Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 30 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 30. Ling Buyi applies the ointment on Cheng Shaoshang’s hand. She tells him that it’s hurt. So he blows the wound. He asks her why she protected Empress Xuan since she’s afraid of pain.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 30 Recap

Love Like the Galaxy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 30.

Cheng Shaoshang points out that Empress Xuan would be hurt if she didn’t protect her. Ling Buyi comforts her that Madam Wenxiu didn’t intend to hurt Empress Xuan. She learns that he thinks she’s very silly. He tells her that Empress Xuan doesn’t need her protecting.

Cheng Shaoshang asks Ling Buyi where he and Emperor Wen are when Empress Xuan was bullied. She asks him why he thinks the strong person doesn’t need to be protected. He asks her why she doesn’t need his protecting. She gets off the carriage after she arrived at her house.

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Ling Buyi confesses his feelings to Cheng Shaoshang. He tells her that she flirted with him first. He adds that he will give up if she doesn’t have feelings for him. Third Princess pours Marquis Yue a drink. She mentions Madam Wenxiu went to be coinage after they spread the bait.

Marquis Yue tells Third Princess that she will get the coins. She worries that they will get punished. He comforts her that they will only get light punishment for using the coins. Buy he worries that she will show off to get him involved.

Tian Shuo bring the wealthy wine to Marquis Yue. Marquis Yue thinks they’re going to be rich. Third Princess complains that Ling Buyi didn’t choose her even if she’s rich. She adds that the guy chose Cheng Shaoshang. She wants to let Cheng Shaoshang know that it’s hard to live in royal family.

Cheng Shaoshang walks out of her house to wait for Ling Buyi. It makes Lian Fang believe that Cheng Shaoshang thinks off Ling Buyi. Cheng Shaoshang explains that what she waits is Xiao Yuanyi. She complains that Xiao Yuanyi doesn’t care for her.

Lian Fang mentions what Xiao Yuanyi said that she can take a break since Empress Xuan is training Cheng Shaoshang. Third Princess sees Cheng Shaoshang. She thinks it’s heaven’s intention. She walks to Cheng Shaoshang. The maid blames Cheng Shaoshang for not greeting Third Princess.

Cheng Shaoshang greets Third Princess. She tries to get up. But Third Princess stops Cheng Shaoshang. She tells her that she should get up when she doesn’t allow her to do that. The maid tells Cheng Shaoshang to get on knees to Third Princess.

Third Princess tells the maid to beat Cheng Shaoshang because she thinks Cheng Shaoshang didn’t respect her. Cheng Shaoshang asks Third Princess why she bullies her since they have no revenge. Third Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that she does it because she robbed her lover. She tells the maid to slap Cheng Shaoshang until Ling Buyi shows up.

Who Saves Cheng Shaoshang When Third Princess Bullies her?

Cheng Shaoshang stops the maids. She thinks Third Princess don’t have Emperor Wen and Empress Xuan in her mind since she knows she came to the palace to study. Third Princess thinks Cheng Shaoshang is good at talking. She tells her that nobody can protect her because the people of Changqiu Palace aren’t there.

Cheng Shaoshang is caught by the maids. She gets slapped. Crown Princess stops the maids. She helps Cheng Shaoshang get up. Third Princess asks Crown Princess if she wants to stop her from giving Cheng Shaoshang a lesson. Crown Princess asks Third Princess if she thinks Empress Xuan didn’t teach Cheng Shaoshang well since she thinks Cheng Shaoshang didn’t follow the rules.

Crown Princess mentions Empress Xuan asked for seeing Cheng Shaoshang. She asks Third Princess if she needs to tell Empress Xuan that she delayed the time. Third Princess explains that she was just kidding. She tells Crown Princess to leave with Cheng Shaoshang since Empress Xuan needs the girl.

Crown Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that Empress Xuan and Ling Buyi will help her if they know what happened. But Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t want to rely on the two. Crown Princess treats Cheng Shaoshang’s wound. She tells Cheng Shaoshang that Third Princess doesn’t put any person of Changqiu palace in her eyes. Because her mom is the woman Emperor Wen loves.

Crown Princess leaks that Third Princess was raised by Marquis Yue so that she’s bossy. Cheng Shaoshang asks Crown Princess if Third Princess has feelings for Ling Buyi. Crown Princess smiles. She reveals Third Princess looked down on Ling Buyi when she was a kid. She adds that Third Princess had feelings for Ling Buyi after he became famous.

Crown Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that Third Princess just wants to get power from Ling Buyi. Cheng Shaoshang thinks her hand was hurt because it covets power. Crown Princess thinks Ling Buyi likes Cheng Shaoshang because she’s a funny woman.

Cheng Shaoshang thinks she cannot take the liking of Ling Buyi. She complains that she was in a lot of trouble. Crown Princess reveals people didn’t like Ling Buyi as well when he got into palace. She adds that Ling Buyi got into more trouble than Cheng Shaoshang did.

