Once We Get Married: Episode 15 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 15. Gu Xixi tells Mo Zixin that she wants to go home when she rides on his back. He tells her that the car which picks her up is going to come. She tells him that she likes Yin Sichen, asking Yin Sichen if he likes her or not.

Once We Get Married: Episode 15 Recap

Once We Get Married

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 15.

Mo Zixin confesses his feelings to Gu Xixi. Lin Xiaoya sees the article which badmouths Gu Xixi. It makes her angry. She tells Gu Xixi that Ran Xiwei explained it to the reporters when others attacked Gu Xixi.

It flashes back. Ran Xiwei asks Gu Xixi why she ended the contract with Alex. Gu Xixi tells Ran Xiwei that she rejected Alex because she wanted to open a store on her own. She admits that Alex works gave her some ideas. She adds that she wishes to be the outstanding designer like Alex.

Gu Xixi tells Lin Xiaoya that the article contains what she said to Ran Xiwei. Lin Xiaoya thinks the article was done Ran Xiwei. She adds that Ran Xiwei did it for Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi uses the laptop. She tries to find a way to save her store.

Yin Sichen shows up. He asks her why she didn’t tell the matter to him. She ignores him. He opens the laptop, telling her that the fans don’t want to see that. She tells him that she didn’t do anything wrong. He tells her to wait for some time until people forget it. He tells her that he would do that if the thing happened to his store. He tells her to be rational.

Gu Xixi realizes that she and Yin Sichen are different people. Yin Sichen tells Gu Xixi that he wants to help her. He mentions the dancing party. She tells him to leave because she needs to work. Yin Sichen leaves Gu Xixi’s office. He gets into the car. He tries to get off the car after he realized his goal. But he gives up the mind because he wants her to take a break.

Yin Sichen returns home and notes that Gu Xixi is still replying the fans. He helps Gu Xixi comment. Gu Xixi is tired. She thinks Yin Sichen was right that she should calm down. She notes that there’s a guy who help her talk back to the fans. She’s happy to thank him.

Yin Sichen wakes up. He sees the message Gu Xixi sent to him. He smiles but he complains that Gu Xixi didn’t go home last night. Yin Sichen brings the coffee to Gu Xixi. But he sees Mo Zixin in her office. Yin Sichen reminds Gu Xixi that she has gotten married. He asks Mo Zixin if he’s not busy.

Mo Zixin tells Yin Sichen that he misunderstood him. He adds that he’s talking with Gu Xixi about how to deal with the matter. He thinks he should care for the store because he’s the shareholder. Yin Sichen asks Gu Xixi for being the shareholder of her store because he’s her husband. She doesn’t want to talk with him. Mo Zixin drives Yin Sichen away. Yin Sichen leaves the coffee on the store.

Gu Xixi apologizes to Mo Zixin, buying him a meal. Yin Sichen complains to Fei Ang why he cannot to be the shareholder. Fei Ang tells Yin Sichen not to provoke Gu Xixi. He thinks he should resolve his wife’s matter first. Yin Sichen thinks Ran Xiwei did it too much.

Yin Sichen visits Ran Xiwei. She mentions he didn’t pick up her phone. He tells her that he heard that she got attacked because of the article. She tells him that she is fine. He mentions Gu Xixi got attacked. She explains that she wanted to help Gu Xixi become famous.

Yin Sichen tells Ran Xiwei that he save the article. He tells her that the guy had a problem to describe the store. He thinks she shouldn’t make the mistake. She explains that she let the follower review the article because she was too busy. She comforts him that she will help Gu Xixi if she needs any help.

Yin Sichen tells Ran Xiwei that he doesn’t allow anyone to hurt Gu Xixi. He tells her to end it there. She thinks Gu Xixi badmouthed her. He tells her not to ruin their friendship. She tears up. Yin Sichen is driving. He smiles when Grandma texted him that Gu Xixi went home. But he gets a call from President Shang who tells him that Ran Xiwei is drunk. He asks him for coming to the bar. Yin Sichen arrives at the bar. President Shang leaves Ran Xiwei to him.

Yin Sichen wakes Ran Xiwei up. She asks him why he was so cold to her. She asks him if the love and tacit understanding aren’t real. She asks him if she has a position in his mind. He tells her that she’s very important to him. But she’s just a friend to him like Shang Ke.

Ran Xiwei feels sad. She asks Yin Sichen if they’re actually just friends. She mentions each friend of them thinks they should get together. She asks him why he ignored all of her kindness and pretended not to see it. Yin Sichen tells Ran Xiwei what he sees is that she is his friend. He thinks she’s right that they get used to the existence of each other. But he points out that it’s not love.

Yin Sichen tells Ran Xiwei that some people don’t want to part once they encounter. Ran Xiwei learns that the person is Gu Xixi. She thinks Yin Sichen has fallen for the girl. Yin Sichen tells Ran Xiwei that he doesn’t want to see Gu Xixi getting any hurt. He walks away. She tears up and drinks the wine. Yin Sichen returns home. He touches Gu Xixi’s hair when she falls asleep. He leaves her room.

