Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are the 1-2th episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap, Shan Cai runs into F4’s Ming Si because he trod her phone, and falls for Ze Lei. But Ze Lei loves his senior Tang Jing. Ming Si is interested Shan Cai after she kicked his face.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Meteor Garden 2018

Note: These are specific plot spoilers for Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2.

F4’s fans drops Shan Cai’s phone, so she goes to take her phone. But her phone is trodden by one of F4. She doesn’t know who broke her phone, and follows the suspect’s shoes. But she is treated as assailant, and gets warning by school.

Cai Jie explains to Shan Cai about F4’s details, and Shan Cai knows why they are popular. They’re good at playing bridge, and always the winners. She wants to challenge them, so she goes to the bridge room, and asks the Ming Si to apologize. But he ignores her, so she abuses him. Ze Lei is nice to Shan Cai, she appreciates him.

Shan Cai makes a cake for Li Zhen, and gives to her. But she drops the cake to Ming Si’s head. He hates Shan Cai more, and sends her the joker.

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Xin Hui asks Shan Cai to film Ming Si, so he takes her phone. He orders dishes from her, and throws it off. Shan Cai get angry, and scolds him. He casts the foods on her clothes. She wants to clean up her clothes, and runs into two thugs who wants to be indecent assault of her. Ze Lei shows up, and tells her to hide her sadness. She gets the guts to kick Ming Si, and left a sign on his face.

Ze Lei makes Ming Si into a mummy, and films it. Shan Cai gets famous because of kicking Ming Si, but Xin Hui hates her. Shan Cai returns the handkerchief to Ze Lei, but he rejects it.

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Ming Si sends his followers to pick up Shan Cai, and wants her to apologize, but she suspects it. He dresses her up, and tells her that Ze Lei isn’t suitable for her. He asks her to be his woman, and thinks she fell for him. But she rejects it.

The next day, he thinks she just pretends to be tough while passing through, and wants to give her a lesson. But nobody supports him. Ze Lei orders milk tea at Shan Cai’s shop, and she is blushing.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Xin Hui sees Shan Cai and Ze Lei smiling at rooftop, and reminds her that he loves her senior Tang Jing. Shan Cai is unhappy after knowing he loves some else. But he kisses her, and says that she is cute. She is enjoying his kiss, and ignores Ming Si. He is in anger, and tells her that he changed her hairstyle, and claims he didn’t change it for her.

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Tang Jing gets back school, and hugs Ze Lei. Shan Cai lost her confidence, and realizes that she and Ze Lei live in different world. F4 are happy because of Tang Jing’s return, except Ze Lei. He blames her for shooting the nasty photoshoots. Shan Cai doesn’t want to be related with F4 because of Ze Lei, but Ming Zi doesn’t want to forgive her. He sends Qin He a joker since he is Shan Cai’s best friend. She tells Qin He not to accept the challenge.

Ming Si says that Qin He is a coward, and Shan Cai is in anger. He chases her in the dining room, and makes her trip. He is happy, and mocks at her. But Ze Lei shows up, and wants to take her. But Ming Si grasps her hand, and doesn’t want to release until she says it’s hurt. Tang Jing is interested in Shan Cai since Ze Lei helped her. She borrow her clothes to Shan Cai.

Shan Cai passes out at the gate, Ming Si goes to see her with gift. She asks him why he visited her. He touches her hair, and says that he wants to make sure if her illness is real.

Ming Si invites Shan Cai to Hawaii, but she is broke. He wants to treat her, but she refuses. She wants to go to Sanya with Qin He. But his yacht cannot be started, Ming Si shows up with F4 mocking at them. She just ignores him, and Tang Jing invites her to her party.

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