“Never Say Goodbye” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Never Say Goodbye” is a new Chinese action drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about an agent Liu Yuanwen who is asked to get into Group K to find the criminal evidence of Mr. Ou. But he encounters a beautiful girl Ou Kexin who’s Mr. Ou’s daughter.

Zhang Junning and Ren Jialun are the lead actors.

Zhang Junning starred Chinese historical drama “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace” in 2018. She plays the role Consort Yu. She also starred “Here to Heart” in same year. She played a woman who almost forgets her lover. But the man shows up again and becomes her boss.

Ren Jialun starred Chinese romance dramaMiss Crow with Mr. Lizard” in 2021. He played a president who is heartless because he has a mechanical heart. But his heart is warmed by a girl. He also starred “Love a Lifetime” in 2020.

Never Say Goodbye (2021)

Never Say Goodbye


Title: Never Say Goodbye

Director: Yin Fei

Writer: Chen Xue

Network: Aiqiyi, Tengxun Video

Runtime: From Jun. 22

Episodes: 47

Language: Chinese


Liu Yuanwen walks into the ship. He sees a guy who’s mouth is sealed. The guy tells him that there’s a bomb after he saved him. He asks for money and tells him that he can ruin the bomb. The guy agrees to it and tells Liu Yuanwen that Li Ruosheng can give him more if he saved him. He adds that Li Ruosheng is kidnapped by Mr. Cao.

Mr. Cao throws the phone to Li Ruosheng and tells him to call his godfather. Li Ruosheng asks Mr. Cao for releasing him. But Mr. Cao rejects it. Li Ruosheng tells Mr. Cao that he’s not close to Mr. Ou. Mr. Cao tells his followers to cut Li Ruosheng’s hands.

Li Ruosheng goes to see Mr. Cao. But Mr. Cao asks for a discount after he saw the goods. Li Ruosheng tries to leave. But Mr. Cao keeps Li Ruosheng.

Li Ruosheng explains to Mr. Cao that he called Mr. Ou godfather because he didn’t want to get bullied. Mr. Cao kicks Li Ruosheng over. Li Ruosheng fails to contact Mr. Ou. Mr. Cao tells the followers to throw Li Ruosheng into the sea. Li Ruosheng tells Mr. Cao that he has another number of Mr. Ou.

Liu Yuanwen sets a fire and calls the police. The police searches for the location of the phone. The follower reports to Mr. Cao that there’s a fire. Mr. Cao intends to throw Li Ruosheng into the sea. Liu Yuanwen shows up to save Li Ruosheng. He takes him to walk out of the building. The police comes.

Li Ruosheng is furious to beat the bodyguards after he returned to his room. He praises Liu Yuanwen but asks him why he saved him. He reveals he thought he’s going to get rich if he saved him. Li Ruosheng gets the bodyguard to give the bank card to Liu Yuanwen. He tells him that he will earn more if he follows him. But Liu Yuanwen doesn’t want to step in Li Ruosheng’s business.

Liu Hanshan meets with Liu Yuanwen and tells him that his name is Mu Qing. He tells him to wait for Li Ruosheng looking for him. But Liu Yuanwen thinks he needs some time to be close to Mr. Ou because Li Ruosheng isn’t important to the boss.

Li Ruosheng waits for Liu Yuanwen and takes him to the restaurant to enjoy the meal. Liu Yuanwen tells Li Ruosheng not to use the tricks he used in girls. But Li Ruosheng claims that he only use the tricks on brothers. He tells Liu Yuanwen that he knows all of the details of him. He wants him to join them.

Liu Yuanwen tells Li Ruosheng that he has his rules. But Li Ruosheng points out that the rules mean nothing when the loan shark asks him to repay the debts. He tells him that he needs his help. Liu Yuanwen agrees to it.

Li Ruosheng brings the breakfast to Liu Yuanwen and tells him that he made it for his lover. Liu Yuanwen cannot stand it. Li Ruosheng complains that Mr. Ou doesn’t accept him even if they worked hard for him.


Zhang Junning as Ou Kexin

She’s an innocent girl who doesn’t know what her father did. She begins to hit on Liu Yuanwen after he helped her chase the thief.

Ren Jialun as Liu Yuanwen (Mu Qing)

He feels guilty for his ex-girlfriend’s death. He’s interested in Ou Kexin because she’s like his ex-girlfriend. He becomes her bodyguard after knowing her identity.

Kou Shixun as Mr. Ou

He created K Group and did many bad things. He doesn’t want his daughter to get involved in his business.

Zhang Xilin as Liu Hanshan

He’s the chief police who wants to catch Mr. Ou. He gives Liu Yuanwen a new identity Mu Qing, and gets him to join K Group.

Liu Enou as Rong Yao

He used to be Liu Yuanwen’s best friend. But he hates him because his sister died for him.

Xiong Naijin as Li Yimeng

She’s Rong Yao’s follower. She has feelings for him.

Xuan Yan as Li Ruosheng

He’s the thug who wants to replace Mr. Ou. He lets Liu Yuanwen join K Group after seeing his talent.

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