Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 9-10

In the 9-10th episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap, Dao Mingsi decides to give up Shan Cai as he robbed Hua Zelei’s toy ever. Hua Zelei didn’t touch Shan Cai because he still cherishes their friendship. But she is scared when Dao Mingsi is going to go to Uk with his sister.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 9

Meteor Garden 2018

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Episodes 9-10.

Dao Mingsi thinks Shan Cai goes to his house to show off her new love, and catches her. He hurts her wound by mistake, and Dao Mingzhuang kicks him up. She wraps up her wound, and keeps her for dinner.

Shan Cai is drunk, and tells Dao Mingzhuang about the vacation, and feels guilty. He shows up, and comforts her. Dao Mingzhuang leaves, and lets them stay alone. She investigates Shan Cai, and asks her to consider Dao Mingsi as her boyfriend, and reveals he wants to be loved.

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The next day, Shan Cai walks Hua Zelei around campus, and runs into Dao Mingsi. Dao Mingsi is in anger, and tells Mei Zuo to replace Hua Zelei with Chen Qinhe in F4. Shan Cai blocks his way, and apologizes to him. But he thinks her apology was for Hua Zelei, and wants to challenge him.

Shan Cai asks Dao Mingzhuang to persuade her brother, but Dao Mingzhuang thinks the only one who can convince Dao Mingsi is her. She asks Hua Zelei to teach her bridge skill, and is embarrassed when Dao Mingsi is there. She tells Dao Mingsi that she will defeat him with Hua Zelei. Dao Mingsi is silent, and hugs her.

He tells her he will cancel the bet if she says she loves him, but she breaks away from him. He is disappointed with her, and says he won’t have mercy on her. She is tough, and says that she won’t give in.

Hua Zelei tells Shan Cai the fast way to defeat opponent in the bridge is to hide her car, and asks her to cheat him. He asks her if she likes Dao Mingsi, she denies. He asks her if she wants to keep him, she says yes. He promises her that he will try his best to protect her.

Dao Mingsi asks Shan Cai about the bet, she tells him to forgive Hua Zelei if she wins. She thinks he will win during the challenge, but Dao Mingsi throws off his last card. She is happy for defeating Dao Mingsi. But Hua Zelei points out Dao Mingsi gave up to win.

Meteor Garden 2018 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 10

Dao Mingzhuang asks Shan Cai about her relationship with Hua Zelei. Shan Cai reveals they dated once, Dao Mingzhuang laughs thinking they’re not in relationship. Hua Zelei apologizes to Shan Cai, and thinks she is in relationship with Dao Mingsi if it’s not because of him. She says that she wants to be him best friend in her life, and he kisses her forehead.

Dao Mingzhuang is talking about her brother’s temper with Xi Men and Mei Zuo when Dao Mingsi returns home. She tells him that Shan Cai and Hua Zelei is staying alone in the room, and asks him to bless them. He tells Xi Men that he robbed Hua Zelei’s toy, and has felt uncomfortable until now, and decides to pay off it. Xi Men realizes he means Shan Cai, and Dao Mingsi decides to give up.

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Shan Cai runs into Dao Mingsi at the campus, and he returns the note to her. He runs into Hua Zelei at the snooker club, and leaves with temper. Xi Men asks Hua Zelei what he did on Shan Cai, Hua Zelei tells him that he won’t betray their friendship. Dao Mingsi tells Dao Mingzhuang that he wants to go to UK with her, she thinks he is too childish.

Shan Cai blames Dao Mingsi why he didn’t tell her after knowing he is going to UK, he says that he is going to get a western girlfriend. She is furious, and burns her hand after returning the restaurant she works. He comes to the restaurant, and asks Shan Cai to serve him. He is rude to her colleague Tian Ye, and Shan Cai drives him away. He is disappointed to her, and thinks he doesn’t need to say goodbye to her before he leaves.

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