Our Beloved Summer: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 1. The filming begins. Choi Ung tries to sleep in the classroom. But the camera in front of him makes his sleeping impossible. He complains it to the director Dong-Il.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 1 Recap

Our Beloved Summer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 1.

Yeon-Su turns around and takes a look at Yeon-Su. But he gets scolded by her. Choi Ung tries to leave the classroom with the book after the class. Yeon-Su tells Dong-Il that he cannot work with Choi Ung. She thinks Choi Ung is a fool. It makes Choi Ung angry. He leaves the classroom after he had a fight with Yeon-Su.

Yeon-Su goes to the library to borrow some books. She finds out that Choi Ung is the first place in the bookworm list. She goes to see Choi Ung and knows that he’s the last place in rank. So she walks away.

Yeon-Su walks to the stage to accept the award. She’s like a queen after she returned to the line. Choi Ung stares at Yeon-Su and he falls for her. But he gets scolded by her. Yeon-Su walks in the teacher’s office. She sees Choi Ung getting the punishment. The teacher tells Yeon-Su to accept the shooting. She agrees to it after knowing she will get some money from the staring.

Choi Ung’s father Choi Ho returns home. Dong-Il reports to Choi Ho that his son rejected the shooting. So Choi Ho catches Choi Ung. He tells him that it’s a good thing to film with the top student. Choi Ung has to confess that Yeon-Su is a weird girl.

Choi Ung and Yeon-Su have no way but to agree to the filming. They still dislike each other. Choi Ung casts the food to Yeon-Su by mistake before he eats. She fights it back even if he apologized to her. She uses him to block the ball when they’re playing volleyball. But he avoids the ball and makes her get hurt. She grabs his hand tight to hurt him when he tries to help her get up.

Yeon-Su keeps raising her hand to ask questions to the teacher when Choi Ung wants to sleep. He goes outside and lies on the bench. He tries to enjoy the sunshine. But she blocks the sunshine and takes away the book for him, making his head hit the bench.

Choi Ung laughs when he reads the book. Yeon-Su grabs the book and throws it away. It makes the teacher walk into the classroom. He scolds Choi Ung. Choi Ung glares at Yeon-Su. The two are asked what kinds people they will become after ten years. Yeon-Su claims that she will become an outstanding woman. Choi Ung wishes to live a normal life.

Ten Years Later

Yeon-Su doesn’t become the woman she wished to be after ten years. She becomes a normal employee who works for a small company. She tries to give the ideas to his boss Do-Yul in the meeting. He rejects all of her ideas until she tells him that she’s going to invite the artist to promote their store.

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Yeon-Su goes to the parking lot to open the door of her car. But it doesn’t work. So she uses a huge power to pull the door. The door is opened and Do-Yul shows up. He asks her why she did it to his car. She realizes that the car doesn’t belong to her. She apologizes to him. He scolds her and reminds her the task she should complete.

Choi Ung becomes the man he wanted to be. He sits on the bench to enjoy the sunshine when his father is working hard to manage the restaurant. Ji-Ung reminds Choi Ung that disturb the filming. Choi Ung’s mom Yeon-Ok shows up. She puts the bag on the table. Choi Ung tries to sleep on the bag when she’s talking with Ji-Ung.

Yeon-Ok stops Choi Ung and tells him to deal with the vegetables. But he tells her that he’s busy. But she ignores him because she knows that he doesn’t have a job. Choi Ho tells Choi Ung not to flee because there’re many tasks waiting for him. He walks away. Choi Ung complains that his father likes Ji-Ung more than him.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 1 Ending

Choi Ung waits for NJ at the cafe. Yeon-Su arrives at the cafe with the umbrella because it’s raining outside. She tells the waitress that she came to see someone. She sees Do-Yul so that she walks to him. She has a talk with him and returns to her seat.

The girl recognizes Choi Ung. She tells her friend that he was the terrible student in the school. Min-Su shows up and mentions Yeon-Su stood up him many times. He tells her that she wasted his time even if he smiles when he talks to her. He leaves.

Yeon-Su walks to Do-Yul. She learns that he knew he got rejected by Min-Su. She joins him and tells him that she will pay the food she eats. He agrees to it. NJ tells Choi Ung that she cannot come because of her work. So he walks away and leaves a drawing on the table. Yeon-Su tells Do-Yul that she was naive before. She drinks up his wine.

Choi Ung goes downstairs after he took a bath. He finds out that Ji-Ung sleeps on the couch. He sighs and wears the blanket on him. He takes the book from the bookshelf. The painting drops. Choi Ung picks up the painting and takes a look at it.

Choi Ung is waken up by the doorbell. He goes to open the door and finds out that it’s Yeon-Su. He’s startled to return to his house. He grabs the bottle and goes out of the house. He sprays the water to Yeon-Su.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 1 stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-Mi, Kim Sung-Cheol and Roh Jeong-Eui.

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