Our Beloved Summer: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 5. Choi Ung tells the classmates that Ji-Ung’s parents run the restaurant. The classmates are envy of Ji-Ung. Ji-Ung scolds Choi Ung for telling the lie to the classmates when he’s sitting in front of the restaurant. Choi Ung apologizes to Ji-Ung.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 5 Recap

Our Beloved Summer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 5.

Ji-Ung returns home and opens the rice cooker. There’s no food in the rice cooker. He sees some cash on the table. He joins Choi Ung and tells him a scary tale. They become friends. Choi Ung has fun with Ji-Ung. He takes him home after knowing his parents cannot take care of him.

Choi Ung’s parents welcome Ji-Ung after they saw him. But they gives different foods to the two kids. Choi Ung shares his foods with Ji-Ung since then. He invites him to take the family photo with his families. But Yeon-Su’s appearing ruins the happiness Ji-Ung just got.

Ji-Ung walks into the hall and sees Yeon-Su. He falls for her and hands over the rubber band to her when she needs to tie her hair. She accepts the rubber band after knowing she doesn’t need to return it to him. She walks away. He thinks she’s pretty. He notes that Choi Ung has feelings for the girl as well. He decides to conceal his feelings after he spotted Choi Ung and Yeon-Su getting together.

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Yeon-Su blames Do-Yul for letting Choi Ung work with Nu-A. She thinks he doesn’t respect Choi Ung, and tells him to apologize. She walks away. Choi Ung and Ji-Ung are on the way home. Choi Ung tells Ji-Ung that he’s fine. But Ji-Ung knows that Choi Ung is about to collapse because of Yeon-Su.

It flashes back. Ji-Ung invites Choi Ung to play basketball with them when he’s drawing. Choi Ung rejects it because he’s not interested in anything except drawing. Yeon-Su walks through the basketball court. Choi Ung takes a look at her.

Choi Ung knocks at the door and tells Ji-Ung the good news that he has a girlfriend after Ji-Ung just washed the dishes. But Choi Ung is sad to drink with Ji-Ung after he got dumped by Yeon-Su.

Yeon-Su returns home. Ja-Kyung sees Yeon-Su’s new looks and thinks she’s pretty. Yeon-Su joins Ja-Kyung and tells her that everybody was happy in the party. She remembers Choi Ung looked handsome when he held her hand. She learns that Ja-Kyung’s friend didn’t come to see her after she has a fight with her. She tells her to apologize to her friend.

It flashes back. Choi Ung goes to see Yeon-Su in the library. He tells her that he gives her a chance to apologize. But she rejects it because she doesn’t want to be the pushover. So he tries to leave. She grabs his hand to keep him. She apologizes to him. But everyone hears what she said because her voice is too loud. He tells her that she doesn’t have to let the world know it. He promises to come back to her if she apologizes to him. He smiles.

Yeon-Su throws her bag to the bed. She thinks Choi Ung got angry. She takes out the phone from her bag and calls Choi Ung. But he doesn’t pick up her phone when he’s working. Yeon-Su tells Our Beloved Summer that she wants to apologize Choi Ung. She reveals she called him. She calls him the second time. He doesn’t pick up her phone again. She gets angry and tries to leave. But she spots Sol-Yi who is waving to her.

Choi Ung is having breakfast. Eun-Ho breaks into the room and blames Choi Ung for not taking him to the party. But Choi Ung hits Eun-Ho’s mouth with the bread. He blames him for not caring for him. He reveals Do-Yul invited Nu-A to the party as well.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 5 Ending

Sol-Yi brings the dish to Choi Ung and mentions she hasn’t see him after he broke up with Yeon-Su. Eun-Ho points out that the world was changed after Yeon-Su broke up with Choi Ung. He leaves the restaurant with Sol-Yi. Choi Ung tells Our Beloved Summer that he felt happy to see Yeon-Su. Yeon-Su has the same feelings.

Choi Ung walks out of the restaurant and takes a look at the sky. He makes the decision. Yeon-Su arrives at her office. She’s told that Choi Ung decides to do the one hundred hours drawing record to let people know how he works.

Ye-In greets Yeon-Su before she’s off duty. She thinks Choi Ung doesn’t have time to work when he does the one hundred hours project. She walks away. Yeon-Su takes a look at her watch. She calls Eun-Ho but he doesn’t pick up her phone. So she calls Ji-Ung and asks him about Choi Ung.

Ji-Ung tells Yeon-Su that Choi Ung is staying at home alone after he and Eun-Ho left. She returns home and complains that Choi Ung didn’t call her. So she doesn’t want to care for him and throws her phone to the bed. She lies in the bed.

But Yeon-Su goes to see Choi Ung with the red date tea. She knocks at the door. But he doesn’t open the door until she calls him. She tells him that she came to see him because of work. She persuades him to drink her red date tea. He tells her that he almost completes the challenge.

Yeon-Su feels happy after she heard what Choi Ung said. She hands over the the red date tea to him. She tries to leave. But he holds her arm to keep her. He tells her to sleep over at his house after she turned around.

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Choi Ung meets with Do-Yul and tells him that he decides to work with Nu-A. He apologizes to him for getting angry at him. But Do-Yul points out that the one Choi Ung got angry at was Yeon-Su. He tells him that he just likes Yeon-Su as her colleague.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 5 stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-Mi, Kim Sung-Cheol and Roh Jeong-Eui.

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