Melancholia: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 6. Yoon-Su holds the umbrella for Seung-Yoo when it’s raining. She asks him what he said. He is close to her and asks her what she wants him to do if he falls for her. But she pretends not to know his feelings when the car drives by. He hands over the gift to her and walks away.

Melancholia: Episode 6 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Melancholia: Episode 6.

Ye-Rin gives the photo of Yoon-Su and Seung-Yoo to Jung-A. She asks him for helping her with the midterm test. Jung-A laughs because she thinks Ye-Rin has been smart. But she still rejects it. She tells her to do that when the day comes. She returns the phone to her. Ye-Rin walks away.

Yoon-Su opens the gift and finds out that it’s a photo of her. She remembers Seung-Yoo confessed his feelings to her. She gets a call from Sung-Jae who asks her for meeting with his parents. He notes that she’s tired. Hyun-Il tells Yoon-Su not to talk about something bad regarding Ye-Rin. But She reveals Ye-Rin broke her bicycle and points out that the parent’s behavior can influence the kid.

Sung-Jae is driving. He thinks they will do anything they can for their children. Yoon-Su talks back that it doesn’t mean they should hurt other children. He parks the car in the street and grabs her hand. He thinks she has changed. She thinks it’s because of their wedding. She tells him that she wants to give the invitation card to her dad. She gets off the car.

Seung-Yoo writes something on the table. He has the conclusion that he loves Yoon-Su. He tells Hyun-Wook that he doesn’t want to prove. Hyun-Wook sighs. Seung-Yoo leaves the hospital. He gets a message from someone who asks him for attending the meeting. He remembers Yoon-Su told him to attend the meeting.

Yoon-Su gets off the bus and walks to the hospital. Seung-Yoo doesn’t see her. He gets on another bus. She takes care of Hyun-Wook until he falls asleep. She takes a look at the family photo, telling him that she’s going to get married. She leaves the invitation card and sees the papers.

Seung-Yoo walks on the campus. He gets a message from Yoon-Su who asks for a meeting up. He walks into the classroom. She learns that he visited her dad. She thanks him for showing his conclusion to her dad. He tells her that he got invited to the meeting. She feels happy for him.

Yoon-Su tells Seung-Yoo that he will get hurt in the end if he continues to waste time on her. She tells him that she thinks he will reach the goal until he’s strong enough. She returns the photo to him, telling him that she cannot accept it. He takes the photo and walks away.

Seung-Yoo studies in the library. Ye-Rin takes a look at him. Kyu-Young notes it. Seung-Yoo is taken away by his friends. Kyu-Young walks to Seung-Yoo’s seat. He sees the photo in his bag. Seung-Yoo gets a message from Kyu-Young who asks for a meeting up.

Seung-Yoo finds Kyu-Young at the playground. Kyu-Young thinks Seung-Yoo fears him. He asks him not to make his score higher than him and tells him that he will hang Yoon-Su’s photo in the classroom. Seung-Yoo is furious and tries to beat Kyu-Young. But Kyu-Young tells Seung-Yoo that he will tell the classmates that he has feelings for Yoon-Su. He walks away.

Seung-Yoo stops Kyu-Young. He tells him not to hurt Yoon-Su. He claims that he will protect her, and swears to get the highest score on the test. He walks away. Ye-Rin sees it. Yoon-Su gets a message from Min-Sik who asks for a meeting up.

Yoon-Su goes to the cafe to see Min-Sik. She asks him if Seung-Yoo prepared enough for the test. He tries to tell something to her. But Hee-Seung brings the tea to Yoon-Su. She tells Yoon-Su that her son studied hard for the test. She grabs her hand and thanks her for helping her son.

Hye-Mi is exercising. She receives the test papers from Myung-Jin. It makes her happy. She walks into Ye-Rin’s room and gives the test papers to her. She tells her to put the questions and the answers into her mind. The classmates talk about Seung-Yoo and mention he got the full marks. It makes Kyu-Young angry.

Ye-Rin takes a look at her test papers. She finds out that she answered one question wrong. She calls Hye-Mi and reports it to her. The classmate slaps Ye-Rin’s shoulder. It startles her. The classmate tells Ye-Rin that Yoon-Su wants to see her.

Teacher Kim tells Myung-Jin that they changed the question after he returned home. He’s shocked. Ye-Rin walks into the teacher’s office. Yoon-Su asks Ye-Rin for explaining the question she answered. But Myung-Jin walks into the office and asks Yoon-Su for a talk. So she lets Ye-Rin leave.

Myung-Jin blames Yoon-Su for changing the question. He tells her to inform him before she makes the decision. Myung-Jin calls Hye-Mi and tells her that Yoon-Su has known it. He tells her to be careful. Min-Joon shows up behind Hye-Mi. It startles her. The phone drops to the floor.

Min-Joon picks up the phone and tries to talk to Myung-Jin. But Hye-Mi takes the phone away. He yells at her when she tries to explain it. Jin-Hee takes a look at the test papers of Ye-Rin. She thinks Myung-Jin leaked the question sheet to Ye-Rin. But she doesn’t have the evidence. Yoon-Su wants to look into it.

Jin-Hee is against it. She worries that Ye-Rin will ask them to take the duty because the test doesn’t end. Yoon-Su rides the bicycle. She’s going to leave the school. Min-Joon drives his car and arrives at the school. He almost hits her. Min-Joon visits Jung-A and asks her for forgiving his daughter. But she tells him that the question sheet was given by her.

Melancholia: Episode 6 stars Lim Soo-Jung, Lee Do-Hyun and Jin Kyung.

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