Ji-Hoon doesn’t believe that it was a lie. Because Mi-Ho is Big Mouse’s wife.

Mi-Ho is off duty. Mi-Young stops Mi-Ho. She tells her that she doesn’t have to take part in the volunteer work. But Mi-Ho is interested in the work. Mi-Young thinks the nurses don’t wish Mi-Ho to take part in the event. The nurses admit it.

Mi-Ho reveals she’s going to go to the hair salon. She tells the nurses to do the honored work. She walks away. The woman arrives at the hospital. She watches Joo-Hee’s interview. She remembers Jae-Yong asked her to make a necklace.

Mi-Ho joins the woman. She notes that she’s watching Joo-Hee’s show. She asks her if Joo-Hee is very beautiful. But the woman is scared to walk away. Mi-Ho gets a call from Ji-Hoon who asks for a meeting up. She goes to the restaurant to see him.

Ji-Hoon tries to order food for Mi-Ho. But she rejects it because she doesn’t want to be his friend. He tells her to watch him eat. He laughs. Ji-Hoon tells Mi-Ho that he met with her even if he’s busy. He tells the waitress to bring the food. There’s a camera which hides in the vase filming them.

Do-Ha watches Ji-Hoon and Mi-Ho when he drinks coffee. Ji-Hoon asks Mi-Ho for the paper of Jae-Yong. She rejects it because she needs the paper to save Chang-Ho. He tells her that her husband is big mouse. She remembers Chang-Ho told her that he wants to pretend to be big mouse. He told her that he does it for winning the trial. He wished her to trust him.

Does Do-Ha Tell the Truth to Mi-Ho?

Mi-Ho tries to leave. Ji-Hoon reminds her that she will hurt if she takes the paper. She turns around and tells him that the one who will be hurt is him because her husband is big mouse. She walks away. He’s furious to eat the steak.

Mi-Ho calls Do-Ha. She tells him that she met Ji-Hoon. She reveals Ji-Hoon believed that Chang-Ho is big mouse. She thanks Do-Ha for giving the list to her husband. He tries to tell her that he didn’t give the list to Chang-Ho. But he gives up the mind.

Soon-Tae hands over Jae-Yong’s call history to Gi-Gwang. He thinks there’s no something special. Gi-Gwang hands over Jae-Young’s fishing photos to Soon-Tae. He believes that someone is close to Jae-Yong who took photos for him. He takes Soon-Tae to the fishing place. He asks the man if he saw Jae-Yong before.

The man leaks that Jae-Yong always fished alone. He wonders why Soon-Tae and Gi-Gwang are interested in Jae-Yong. Gi-Gwang reveals Jae-Yong was killed. The man is shocked. He leaks that Jae-Yong came with a woman. Jerry gives the cards to the prisoners who believed Chang-Ho.

Chun-Sik shows up. Jerry stops. Chun-Sik tells Jerry to do anything he wants to do. Jerry continues to give the cards to the prisoners. He finds out that there’s a prisoner who called Mud Octopus doesn’t take his cards. He calls the Mud Octopus. But the guy doesn’t show up.

Room Leader wants to keep the cards because he’s the host. Chun-Sik walks to Jerry. He hands over the note to him. Jerry is surprised that Chun-Sik is Mud Octopus. Room Leader realizes that Chun-Sik betrayed the VIPs for supporting Big Mouse.

Chun-Sik tells Room Leader that he only cares for money. He’s happy to take away the cards. The guard brings two suitcases of cash to Chang-Ho. Chang-Ho thanks Chae-Bong for giving the money to him. Chae-Bong is furious to leave.

Yoon-Gab takes away his money. Chang-Ho gives more cash to Yoon-Gab. He tells him that he wants to be the VIP. Yoon-Gab agrees to it. He thinks money can buy everything in his mind. Chang-Ho buys all of the prisoners a meal with the extra cash.

Chang-Ho arrives at the cafeteria. The prisoners carry him when they cheer. Chun-Sik walks to Chang-Ho. He smiles and applauds. He walks away. Du-Geun is scared to tell Chae-Bong to do something. Because he worries that Big Mouse will killed him like he did to Peter Hong.

Chae-Bong asks Chun-Sik to kill Chang-Ho. But Chun-Sik rejects it. Chang-Ho tells the VIPs to confess that they killed Jae-Yong. But they reject it. Du-Geun drinks the wine. He passes out. He wakes up and finds out that Chang-Ho took away his heart. He passes out again.

Chae-Bong is electrocuted in the restroom. Jae-Ho takes Chae-Bong to leave. He’s scared after he saw Chang-Ho staring at him. Do-Ha visits Chang-Ho. He asks him why he dragged him into the mud. Chang-Ho points out that the one who dragged him into the mud was Do-Ha.

Do-Ha yells at Chang-Ho. He asks him about his plan. Chang-Ho refuses to leak it. He tells Do-Ha to help him. Do-Ha thinks Mi-Ho is a poor woman. Chang-Ho tells Do-Ha that he will protect Mi-Ho. Yoon-Gab watches them. Mi-Young sneaks into the ward. She injects something to the patient.

Big Mouth K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

Episode 5 of Big Mouth ends with Mi-Ho going to see Do-Ha. He tells her that her husband is Big Mouse. He thinks she was tricked by Chang-Ho. He tries to tell her what Chang-Ho did. But she stops him. Because she wants to trust her husband.

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