Once We Get Married: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 13. Yin Sichen blames Gu Xixi for rejecting Alex. He tells her that many people will thank her for working overtime. He has a meeting with the employees, talking about how to deal with the matter.

Once We Get Married: Episode 13 Recap

Once We Get Married

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Once We Get Married: Episode 13.

Alex calls Yin Sichen and blames him for leaking the news to the media. He doesn’t want to see him again. Yin Sichen thinks he should find Gu Xixi, taking her to apologize to Alex. Gu Xixi asks Lin Xiaya if she told the message to people. She thinks she got Yin Sichen involved.

Gu Xixi goes to see Yin Sichen. But she hears him telling the follower over the phone that he will get her to break the gift and ask her to compensate. He adds that she obeys him. She’s furious to leave. He says that he wants to move her with his true heart. The follower tells Yin Sichen that the person who leaked the news is a friend of Ran Xiwei.

Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya open their store. There’re many customer coming. It makes Lin Xiaoya tired. Lin Xiaoya is very happy after knowing their business runs well. But Gu Xixi is sad to tell her friend that she lives in the miserable world. The follower picks up Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi arrives at the restaurant. He sees Yin Sichen. He gets her to have a seat. She tells him to give the stuff to her. Because she has known it. He hands over the little box to her. She thinks it’s the box of Pandora. She asks him how he will make her break the stuff inside the box.

Gu Xixi tells Yin Sichen that she heard the talk he did with Fei Ang. She thinks he will control her fate when she opens the box. She’s furious to leave. He tells her to open the box. She rejects it and walks away. Yin Sichen picks up Alex, taking him to the store of Gu Xixi.

Yin Sichen tells Alex that Gu Xixi rejected him because the store has been her dream. He tells him that he will support Gu Xixi. He hands over the new contract to him. But Alex rejects Yin Sichen’s plan. Yin Sichen tells the employees that he got rejected. He tells them to leave if they want to do that. But they want to stay in the company. He tells them about his plan.

Gu Xixi opens the box and finds a coin inside. She remembers she threw the coin to the pool by mistake, telling Yin Sichen that the coin was given by her father. Yin Sichen tells Gu Xixi that he caught a cold for getting the coin. He asks her for taking Ferris wheel with him. She’s moved.

Gu Xixi visits Alex. She touches the ring around her ring finger. She explains to Alex that she rejected him because she had another plan. She tells him not to misunderstand Yin Sichen. He denies and tells her that he rejected Yin Sichen.

Gu Xixi begs Alex to take back his words, telling him that she will work for him. She tells him that she wants to do something for her husband. But he tells her that Yin Sichen won’t be happy if he promised her. He reveals Yin Sichen take him to her store, asking him for respecting her dream. He thinks he took away her dream.

Alex thinks Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen are the people who want to pay for each other. Gu Xixi learns that Alex agrees to her demand. He laughs and tells her that he just agrees to Yin Sichen’s plan. She’s moved.

Gu Xixi bumps Fei Ang and sees the papers. She asks him if Yin Sichen wants to rent the store. He admits it and tells her that Yin Sichen doesn’t see it. He thinks he doesn’t have to give the papers to Yin Sichen. Because Alex rejected them. But she thinks there will be a chance, and tells him to go to see Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen ends the talk with Alex. He jumps when he sees Fei Ang. He tells him that Alex agreed to their plan. Fei Ang mentions what Gu Xixi said that there will be a chance. Yin Sichen brings the drinks to Gu Xixi when she’s painting. He keeps calling her name. But she tells him not to speak.

Gu Xixi notes that Yin Sichen is staring at her. She takes a look at him, thinking he’s very handsome. She begins to draw him. Yin Sichen thinks Gu Xixi is very beautiful when she touches her hair. He wants to take a look at the drawing she did. But she refuses to show it to him. She runs away.

Once We Get Married stars Wang Ziqi, Wang Yuwen and Zhong Lili.

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