Melancholia: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 5. Seung-Yoo is giving the speech. Ye-Rin watches the speech. She remembers she saw Yoon-Su putting her head on Seung-Yoo’s shoulder. She took a photo of them. Seung-Yoo tells people that infinity is staying with them.

Melancholia: Episode 5 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 5.

The speech makes people in the hall applaud. Hee-Seung tears up. She tells Min-Sik that she was moved by her son. Yeon-Woo tells Jung-A that she’s interested in Seung-Yoo. She learns that her sister needs the boy. She walks to Yoon-Su. She tells her that she was impressed after knowing she taught Seung-Yoo. She walks away.

Hye-Mi does makeup for Ye-Rin and thinks she’s going to be the winner. But Ye-Rin worries that she will get defeated by Seung-Yoo. Yoon-Su shows up. She praises Seung-Yoo and Ye-Rin. But Ye-Rin isn’t happy. She glares at Seung-Yoo. He tells her that she did a great job. But she scolds him and thinks she’s not going to win.

Ye-Rin feels relieved after knowing she made it. Seung-Yoo congratulates her before she leaves. Hee-Seung thrills to stand up after knowing Seung-Yoo is the winner. Sung-Han is surprised that Seung-Yoo is the winner. Seung-Jae tells Sung-Han there’re two winners in the school. Jung-A is embarrassed to thank Seung-Jae.

Seung-Yoo sees Yoon-Su leaving with Sung-Jae when he’s taken photos with the winners. He chases the two. Sung-Jae tells Yoon-Su to have a meal with his friends. But he gets a call from someone. He leaves to pick up the phone. Seung-Yoo pinches Yoon-Su’s clothes. She takes her to outside.

Seung-Yoo stands in front of the car with Yoon-Su. He tells her that he couldn’t breathe when he saw the number on the plate. She asks him for telling the details to her. So he tells her the story of him and Jin-Ho.

It flashes back. Seung-Yoo eats alone at the dining hall. Jin-Ho brings a gift to Seung-Yoo. He tells him that he comes from Korea like him. He praises him after he solved a question. The professor scolds Jin-Ho for giving the wrong answer. Seung-Yoo writes the right answer on the blackboard. He wakes up and finds the papers on the floor. He walks to the balcony, and finds out that Jin-Ho took his life. He cries.

Yoon-Su hugs Seung-Yoo to comfort him when he’s crying. Sung-Jae spots it when he looks for Yoon-Su. Min-Joon meets with Jung-A at the restaurant. He gives her the expensive wine. Yoon-Su tells Seung-Yoo that he doesn’t need to feel guilty for the death of Jin-Ho. She adds that he just fell for the question.

Sung-Jae shows up. He tries to take Yoon-Su after he was told that the two ended the talk. Seung-Yoo bows to Yoon-Su. He walks away. Sung-Jae takes Yoon-Su to the restaurant. He pours wine for her and apologizes to her for what he did. But he tells her that Seung-Yoo has feelings for her.

Yoon-Su doesn’t agree to what Sung-Jae said. He tells her that he trusts her. But he points out that people will misunderstand her. Ye-Rin is in the car. She puts the award into her bag. She remembers Seung-Yoo helped her resolve the problem when she cried.

Seung-Yoo takes a look at the stone Yoon-Su gave him. He remembers she told him to hold it when he’s nervous. He puts the stone on the table, and stares at Yoon-Su’s photo which was taken by him. Yoon-Su deleted all of Seung-Yoo’s photo after she remembered Sung-Jae told her that she cannot conceal the feelings.

The classmates applaud when Seung-Yoo walks in the classroom. They carry him. It makes Ye-Rin and Kyu-Young not happy. Yoon-A waits for Yoon-Su when she arrives at the school. She asks her for sharing the tips how she taught Seung-Yoo and Ye-Rin. She hands over the drinks to her. But Yoon-Su rejects it.

Jung-A gets a call from Min-Joon who tells her that the reporter asked about the youth competition. She asks him if he leaked that Ye-Rin was trained by Professor Cha. He denies. Min-Joon watches the news about Ye-Rin. He’s furious after knowing that Yoon-Su accepted the interview from Yoon-A.

Sung-Jae tells Yoon-Su to accept another interview to explain it to people. She rejects it because she wants to protect Ye-Rin. Ye-Rin returns to her room. She closes the door. She tears up when she worries that she’s going to lose the award.

Hee-Seung tells her husband that Hye-Mi is a bad woman when Seung-Yoo reads the news. Min-Sik thinks his son should get the award instead of Ye-Rin. Yoon-Su reads the news as well. She learns that people ask for dropping the award. She gets a message from Seung-Yoo who worries about her. She tells him to do something for her.

Hye-Mi parks the car at the school. She tells Ye-Rin not to take the class. But Ye-Rin rejects it. So Hye-Mi intends to go with her daughter. Ye-Rin is furious to yell at Hye-Mi. She thinks she’s a troublemaker. She gets off the car. The reporters surround her. They ask her if she got help from Professor Cha.

Ye-Rin cannot hear what the reporters say. Seung-Yoo takes Ye-Rin to run away. She’s happy. But he tells her that he did it because Yoon-Su asked him to do that. She goes to see Yoon-Su. Yoon-Su tells Ye-Rin that she didn’t intend to accept the interview.

Yoon-Su persuades Ye-Rin not to take the shortcut. She thinks it will only hurt herself. She tells her that she can help her if she faces the hard time. But Ye-Rin doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She’s furious to leave the classroom. She runs into Seung-Yoo.

Ye-Rin tells Seung-Yoo that she’s strong when he pities her. Min-Joon calls Jung-A and asks her for helping his daughter about the midterm. She rejects it because she thinks she helped him enough. Yoon-Su visits Jung-A and tells her that she wants to meet with Min-Joon and Hye-Mi.

Melancholia: Episode 5 stars Lim Soo-Jung, Lee Do-Hyun and Jin Kyung.

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