My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 15 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 15. Xiao Qi tells the reporters that she isn’t Fang Leng’s girlfriend. But the reporters still wonder why Fang Leng helped Xiao Qi. Jiang Xue tells them that it’s a charity that Fang Leng helped Xiao Qi.

My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 15 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 15

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 15.

Xiao Qi sees the two off, and goes to the restroom. She sighs and thinks it’s over. Jiang Xue thanks Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi claims that it’s nothing, and asks Jiang Xue to tell Fang Leng about her leaving. Jiang Xue tells Xiao Qi that Fang Leng intended to make media to pay attention to his new love relation.

Jiang Xue tells Xiao Qi that she wanted to get her to admit that she didn’t have any relationship with Fang Leng. She adds that she wanted to make her remember that she doesn’t deserve to get Fang Leng’s love. She says that he will never fall for her.

Jiang Xue tells Xiao Qi to think about tonight before she flirts with Fang Leng. Xiao Qi tells Jiang Xue that she didn’t flirt with Fang Leng. Jiang Xue gives Xiao Qi a slap. She tells her the the slap was because she robbed him, and tells her to get lost.

Xiao Qi asks Jiang Xue to apologize to her. Jiang Xue rejects it. So Xiao Qi slaps back and tells Jiang Xue that she can beat her without Fang Leng’s protecting. Jiang Xue wants to give Xiao Qi a slap again. But Xiao Qi holds her arm.

Jiang Xue pretends to get tripped after she sees Fang Leng. Fang Leng asks Jiang Xue if she was hurt. She says that Xiao Qi dislikes her. Xiao Qi explains that Jiang Xue hit her first. But Fang Leng doesn’t believe it, and tells Xiao Qi that they doesn’t belong to same world. He walks away with Jiang Xue.

Xiao Qi wonders why Fang Leng is changed when she walks. Fang Lie runs into her. She wants to leave. But he stops her and asks about her face. He asks her who hit her. She says that she fought it back, and the person is injured as well. He thinks Fang Leng bullied her again, and intends to drag her to see Fang Leng. But she tells him that Jiang Xue did it.

Fang Leng helps Jiang Xue have a seat, and wants to call doctor. But she doesn’t want to bring trouble as there’re many reporters there. He feels sorry and thinks Xiao Qi didn’t intend to do that. She thinks he didn’t have to apologize because the person who made mistake was Xiao Qi.

Jiang Xue asks Fang Leng if he believes what Xiao Qi said. He tells her that Xiao Qi wouldn’t hurt people. He wishes her not to put the thing in her mind. She agrees not to blame Xiao Qi. She claims that she did it for him. He intends to get someone to escort Xiao Qi. Xiang Xue thinks Fang Leng still cares for his ex-girlfriend.

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