Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4. Yeon-Su tells Our Beloved Summer that Choi Ung asked her out first. Choi Ung laughs and reveals what happened that day. It flashes back. Choi Ung, Yeon-Su and Dong-Il go to the pavilion to take shelter from the rain.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4 Recap

Our Beloved Summer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4.

Dong-Il runs away because he needs to go to take the battery for his camera. Choi Ung worries that Yeon-Su will catch a cold. So he takes off his shirt and wears it on her. He takes a look at her face and finds out that she’s pretty.

Yeon-Su laughs after she heard what Choi Ung said. She tells Our Beloved Summer a different story. The filming begins. Yeon-Su tells Sol-Yi that she doesn’t want to film the documentary with Choi Ung. But Sol-Yi notes that Yeon-Su is easy when she faces the camera. She thinks she likes to do that.

Ji-Ung is lost to stay in the room with Chae-Ran. He blames Dong-Il for not sending the staff to him after he forced him to film the documentary. Dong-Il cheers the two up and leaves the room. Choi Ung finds out that Ji-Ung is missing. He thinks the filming ended. He’s easy to lie on the couch. He falls asleep.

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Choi Ung sees Yeon-Su. He mistakes that it’s a dream. He touches her face after she was close to him. She takes off his hand. He’s startled to get up, asking her why she’s in his house. She explains to him that Ji-Ung called her. She learns that he didn’t sleep well. He invites her to visit his studio. She finds the painting.

It flashes back. Yeon-Su bumps Choi Ung when he’s drawing. She thinks it’s not serious and she messes up the drawing. She flees after she noted that he wants to beat her. She fixes the drawing with the correction fluid when he falls asleep.

Choi Ung takes away the drawing from Yeon-Su. He thinks she ruined his life. She’s furious to tell him that she got hurt as well. She notes that Ji-Ung is filming them. She stops him. Yeon-Su and Choi Ung don’t want to coordinate with the filming. Ji-Ung has to drive Chae-Ran home.

Chae-Ran notes that Yeon-Su and Choi Ung dated after she watched the previous documentary. She thinks Choi Ung was popular in the school. But Ji-Ung tells her that there were many guys liking Yeon-Su. So she asks him how he knew Yeon-Su. He tells her that he has kept watching the girl.

Ji-Ung parks his car. Chae-Ran tells him that there’re many girls who will like him if he’s friendly. Tae-Hun shows up behind Ji-Ung. Ji-Ung is startled. Chae-Ran tells Ji-Ung that Tae-Hun was arranged by Dong-Il. But Ji-Ung doesn’t want to work with Tae-Hun because he’s an intern.

Choi Ung regrets for telling Yeon-Su that she ruined his life. He takes a book to read because he cannot sleep. Yeon-Su keeps hitting the bed with her head. She regrets for getting angry in front of Choi Ung. Do-Yul invites Yeon-Su to attend his party after the meeting. She follows him to get in the elevator. The colleagues see it. They think the two are perfect match.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4 Ending

Do-Yul meets with Choi Ung and asks him if he stole Nu-A’s works. Choi Ung denies. Do-Yul invites Choi Ung to attend the party. Choi Ung accepts the invitation after knowing Yeon-Su is going to attend the party as well. Eun-Ho feels sorry for his late.

Choi Ung tells Eun-Ho that he’s going to attend a party. He asks him what clothes he should wear. Eun-Ho tells Choi Ung to wear a tuxedo. Choi Ung isn’t satisfied with Eun-Ho answer. He goes to the clothing store and calls NJ. He goes to see her in a nice room. He asks her for helping him choose the suit.

Choi Ung tells NJ that she was the only one he thought of. It makes her happy. She helps him buy the suit. She buys her own clothes from the mall as well. He tells her that he wants to buy her a meal. So she takes him to the restaurant.

Choi Ung is surprised that the food NJ wants to eat is fried rice cake. He tells her that he can buy her better meal. She tells him that she was normal girl before she became a star. She asks him if he bought the suit for defeating Nu-A.

NJ tells Choi Ung that he has the rumors because he’s famous. He thanks her for trusting him. She drinks with him. Yeon-Su tries to text Choi Ung that she believes him. But he gives up the mind. Yeon-Su wears the black dress to attend the party. She bumps Choi Ung and feels sorry because she didn’t recognize him after he wore the new suit.

Choi Ung holds Yeon-Su’s hand and tells her not to leave because she invited him. He releases her hand after Do-Yul joined them. Do-Yul takes Yeon-Su away. Choi Ung sighs when he eats the foods. Ji-Ung thinks Choi Ung’s suit is pretty good. He goes to film Yeon-Su.

Nu-A greets Choi Ung. Choi Ung isn’t happy to see Nu-A. He tells him that he’s wasting his time, trying to leave. But Nu-A tells Choi Ung that he needs to work with him. Choi Ung walks to Yeon-Su and asks her if she planned to get him and Nu-A to work together. Choi Ung thinks Yeon-Su ruined him like she did it to him before. He leaves the party.

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It flashes back. Yeon-Su and Choi Ung are taking shelter from the rain. Choi Ung tells Yeon-Su that he doesn’t hate her. She notes that his face is red. She mistakes that he caught a cold. So she takes off his shirt and wears the shirt on him. He stares at her and confesses his feelings to her. Ji-Ung shows up when he holds the umbrella. He spots the two.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 4 stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-Mi, Kim Sung-Cheol and Roh Jeong-Eui.

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