Crown Princess reveals Crown Prince saved Ling Buyi after he was pushed into water by someone. She tells Cheng Shaoshang that Ling Buyi liked to ask maids to have meal with him. She adds that Ling Buyi has never had meal with his families since childhood.

Crown Princess leaks that Ling Buyi went to Lantern Festival each time. But he stood in the lanterns to watch the reunion. Crown Prince walks Ling Buyi. He tells him that he heard what Madam Wenxiu did. He adds that Wang Chun wants to apologize to Ling Buyi.

Crown Prince tells Ling Buyi that he and Wang Chun are his left should and right arm. He tells him not to be enemy with Wang Chun. Ling Buyi tells Crown Prince that he wasn’t against Wang Chun because of his person revenge. He thinks he cannot be the carriage general.

Why Cheng Shaoshang Thinks Crown Princess is a Good Person?

Ling Buyi tells Crown Prince to put national business first. He tells him not to hire people because of relatives. He mentions Crown Princess’s brother Sun Sheng who drinks each day. He thinks the guy cannot be the chief of East Palace Guards. He tells Crown Prince to get someone to replace Sun Sheng.

But Crown Prince thinks it’s just an idle job. He wants to drink with Ling Buyi because he hasn’t seen him for a long time. But Ling Buyi rejects it. He claims that he has an important business he needs to deal with. He tries to leave.

Crown Prince stops Ling Buyi. He tells him that Cheng Shaoshang is talking with Crown Princess. He asks him if he wants to leave with Cheng Shaoshang. Crown Princess tells Cheng Shaoshang that she wants to accompany her to return to Changqiu Palace. She tells the maid to prepare a carriage.

Cheng Shaoshang claims that she needs to assist Luo Jitong. Crown Princess knows Cheng Shaoshang worries that she will run into Third Princess again. She tells her that Ling Buyi will attend the banquet as well. She thinks Ling Buyi will protect her.

The maid asks Crown Princess if she prepared the gifts for the chancellors who got into capital. Crown Princess admits it. She hands over the gifts to the maid. But she stops her and takes off her hairpin. She puts the hairpin to the gifts. She tells the maid that she wants to express her kindness because Madam Liang is her old friend.

The maid points out that the hairpin was envoy who gave to Crown Prince. Crown Princess thinks it’s suitable to give the hairpin to the chancellor who took credit. Cheng Shaoshang tells Crown Princess that she wants to step in the royal business because she’s Ling Buyi’s wife.

Crown Prince shows up with Ling Buyi. He smiles to tell him that his wife is good at talking. Cheng Shaoshang greets Crown Prince. Crown Princess tells Ling Buyi to attend the banquet with them. But Ling Buyi wants to leave with Cheng Shaoshang because he has a thing he needs to talk with her.

Ling Buyi tries to hold Cheng Shaoshang’s hand. He sees the injury on her hand. He takes her away. Ling Buyi asks Cheng Shaoshang why she was hurt again. She asks him why he looked for her since he wanted to take back his heart. He points out that he just ran into her.

Cheng Shaoshang decides not to appear in front of Ling Buyi. She tries to leave. But he carries her and makes her have a seat. He asks her who hurt her. She refuses to leak it. He decides to look into it. He tells her not to close to Crown Princess. She wonders why he asked her to do so. She thinks Crown Princess is a good person.

Cheng Shaoshang tells Ling Buyi that her heart is grown by meat even if she was born from a general family. She thinks Crown Princess is like her who isn’t liked by princes and princess. Ling Buyi tells Cheng Shaoshang that he doesn’t wish her to get involved in the business of East Palace.

Cheng Shaoshang mentions Crown Prince saved Ling Buyi when he fell into water. She blames Ling Buyi for only thinking about himself. He reminds her the case of Yanhui Tower. He tells her to stay away from it if she doesn’t want to step in the business of the palace.

Cheng Shaoshang points out that she is learning to get used to the palace. She tells Ling Buyi that she knows she will face the things he faced. She claims that she will know the before one by one. Because she wants to know what kind of person her future husband is.

Ling Buyi asks Cheng Shaoshang if what she did was for him. She denies it. She tells him that she did it for herself. He tells her to do anything she wants to do when he grabs her hands. He looks at her eyes and tells her that he will protect her.

Third Princess brings the gold hairpin to Consort Yue. She thinks it’s match for her. Consort Yue takes a look at the hairpin. She tells Third Princess that she regrets for asking her Third Aunt to take care of her. She wonders why she got rich. She thinks her husband embezzled. Third Princess laughs to reveal she just ran some businesses with someone. She reveals her husband doesn’t know it.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 30 Ending

Episode 30 of Love Like the Galaxy ends with Consort Yue telling people that Emperor Wen and Elder Princess were saved because Huo Chong used money. Ruyang Princess explained that she didn’t know Emperor Wen wanted to get into the mountain. Consort Yue tells Ling Buyi that she and Emperor Wen wish him to give birth for Huo family.

Love Like the Galaxy Chinese Drama: Episode 30 stars Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei.

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