Gu Xixi completes the statement. She asks Lin Xiaoya to take a look at the statement. Lin Xiaoya thinks the statement is very good. She wants to post it to Weibo. But Gu Xixi wants to wait for some days. Because Yin Sichen told her to reply after the fans calm down. She thinks he was right.

Lin Xiaoya wonders why Gu Xixi is so obedient. She mentions Gu Xixi scolded Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi mentions someone can pick up treasure from trash. He thinks Yin Sichen has many ways even if he’s a bad person. Lin Xiaoya realizes that the id doesn’t belong to the man Gu Xixi found. Gu Xixi takes a look at the id. She finds out that it’s Yin Sichen. She wants to scold him.

Lin Xiaoya stops Gu Xixi. She thinks Yin Sichen just wanted to help them. Gu Xixi mentions her husband told her to calm down but he fought with the fans. Lin Xiaoya thinks Yin Sichen just couldn’t stand it when people scolded his wife. She tells Gu Xixi to take a break.

Yin Sichen gets a message from Gu Xixi who tells him not to care for her business. He tries to explain it. But he finds out that she blocked him. Mo Zixin visits Gu Xixi. He tells her that the media will go against their store. He wants to use the public relation team of Wenye Group to help CICI. But Gu Xixi is against it. She wants to take a chance to prove herself to people.

Mi Zixin thinks it’s great idea. But Gu Xixi still doesn’t find the way. She needs some time. He wants to find the way with her, and reminds her that he will be always her supporter. Lin Xiaoya agrees to what Mo Zixin said. Shang Ke wants to see Mu Ruona. So she walks into his office, and throws the files to the table. She asks him to sign it.

But Shang Ke asks Mu Ruona what she wants to eat. He confesses his feelings to her. He tries to kiss her but he gets a call from Mom. Mom tells Shang Ke to have dinner with Aunt Zhao’s daughter. But he tells her that he has a girlfriend. He hangs up.

Mu Ruona asks Shang Ke why he told their love relationship to his mom. She tells him that she doesn’t want everyone to know it. She’s furious to walk away. Grandma runs to Gu Xixi. She asks her to take a look at the clothes she wears.

Gu Xixi holds Grandma’s hands to dance. She thinks it’s beautiful. Grandma tells Gu Xixi that she bought it from her store. Gu Xixi wants to wear a similar dress going shopping with Grandma. Grandma thinks it’s a good idea. The two walk at the mall. The girl spots them. She asks them where they bought the dresses. She adds that she wants to give it to her mom as a birthday present.

Gu Xixi thinks the best way to prove herself is to make the girls look beautiful at the street. Lin Xiaoya thinks it’s a good idea. She asks Gu Xixi how she thought about it. Gu Xixi reveals the idea was given by Grandma. She thinks she needs to help the people who don’t want to chance their styles. She tells Lin Xiaoya to spread the news.

The follower reports to Ran Xiwei about Gu Xixi’s plan. She tells her that Gu Xixi is promoting the event. Ran Xiwei praises Gu Xixi. She tells the follower not to accept any promoting of CICI. Yin Sichen watches Gu Xixi who’s working at the store. Fei Ang reminds Yin Sichen that he needs to go home. But Yin Sichen wants to stay in the car for a while.

Fei Ang tells Yin Sichen that Gu Xixi didn’t get the result she wants even if she did the plan. He reveals all of the media rejected Gu Xixi. He adds that there’s a meeting tomorrow. Fei Ang tells Yin Sichen not to be late for his wife. Lin Xiaoya thrills to tell Gu Xixi that the TV mentions them. Gu Xixi watches the footage. She finds out that Yin Sichen helped her.

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Gu Xixi sees the message which was sent by Yin Sichen. He explains to her that he didn’t know the one who wore the mask was her. Gu Xixi tells Lin Xiaoya that he didn’t see the words because she blocked Yin Sichen. Yin Sichen shows up. Gu Xixi is moved to stare at him because he wears the shirt she made for him.

Yin Sichen thinks he should keep the shirt because it was made by his wife. Gu Xixi runs to hug Yin Sichen. She cries to tell him that she knew what happened at the dancing party. He hugs her back and asks her out. She agrees to it.

Gu Xixi texts Yin Sichen that she cannot keep the appointment because she has a business. He gets angry. Ran Xiwei visits Yin Sichen and brings the seafood noodles to him. She mentions what he said that he will remember it forever after she ate up the seafood noodles. But he tells her that he’s forgotten it.

Ran Xiwei tells Yin Sichen that she was very happy because he kept staying with her. She tells him that the seafood noodles was cooked by her, and reveals she learned the dish from the chef. She says that she learned the cooking because of him.

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Ran Xiwei tells Yin Sichen that she wanted to cook the dish for him everyone. She tells him that she can cook it for him anytime if he wants to eat it. Lin Xiaoya texts Yin Sichen that Gu Xixi’s family is in trouble. Yin Sichen tells Ran Xiwei that he needs to leave. She wants to wait for him. He rejects it and tells her not to cook the seafood noodles for him. He runs away.

Once We Get Married: Episode 15 stars Wang Ziqi, Wang Yuwen and Zhong Lili.

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