Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 7-8

In the 7-8th episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap, Dao Mingsi beats up Hua Zelei after seeing he kissed Shan Cai on beach. Shan Cai feels guilty as she broke up their friendship, and runs into Dao Mingzhuang who invites her to Dao Mingsi’s home after seeing her wound.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

Meteor Garden 2018

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Episodes 7-8.

Li Zhen takes Dao Mingsi home, but he forgets it next day. She is sad, and scolds him why he ignores her. He cannot answer him as he never loves her. She is out of mind, and says Shan Cai slept with another man. He flees away.

Shan Cai runs into two thugs in the alleys, they want to touch her. She cries out, and Dao Mingsi beats them up. He takes her home to apply ointment, and asks about Tomas. She denies, he pushes her over, and kisses her confessing his love.

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He finds out the photos was shot by Li Zhen, and takes Shan Cai to her home. Li Zhen denies until Xi Men threatens to sue her. Shan Cai cannot believe it, and asks Li Zhen why she did it on her. Li Zhen says that she was jealous of her since she went to Hainan with Dao Mingsi.

Li Zhen’s bad action is spread in the campus, and the classmates blame her. Shan Cai goes to explain it to them. Li Zhen asks her why she helped her, Shan Cai says that she cherishes their friendship. Li Zhen realizes the reason why Dao Mingsi fell for Shan Cai.

Dao Mingsi bought Shan Cai a new phone, but she doesn’t want to accept it. Just then Hua Zelei shows up, and Shan Cai stares at him with worship. Dao Mingsi is jealous of Hua Zelei.

Hua Zelei takes a pretty girl to the gathering, and flirts with her. Shan Cai is curious what happened on him after he went to Paris. He asks her if she is seeing Dao Mingsi, she denies. He asks her to be his girlfriend. She is startled as he nevers says such words to her.

Dao Mingsi takes Shan Cai to go on vacation, and lives together. She is scared, and he tells her that he won’t touch her before they’re in relationship. She runs into Hua Zelei on beach while he is alone. He leans on her shoulder, and says he feels lonely in the evening. He asks her to hug him to get her warmth.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 8

Dao Mingsi wakes up, and doesn’t see Shan Cai. He asks Xi Men to look for her with him, but she returns. The next day, he knows she and Hua Zelei stayed on beach last night. Shan Cai sees the news that Teng Tangjing is going to get marry with mayor’s son. She goes to look for Hua Zelei after Dao Mingsi fell asleep.

She tears up, and asks Hua Zelei why he cannot get his happiness. He kisses her to wipe her tears, and Dao Mingsi show up. Dao Mingsi is furious, and beats Hua Zelei.

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The next day, Dao Mingsi leaves alone, and Shan Cai feels guilty when seeing his message. She thinks he blacklisted her, and he releases his temper with exercise. Mei Zuo and Xi Men don’t want to be Hua Zelei’s friend since he stole Shan Cai from Dao Mingsi. Hua Zelei doesn’t want to explain it, and draws Dao Mingsi at the rooftop.

He asks Shan Cai out, and isn’t happy when she mentions Teng Tangjing. He is nervous during their first date. She tells Xiao You about it, and Xiao You asks her about the feeling with Dao Mingsi. Shan Cai reveals she feels easy with Dao Mingsi, but feels tried with Hua Zelei because she wants to show her best side to him.

Shan Cai runs into Dao Mingzhuang when saving an old lady at the street. Dao Mingzhuang takes her home to treats the wound, but Shan Cai is embarrassed because she doesn’t want to see Dao Mingsi.

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